Turn on the border with Finland: tips and rules when crossing the border


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Going to rest in Finland, but want to get to the end point yourself? Travel by car has many advantages - any stop on the way going by desire, not according to the schedule. However, there are a few drawbacks. In the first place - it's all on the border with Finland, you need to calculate the time that the guards have a look at your car first. All these tweaks and many other things you can learn from this article.


Finland is on the list of most developed and beautiful countries of Europe. The country has many historical attractions that are definitely worth a visit. Well as the old and mysterious streets you can find cosy coffee house with an unforgettable aroma of coffee and fresh pastries.

The best time to holiday in Finland is the winter time of the year. Before the New year and Christmas streets are decorated with various garlands and lanterns. Also in each house hanging fir wreaths, there are figures of Santa Claus and reindeer. This is truly a beautiful country which captivates with its nature and customs.

Turn on border with Finland

Children also have entertainment programs. In Finland there is the village of Santa Claus, which if desired can be visited at any time. In addition to the attractions, you and your children will be able to get a lot of positive emotions when riding on a reindeer sleigh. No matter how much time you will spend on vacation, Finland will remain in your hearts forever.

Queue on the border with Finland: lingonberry

However, before you can enjoy the beauty of Finland, to get it you need to get. Border crossing "cranberry" suitable for those tourists who are traveling to Lahti, Mikkeli and other nearby cities. The border crossing is open daily.turn on border with Finland lingonberry


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Cranberry is located in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region. When crossing the border one must consider the time and date, as in holiday days, the number of cars with tourists considerably increased. The most suitable hours to pass is the time from 2 o'clock to 16 o'clock in the afternoon. More likely to get caught in traffic is to cross a border checkpoint from 6 am to 12 noon.

Queue on the border with Finland: Svetogorsk

The Next checkpoint to travel on the territory of Finland is considered Svetogorsk. This item is located at a distance of 50 km from Vyborg, and is one of the three points of crossing the Russian-Finnish border. Unlike the rest of the boundary points Svetogorsk serves far fewer vehicles per day than cranberry.

The Schedule item such as everywhere all day, every day. The optimal hours of crossing the border are in the time period from 16 o'clock till 2am. Sometimes in connection with the influx of tourists during the holidays the schedule may change slightly.

The Border crossing point "Mashhad" great for crossing the border with Finland for directions in Imatra, Savonlinna and other cities. This path is known for its colorful places and interesting sights during independent travel.

Turn on border with Finland: Svetogorsk

Queue on the border with Finland: “checkpoint”

This cross border point between countries such as Russia and Finland, great for areas in Helsinki, Hamina and Porvoo. In other words, the item passes a car moving at highway E18.

Opening hours of the border crossing “checkpoint” day. Because it is one of the most popular crossing points on the Russian-Finnish border, “checkpoint” a day serving a lot of cars.

Based on the fact that high demand from both sides of the border, the work schedule is organized so as to cut the tube and quickly let go the vehicles. If you go on an independent journey for the first time, border crossing “cottage” is the best option for a quick crossing of border with Finland.Turn on border with Finland: Torfyanovka

Required documents when crossing the border

Crossing the Russian-Finnish border, you should be ready that you will be asked to provide some required documents. From your side there should not be any unrest, this procedure is standard and is quite fast.

So, the list of documents that you will need at the border checkpoint:

  • A passport with a valid visa;
  • International driver's license;
  • The original health insurance;
  • Technical documents for transportation;
  • International health insurance - Greencard;
  • Insurance;
  • If you are traveling on someone else's car, you will need a notarized power of attorney.

You should Also pay attention to the condition of the tires. According to the rules from December to February every vehicle should have winter tires.

After Gathering all the necessary documents and checking the machine status with a clear conscience to go on a trip to exotic and beautiful places in Finland.

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