The official date when the "Avatar 2": information about the filming and release


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The Official date when the "Avatar 2" of information about filming and the release.
A Unique film, box office receipts which amounted to 2,708 billion, is known for its fascinating story and beautiful picture, then return to the screens. Received 3 awards “Oscar” in 9 categories, a gifted two "Golden globes" and respect of the audience, the screens are in a hurry "Avatar 2" - the new creation of James Cameron. A unique story with familiar characters in a wonderful corner of the Universe, bright colors, the triumph of justice and the unique philosophy of the Director - all this makes look forward to the date when the "Avatar 2".

Facts about the plot

Pattern "Avatar 2" will appear in theaters on 18 December 2020 and will become a continuation of the storyline of the first film 8 years later. His main character will finally become your avatar and create a family. All events will be associated with the re-invasion of the Earthmen to mine unobtanium. In the confrontation with them on the cat will be the fate of Pandora and the entire family of the protagonist.

What is interesting is the probability of disclosure of the living world the depths of the planet. For sure this fact is unknown, but the purpose of the Mars expedition, Cameron was an inspiration for the realization of scenes from the ocean floor in the film. Whether it's in the second part of the franchise is unknown, but the date when the "Avatar 2", you should look forward to it. The release of the film deliberately tolerated to improve its quality and to show her before Christmas.


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The shootings

James Cameron, voicing information about when out “Avatar 2" reported that the work is conducted simultaneously on all the movies. Concept art and materials for filming, the team already has. In August 2017, the team has begun to capture the image. At this preliminary stage — hours of material for rendering. To shoot again you will use stereoscopic 2D cameras with higher color rendering properties.

when avatar 2 comes out

According to the Director, before he was in prison, constantly engaged in a routine training scenario. He developed the plot for 4 other parts of “Avatar”, but the fall is again doing what brings more enjoyment. Of course, in this expression he officially announced the date of the beginning of full shots. It is likely that the material will be procured for all 4 paintings that will later be developed and mounted.

Since all preparations for filming are already available, and the plot is carefully crafted, the date when the "Avatar 2" will not be changed.

Location and features of shooting

Before you talk about the filming locations, you need to understand what kind of person runs them, and how the story intertwined with it. Director and head of the project is James Cameron — the representative of the elite cinema. The person who really cares about nature and tries to keep the harmony in the relationship with her. Choosing the pavilion for filming, he stopped the attention on the fact, which is known for its staunch policy of saving water and energy.

avatar 2 release date

In a rented Studio James placed solar panels and ordered the staff to collect garbage separately. Filming is already underway on the site of the MBS Media Campus, where you will run the layout animation and "motion capture". Shooting is planned in New Zealand, where James Cameron was bought a rather large area.

This country, says the Director, was not chosen by accident and not for the reason that it's usually cheaper to make movies. And due to the fact that her nature is protected and we felt very close to her. James is very concerned about the preservation of nature and “Avatar” is an attempt to remind people about that harm, and that he is exploiting her. Creating a beautiful world of Pandora, Director sincerely regret that on the Ground, he collapses.

Release date

The movie is called "Avatar 2" release date is scheduled for December 18, 2020, the third part will appear on screens 17 Dec 2021. The fourth part of the series will be on view December 20, 2024, and the final episode will be released on 19 December 2025.

As stated by James Cameron, the movies are really high quality and will raise a number of philosophical issues. On the second part it is already known that it is particularly urgent to put the issues of family and its protection. The next part of kynoselen will be different in the story from two predecessors and become independent paintings with the General idea. Developed different movies one close-knit team of Cameron.

avatar 2 trailer

Movie Trailer

At the time of writing this publication prior to release is more than 3 years, which excludes the appearance of any promotional material. For a film like "Avatar 2" trailer, like the painting itself, will be developed very carefully. Since there is no whole-mounted version of the full film, and the presence of a trailer impossible.

Any speculation on this topic is invited to ignore. Teaser video and promotional materials will be distributed after the launch of the advertising campaign. It does not happen before the spring of 2020.

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