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The cucumber Festival in Suzdal has been celebrated for more than 15 years. It was first organized in 2001. Since then, residents and tourists are waiting for July to relax and have fun at the festival.


In this region since ancient times people were engaged in agriculture. Any free plot of land was treated under the cultivation of vegetables. In Soviet times, the inhabitants of the region have successfully started cultivating cucumbers.

It was created by a special technique in which a small area was grown a fairly large crop of this vegetable. Every resident of the region on their six acres of land in the garden Association has managed to raise the proverbial Suzdal cucumbers not only themselves, but also for sale.

cucumber festival in Suzdal

In 2001, the workers of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum decided to establish "day of the cucumber". This event was positively characterize the work of agriculturists and farmers.

Interested in A precise date for the cucumber festival in Suzdal. What he is, you can find yourself. The celebration was not chosen by chance - the third Saturday of July each year. During this period, is actively collecting this vegetable.


The cucumber Festival in Suzdal is held annually at the Museum of wooden architecture and peasant life. There is a large area with beautiful landscapes. Admission to the festival for adults is paid.

A number of the cucumber festival is held, it is impossible to say. The event is tied to the third Saturday of July. Thus, the festival is always held at the weekend, to as many people as possible were able to visit him.


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day of the cucumber

On this day, on the streets you can meet tourists from different countries. Hotel rooms booked by visitors for a few weeks before the event. Estimates the average cucumber festival in Suzdal visited by 18 thousand people, and the population in the city is about 10 thousand people.


This event with an accuracy of 100% can be called "folk festival". Here are folk groups from different cities of the country. Fun contests in the traditional Russian style set positive energy not only participants but also spectators.

In the tug of war, jumping in sacks, power competitions are happy to participate, guests from small to large. The cucumber festival in Suzdal collected folk artists in the region and beyond. Here you can buy wooden Handicrafts, pottery, Souvenirs made of yarn and straw, and more.

And of course, the "main culprit of the event" - cucumber. Take a picture with a large life-size figure of this vegetable wants every guest of the occasion. You can buy this vegetable from any material. In the form of the Slippers are sewn or cut out of wood utensils.

The very popular parade of cucumbers. The participation of everyone who raised an unusual shape or size of vegetables. Also exhibited new varieties of cucumbers.

In each cafeteria or vending tent there is a whole menu from this vegetable. Guests can enjoy the taste of salted, pickled, fresh and even the fried pickles. There are master classes on growing vegetables.

program of the cucumber festival in Suzdal

There Are competitions for the most delicious dish of "celebrant" or the best suit of the vegetable. Also avid gardeners participate in a contest for the biggest grown cucumber. The winner gets prizes and a trophy.

At the end of the entertainment doll large cucumber released into the sky on helium balloons. Guests say goodbye to the "birthday boy" and with a slight sadness go home to wait for the festival next year.

The program of the cucumber festival in Suzdal every year becomes more and more extensive. More music and dance groups come here with performances. At the Museum, organized a real fair for the sale of natural products and products of Russian masters.

Guest Reviews

The cucumber Festival in Suzdal is visited by many tourists and residents of the region. Almost all the guests noted the high level of the event. Visitors happy timely cleaning debris from the tanks. Thus, on the territory of the festival is always clean.

cucumber festival in Suzdal a number

Throughout the day here on duty a few ambulances and police. Guests need not worry for their health and safety. Entertainment program in the "day of the cucumber" very busy, no time to get bored neither children nor adults. Commodity prices match the quality.

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