The best Christmas story. The actors of the “irony of fate or With light steam!”


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It is Difficult now to imagine a person who has never heard of the movie “the Irony of fate or With light steam!”. One of the best Soviet comedies, recognized as a role model and a frequent television guest and to this day. The picture attracted a record number of spectators-more than 250 million people, including those who watched it in the numerous replays on the big screens.

actors twist of fate or with light steam

What is New year without a movie?

It has happened that "Irony of fate…” has turned into a traditional symbol of any new year holiday. First appeared 1 January 1976, the center channel, the movie always finds its place in the programming.

The original was repeatedly raised parodies, and humorous skits. Replica watches have become winged words, the images of the main characters close to each viewer, and the actors are “the irony of fate or With light steam!" instantly became popular.

“Twist…” its own history

It is now easy to talk about the film as about the taken place fact. And then, in 1975, when it was in full swing shooting in the two Russian capitals, nobody knew what will be the success. But he, like a bombshell, instantly proved that Soviet cinema is able to create quality work, and Ryazanov – one of his best artists. Only the Director believed in the victory. He had high hopes for the first persons of the film, and the actors are “the irony of fate or With light steam!” managed to implement all his ideas.

Display Pets

In our days, when the film is studied thoroughly, it is difficult to imagine someone else in place of Eugene or Nadi. The Director could not decide which actors he needs. He searched the faces textured, the actors are “the irony of fate or With light steam!” was Ryazanov key. But the choice he made is very the irony of fate or with light steam actors and roles


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Unusual was the fact that the main characters weren't. Preference for the role of Zhenya Lukashin, which by mistake is not in the same, but very similar to their flat, was given to the Leningrad-born, well-known theater and film actor Andrei Myagkova.

His activity began with the image of the dentist Chesnokov from the Comedy “the adventures of a dentist", immediately warmly acclaimed. You can say the actor was a good start. His next works were tapes “the Brothers Karamazov” and “welcome”. Before playing in "twist of fate…”, he starred in more than ten films, and by the time the film has already gained popularity among the audience.

This film secured him the role of a comedian. Many film critics, however, are not inclined to this idea, because in the filmography Myagkova abound and dramatic roles. “the Irony of fate…” became for him the beginning of a long collaboration with Eldar Ryazanov. As you know, he doesn't forget his favorites. Soon, the masters met again on the court “Office romance”, “Garage” and “Cruel romance".

If you remember how did you choose the actors “the irony of fate or With light steam!”, can not be said about finding the main female type, who stood before the Director.

To the surprise of many, Ryazanov has opted for Barbara Brylska. Despite the fact that the samples held the most promising Actresses of that time: Olga Volkova, Antonina Shuranova, Svetlana Nemolyaeva Lyudmila Gurchenko, who has already featured in Ryazanov in "Carnival night”.

A native of Poland, little was known to the Russian audience. For the role of Nadia Sheveleva she moved to Moscow, and before that played in more than forty films, most of which was shot in native open spaces. Rightly named international actress, Barbara has collaborated with the Czechoslovak and Bulgarian Directors. Its important appearance was in the film “weekday”. In the film adaptation of Boleslaw Prus “Pharaoh” she played a priestess named Kama, and the image of eve from "Anatomy of love" (as the picture) has acquired a veil of scandal.actors of the film the irony of fate or with light steam

Not only the key actors of the film “the Irony of fate or With light steam!" aroused interest of the audience. Secondary characters are no less colorful. The role of the groom Nadi -Hippolyte - Ryazanov took Yuri Yakovlev, with whom he worked on the painting “Beware of the car”. Friends of Eugene was played by Alexander Shirvindt, Georgi Burkov, and Alexander Beliavsky, and Liya Akhedzhakova and Valentina Talyzina embodied friends and colleagues of Nadia. A close-knit ensemble cast managed to create a harmonious and memorable atmosphere in the frame.

It is also Noteworthy that after the shooting, the film was completely redubbed. Polish Nadia Sheveleva was replaced with the voice of Valentina Talyzina, and musical compositions she sang Alla Pugacheva. Zhenya Lukashin songs he also sang for him did Sergey Nikitin.

Universal success up to the present day

In 2007, he released the sequel under the symbolic name of “Continue”. Andrei Myagkov and Barbara Brylska again appeared in the frame. Despite the many games played after a "Irony…” roles and followed a long break in the career, Barbara has returned on the Russian screens the film "Down house" 2001. In 2008, she brought the key image of the Rose of Karlovna in the military-historical film by Andrei Kravchuk “Admiral”.

The career of Andrey Myagkov has developed less successfully. He appeared in many different pictures. With the beginning of the new decade the actor has been less likely to withdraw, preferring a more quiet, secluded family environment. He also very rarely gives interviews and almost never appears on the social events.

Since the release of "Irony of fate…” he expected a long procession on television, and years of the love of the audience. The painting was recognized as the best film of 1976. The film “the Irony of fate or With light steam!” (actors and roles) has received wide recognition, becoming a favorite not only for one generation. The characters continue to be friends and family as it was a few decades ago.


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