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It Should be noted that his famous play “bride” A. N. Ostrovsky created for 4 years. Its premiere performance was held in the Moscow Maly theatre on 10 November 1878. He waited impatiently, gathered a lot of fans of Russian drama, one of them was even Dostoyevsky himself. But, most mysterious, the production was not a success, neither the critics nor the audience – fame came to the author after his death. The audience felt that the story of the silly deluded girl is not new, and the acting, as it seemed, too, left much to be desired.

Paraty feature

The Culprit: feature (“bride”, A. N. Ostrovsky)

However, the story of the creation of this piece is also very amazing, because at the time, Ostrovsky was a judge in Kineshma uyezd, and many of the themes for his works, he took high-profile criminal cases with which he had sometimes to face. Once the whole County stirred up murder: a local resident Konovalov killed his wife.

In this piece Here the poor guy actually killed his bride Larisa from-for jealousy. But the killer, though not direct, but indirect, to the most sophisticated and cruel, became the master of Paraty. Feature it in the future will be presented not in the best form. And still need to sort out the details with this story and find out who he was really.


Of Course, one of the most prominent main characters of the play was Sergei Sergeyevich Paratov. Feature it says that it was a young gentleman of sudohost thirty years old. This rich man lived mostly only for profit, and this was the main purpose of his life. If in the business sense, he is willing to sell anything that will bring him profit. He himself admits that the feelings of pity he is not there, and nothing cherished for him there. In conversation with Mokios Permanecem he admits, “Find a benefit, so all will sell, anything”. Now he is ready to marry a very rich girl and a dowry to take the gold mines.


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Paraty feature bride

“Godly” the master

For the First time this character appears in the fifth act of the first action. Citation feature, it was cold indicates that he was dressed in a slinky black single-breasted frock-coat, on his feet were patent leather boots, on his head a white cap, and travel bag over the shoulder. He watches over his appearance, while grandly and nobly held.

However, despite the fact that he is a gentleman, he allows himself to communicate on a par with, for example, owner of a coffee house, a servant, etc. With all this Drug is a very generous man. When Ivan rushed to Paratova to sweep off his broom, he paid him for this service a ruble.

A Joker and humorist

Paraty (the characteristic which marks him as a person very sociable and even balgaristika) could talk sayings, peculiar to the vernacular speech. Sergey appreciates freedom and never be in bondage, but now he's bankrupt, so he will have to engage with their carefree fun life, exchanging them for the bonds of marriage. He knows what to pay for it he will have not cheap – his own freedom. That is why he wants his last bachelor days to spend with friends more fun.

citation feature, it was cold


For People, it was cold – only toys, and he treats them very courteous, however one thing is clear: it is soulless and heartless. Poor Larissa, he became the ship, which is called "flying Dutchman" - meeting with him promises to the sailors, only certain destruction. In relation to the main character Sergey behaves too lightly and ambiguously-it hurt his ambition and pride. Knowing that she is going to marry, he wants to meet and talk to her, though it clearly understands that this will bring her only suffering. And then in conversation with Basil, he admits that he is sincerely happy for Larisa.

Of Course, the hero could not appear in the house Ogudalova, especially in the crucial moment, before the wedding of Larissa. The culprit knows that he is a welcome guest everywhere, the whole city from his arrival is already on the ears. In a conversation with her tete-a-tete he wants her love confession to him, as Larissa still does not understand that all this only flatters his vanity and nothing more.

Paraty feature


Such Is the character of the works of Paraty. Feature it far from perfect, but for Larissa, he became the biggest passion, idol and God that she would pray night and day. For this she will pay with his life. Larissa itself has created this beautiful ideal, and its protagonist so artfully wore his mask that she had no longer any desire to find in him some vices. And Yes, once again amused with the innocent victim. Larisa in the end unexpectedly found out about his engagement, and after what happened between them, he will not be able to marry her, because in chains of obligations to another woman.

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