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One of the most ambitious film projects 2016 is a painting by Dutch Director Martin Koolhoven, which shows how women had to fight for their rights under the tough laws of the Wild West. European film has cost its creators in the €12, 000, 000 and represented their country at the Venice film festival. The Thriller caught the attention of the public, thanks largely involved in the production of Hollywood stars of the first magnitude. A particular advantage of the film “Underworld” reviews critics referred to the author's interpretation of the atmosphere of the Wild West. Age appears not romantic, and truly terrifying, nightmarish time period of endless widespread abuse of women.

film underworld reviews


The project Duration is 148 minutes - almost two and a half hours. According to the filmmakers, the film “Underworld” can be divided into two equal parts. The first should be marked as “continuous bloody violence”, mostly men, and the second – “a heightened expectation of violence”. Epic timing used by the Director for the conversion of pictures in the compendium of the unspeakable brutal, sophisticated harassment, and sometimes perverted abuse. Therefore, the rating MPAA-R is justified as never before. But the assessment on IMDb: 7.10 is quite high, which suggests that the film is “Underworld" (expert reviews movie proof) has a certain artistic value. From the mass of similar projects the brainchild of Culhaven allocates a blatant feminist message and religious overtones.


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Inferno film critics 'reviews

Brief description of the plot of a movie

The film “Underworld” critical reviews positioned as intriguing cruel story.

The Main character Liz (Dakota fanning), despite the dumbness, as a mother and wife, lives in a beautiful mansion with her husband and children. Her well-being falls apart when their village comes a new pastor (guy Pearce), the calling of instinctive horror at the heroine. One day one of the parishioners during the Church service begins labors, Liz has to take birth. Newborn dies. Girl accuses a Minister of the Church in the curse, and those in response, argues that it is her sin.

The Intrigue about who's obsessed with evil – the monk or Liz, is retained by the authors deliberately long. Along with this, it becomes clear that there is no mystical overtones in the Thriller no. The root cause of evil – human nature, no matter how you try to disguise it gusts of religious concepts and explanations of biblical quotations. In fact, the title of the painting “Underworld” is nothing more than a public house, which was the heroine before the wedding.

Inferno-movie reviews viewers

Advantages of the tape

The advantages of the film “Underworld” reviews lovers movie include looking deliberately religious allusions, no hell fire, no cost, partitions even thematically named: “Genesis”, “Revelation”, “Retribution” and “Exodus”, but the order in which they are inconsistent. Here lining up associations with the "hateful eight". Tape Tarantino has a similar entourage hard cold Western and charades with the chronology of the plot.

Also the red line in the reviews of the film “Underworld” is the importance of the dumbness of the characters, who played a crucial plot role, having symbolic value. In the barbaric world of men is doomed to silence as long as it will make the violence. And only the protection of their rights, consolidating generation, will be able to give voice to the weaker sex.

film underworld reviews critics

Main character

The Beautiful Dakota fanning (“Dreamer”, “I – Sam”, “Anger”) managed not to turn his character into a victim. Liz watching all my life the consequences of disobedience, never ceases to take risks and to accept not always bezgrebelny, but effective solutions. This character and interesting. This feature nature does not allow Liz to hope for a miraculous rescue, and prompts them to resist evil on their own, despite all the suffering that falls to its share throughout life.

In Addition, a significant part of the picture, the actress had to communicate in sign language, so all the onlooker's attention focused on her facial expressions. Therefore, the responses of the audience about the film “Underworld” celebrate the brilliant skill of the performer. Only the expression of the eyes, the actress conveys the full range of emotions of his character. They recognized the chilling fear and a silent cry from nepopravimoe what is happening. Surprising lack of tears, says that their stock was exhausted during the long-suffering youth and childhood.


The Second most important personality in the work of Culhaven is pastor, decided that the name of God could cover all his actions and motivations. The character of guy Pearce (the‘Iron man 3”, “King says.”, “Remember”), of course, represents true evil. The preacher himself admits that he was doomed to eternal torment in hell fire. Religion he justifies their vile deeds, the grave sins that resembles another false prophet, played by R. Mitch in "Night of the hunter”. The actions of both characters are represented by a powerful source of fear, built on a psychological technique for changing roles: from individuals, from whom are waiting for support, care and concern, they transformirovalsya in immoral murderers.

The Verdict

The Film “Underworld” is a very gripping Thriller, at times almost horror with incredibly powerful charismatic acting ensemble and cleverly constructed dark rendering, verified the story, hints of mysticism and a desire to explore the seamy side of religious fanaticism.


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