Henry Kissinger: diplomacy in theory and practice


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Henry Kissinger is one of the most significant political figures of the 20th century. During tenure as Secretary of state he was involved in the events that influenced the course of world history. Kissinger contributed to the development of U.S.-China relations and reduce tension and confrontation between the countries that were part of the socialist and capitalist blocks. It is one of the world's most renowned experts in the field of diplomacy. Kissinger was the author of many books in which he shared his vast political experience. He is in the top hundred public intellectuals in the world, the most frequently mentioned in the press.

Early years

Henry Kissinger was born in to practice Judaism Jewish family in Germany in 1923. After coming to power of the Nazis he emigrated to the U.S. with his parents and younger brother. As a College student, he was drafted into the us army and was on the fronts of the Second world war. Thanks to the knowledge of the German language and intellectual abilities, Kissinger was assigned to serve in intelligence.Kissinger diplomacy

Academic career

After returning to the U.S., Kissinger enrolled at Harvard College where he studied political science. A few years later he received a master's degree and doctorate. Kissinger remained at Harvard as a teacher. He has led various research programmes in the field of politics and served as a consultant to senior government structures. When the University created the Center for international relations, which was prepared by the professional staff to carry out missions in the field of diplomacy. Kissinger took the position of assistant Director of this project.Henry Kissinger


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Political activity

In 1968 the US President was Richard Nixon. By the time Kissinger won the trust of government officials. President Nixon appointed him Secretary of state and national security adviser. Over the next decade for the formation of foreign policy was Kissinger. Diplomacy was based on the ideas that seemed most reasonable.

Kissinger was the mastermind behind the successful us-China negotiations on the creation of a political bloc. He played an important role in the signing of several agreements between the United States and the Soviet Union, which led to the easing of tension in relations between the two countries. Henry Kissinger has contributed to diplomatic efforts to end the war in Vietnam.Kissinger book diplomacy


Prospects for the use of nuclear weapons was the most urgent topic in the 50-ies of the last century. These questions have become the subject of study in the first book, which was written by Kissinger. Diplomacy he considered as a way to avoid total destruction. The book entitled "Nuclear weapons and foreign policy" became a bestseller and attracted public attention to the personality of its author. In subsequent decades it published many works by this influential expert.

International relations

In the list of literary works authored by Kissinger, "Diplomacy" has a special place. It was published in 1994 and is dedicated to all employees of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the United States. The book is an overview of the history of international relations and negotiating skills. Kissinger, a staunch supporter of the school of political realism, focusing the readers attention on issues of balance of power and national interests. He exposes criticized the concept of collective security.Kissinger diplomacy analysis

Political realism

Sometimes described in the book events were attended by Kissinger himself. Analysis of diplomacy and policy of the government of the United States in the era of the cold war, he holds as a direct witness to the development of world history. The book covers a period of about 200 years beginning in the 17th century.

According to Kissinger, the country flourished in those days, when their leaders adhered to the principles of political realism. The essence of this state of course is that all important decisions are made based solely on practical considerations. They should not be based on any ideology, morality or religion. Throughout his long career, Kissinger has remained committed to political realism and tried to follow his principles.

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