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Kemer is a relatively small resort town, despite his young age, already well-known among Russians for its beautiful beaches and gentle sea. In Turkish its name sounds like “belt”. In addition, the resort is famous for its low-cost hotels with well-developed infrastructure.

The reasons for the popularity of Kemer

Great weather and warm sea, unforgettable smell of real Turkish coffee, the surrounding mountains and pine forests-all of this attracts tourists. In April in Kemer goes sailing regatta, so come to the city avid yachtsmen. The high season starts from late may and lasts until early November. The temperature in Kemer is set to moderately hot, with no rain.

Here come those who prefer beach holidays. At the resort you can see the perfect pebble and sandy swimming area. Some hotels have their own beaches where guests are offered many recreational opportunities: skiing, parachute, banana boat, scooters, excursions on boats and yachts in the open sea, and so on.

Asdem Park Hotel 4

Those who prefer to combine relaxation with sightseeing, can visit the ruins of the ancient city. Another amazing place in the vicinities of Kemer is Yanartaş – Fire mountain, where escaping from the earth small blobs of gas in contact with air, ignited. The spectacle, judging by the reviews of tourists, fascinating, especially in the dark. At the foot of the Yanartas is destroyed by time, the temple of Hephaestus.

The West from the resort is arranged ethnographic Museum, operating under the open sky. Here visitors will learn all about the life of nomadic peoples, get acquainted with ancient crafts and cuisine of that distant epoch.Asdem Park Hotel Kemer 4


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Kemer is surrounded by the highest mountains of southern Turkey. They are up to 2365 meters above sea level. Tourists can climb to the top via the newly built ropeway “Olympus” – the longest in Europe and second largest in the world.

Kemer Hotels

Many residents well understand Russian. On the streets of Kemer you can even find signs in their native language. Turks – unobtrusive people, they behave quite correctly, always trying to help. Kemer – very clean resort, there are a lot of monuments and fountains, everywhere, planted flower beds with beautiful flowers.

Today, many agencies offer trips to this Turkish region. Average cost of the tour per person in a three star hotel may be about fifteen thousand rubles. In high season prices can vary depending on Charter flights. To get to Kemer Russians on the plane to Antalya then transfer to selected hotel.

Asdem Park Hotel Kemer 4

The Resort offers to stay more than a hundred and seventy hotels of different categories. Here everyone can find a hotel to your liking-from ekonomskiot budget to luxury apartments. Kemer hotels can be divided into two types: the first – for active recreation, more suitable for young people, the second – a relaxing pastime with children. Almost every necessarily assumes its own entertainment program designed specifically for children. One of them is the Asdem Park Hotel. Hotels of varying star, which is located on the coast, Russians are attracted to its low price and rich infrastructure.

General information

The Building was constructed in 1998 on the second line from the sea. The hotel has quite convenient location-in the centre of the resort, only five hundred meters from the shore and half a mile from the harbour. The bright buildings of the hotel Asdem Park Hotel 4* welcome guests year-round.

The Airport is distant only fifty miles, which is very convenient for children, poorly tolerate a long transfer. Near the entrance is a bus stop. Near the hotel are many shops and restaurants.

The Last major renovation took place two years ago. The total area on which stands the hotel is four thousand square meters.

Asdem Park (Turkey) travel agencies is positioned as a youth and family-friendly because it provides all the conditions for young children, as well as convenient for local attractions in the vicinity.


As recently the four-star Asdem Park (Kemer) has a very developed infrastructure. Such a wide range of facilities often can not boast of some hotels with a higher star category.

In its buildings for tourists, in addition to numbers, there will also be hairdresser, a study of emergency aid, Laundry, dry cleaning and porter service. On-site facilities include small shops, including inexpensive Souvenirs, where you can buy gifts for loved ones. On the first floor of the main building is equipped with devices for juice and coffee, there are also ATMs. There's also a point where you can exchange currency, and boutique.

Reviews of Asdem Park

Asdem Park Hotel 4*, photos which bring all the campers in it the Russians have a private outdoor Parking. It is accessible free of charge and without prior booking. In addition, the hotel has a small conference hall equipped with translation services. Registration Desk working without a break. Here you can send a Fax, copying of documents, to issue, if necessary, transfer.


Check in at Hotel Asdem Park 3*, reviews proof, is carried out quickly. If you have free rooms the clients will have to wait only fifteen minutes. At the registration Desk sulaymanya each tourist is given a printout of all services of the hotel. In all public areas, including the pool, residents are free to connect to the Internet.

Upon departure, campers, as suggested by the rules of the hotel must vacate their room before noon. For convenience it is allowed to pay bills by cash, plastic cards and many payment systems. Those who prefer this version of the calculation, in order to avoid misunderstandings should first discuss with the administration all the questions.


Asdem Park Hotel 4* (Kemer) is considered to be medium in size the hotel. There are only one hundred seventy-one room for simultaneous stay a maximum of three hundred and forty two people. In two four-story buildings have spacious elevators.

The Architectural design of the hotel belongs to the art Nouveau style. This is noticeable in the colour scheme of the facades of the buildings. Brownish-brick palette of the walls with grey panels around the Windows creates a recognisable and unique appearance of buildings. Rooms with its design and decoration also correspond to the outer solution. They are decorated in light pastel colours. The interior elements made of wood the color of the facade.

Hotel Asdem Park 3 reviews

Comfortable Wooden furniture to match, the pictures on the walls, which promotes relaxation lighting, curtains and bedspreads as a continuation of the total color solutions – all this is done to ensure that our clients feel comfortable to be in the rooms at Asdem Park Hotel 4* (Kemer).

In Addition to beds and bedside tables, wardrobe and a work Desk, a TV (one Russian channel), and also a paid mini-bar and safe. Rooms category "standard" have an area of seventeen square meters for up to 2 people, they offer French and regular balconies overlooking the courtyard pool or the sea. Family Rooms (24m²) and can accommodate 3 guests.

There are also two rooms on the ground floor of the main building for customers with disabilities. They have a special bathroom, and around the perimeter of the room placed grab bars.Asdem Park Hotel 3

Combined bathrooms have showers and wash basins with cabinets. The floor is non slip ceramic tiles. The rooms are cleaned in the mornings daily, with the same frequency are updated all the necessary accessories in the bathroom-shampoos, liquid soap, gels. Bed linen and towels are changed twice a week.


Asdem Park Hotel 4* (Turkey) operates according to the concept of «all inclusive”. This system has been operational on site since eleven in the morning until midnight. Food includes the usual late breakfasts, lunch and dinner as well as snacks throughout the set time, coffee, tea and sweets. Soft and alcoholic drinks from local producers (wine, gin, vodka, raki and so on) residents can obtain according to the concept of «all inclusive” for free. For the ice cream, fresh juices and imported excisable goods you have to pay.

Breakfast is served from eight until ten o'clock, lunch-from noon to two in the afternoon and dinner – from seven to nine in the evening. Meals are served in buffet style. The restaurant has a capacity of two hundred and forty seats indoors...

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