What is depicted in the paintings of artists-marine painters? Famous painters who worked in this genre


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You know how to operate marine painter and what pattern they write? Our article will tell you about it, and about one of the most famous and talented painters, who chose the main this genre is Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky and other masters of seascape.


There is a trend in landscape painting - marinistic, in which the nature are exceptionally beautiful sea views. Sea such paintings can be seen in any form: quiet and gentle or Vice versa, Grozny, and storm. Marine-painters are those people that are entirely or partly devoted himself to painting these seascapes (Marin).

artists-marine painters

They can understand. Is there something more beautiful than the seas and oceans with their fascinating spirit of breadth, the immensity and heavenly blue, sparkling in the sun thousands of mouth-watering shades? And the beauty of the colors of the waves! Such landscapes are at all times enjoyed great popularity among the art lovers.

Origin of the word "marinistic" and "seascape"

In the French language is the word marine, the Italian - marina and both of them are derived from the Latin marinus, meaning "sea" or "sea". The word "marinistic" (denoting the genre of painting, which is discussed in our article) and "marine" are related to the listed foreign expressions, they all share one and the same.

The Most famous marine painter

One of the most remarkable representatives of the Russian and world marine industry is of course Ivan Aivazovsky. About his work in our article you will learn more. But it would be unfair to not say anything at all about some of the other masters of the genre.


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Russian artist seascape

Here are their names: Russian painters Jensen, A. K. and Bogolubov, A. P., a talented artist who worked in the Soviet Union, Vladimir E. Zebek, Dane Sorensen, K. F., the Englishman William Turner. And how masterfully managed to portray the sea with floating on its waves, boats of the world famous impressionist Claude Monet! And even Vincent van Gogh sometimes painted a beautiful Marina in his inimitable style.

Ivan Aivazovsky

As promised, now we will tell you about the brilliant painter Aivazovsky. Many professional art historians and simple art lovers agree that no other marine painter could not achieve such a high skill level as he is. This man lived and worked in the 19th century. The future of talent was born in an Armenian family in 1817. The boy very early showed extraordinary aptitude for drawing. To honor parents, they encouraged the inclinations of the child and tried to develop them, inviting to the house explanatory of teachers.

When John grew up, he was admitted a student at the Academy of arts in St. Petersburg, where he studied in the landscape class. The first work that introduced viewers to the artist Aivazovsky, was called "a Study of air over the sea." Already in this work, the critics realized that the young artist has a bright future. Send him to the Crimea on a mission to write a series of local landscapes. In the future, Ivan Konstantinovich travels to Italy, where carefully studying classical painting.

artist Aivazovsky

On returning home, Aivazovsky became an academician and sent to the General Navy staff. Where he is supposed to draw the Baltic. The young artist had a chance to take part in some military operations, the sea-battle scenes, you might say, painted from life. Russian seascape painter wrote in his life a huge variety of paintings can be seen in the Tretyakov gallery, the Hermitage, the Russian Museum.

Aivazovsky the sea appears as if the basis of nature. Portraying him, the artist has captured all the nuances of the life of the mighty elements, her divine beauty and harmony.

The Most famous paintings by Aivazovsky

List the names of all of the great paintings of seascape impossible, so we will name just a few, the most famous. And we begin, of course, "the Ninth shaft", the grandiose canvases, which the artist Aivazovsky wrote in 1850. You probably remember that in this picture: stormy boundless sea, the people fleeing to the frail wreck, and a huge wave coming at them.

famous artists marine painters

Other well-known paintings are: "a lunar night in the Crimea", "Bay of Naples", "Venice", "Fleeing from the shipwreck", "the Bay "Golden horn" in Turkish," "Sunset at sea", "Evening in Crimea", "Chesmensky fight," "the Tempest" "Sea-shore", "Capture of Sevastopol", "Venice from the Lido", "seashore", "Sveaborg", "Neapolitan lighthouse", "a View of Venice lagoon", "Capri. Moonlit night", etc.


Marine-Painters gave the world many wonderful landscapes. To be a Creator is the greatest gift available to man from God. How to know, maybe you - the person reading these lines, too, have a unique artistic talent. In that case, why not pick up the brush with paint and try to put it into practice? After all, to begin to create a beautiful in anyage!

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