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The Series “Simply Maria” 1989, is composed of 150 series and belongs to the genre of melodrama. Directors of the series were made by Beatriz Sheridan and Arturo Ripshteyn. How to look like the cast of “Simply Maria” now you can see in the photo presented in the article. The script was created Gabriela Ortigoza, brown, Feher, Carlos Romero and Celia Alcantara.


Let's Say a few words about the plot. A young girl named Maria leaves the house and goes to Mexico to find work.

How to look like the cast of "Just Mary"

The Main character wants to gain independence and to assist the family. She becomes a maid working in the house of rich and successful people. She soon falls in love with Juan Carlos, it's changed her life.

Basic members

TV Series "Just Mary"

Actress Victoria Ruffo played Mary. This Mexican actress born in Mexico city. Debut movie for her was the role of Jacqueline in the youth picture of the “Disco is love”. The husband of actress Omar Fayad is a Mexican politician. Married Victoria and had two children. Jose Eduardo Derbez is also the son of Victoria Ruffo. He was born in a civil marriage with Eugenio Derbesia.

The cast of “Simply Maria” Jaime Garza and Manuel Savall brings the characters of Victor Carreno and Juan Carlos del Villar. We'll talk more about them.

Jaime Garza - Mexican actor and screenwriter who was born in Monterrey. Theater center operating at the University of Mexico, he studied drama. Jaime Garza was leading the children's program called “sesame Street”. Previously, he starred in many telenovelas. Russian viewer Jaime Garza famous in the film "wild rose".


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Manuel Savall - Mexican actor, his mother is a singer Manolito Savall. His debut in cinema was the role in the film “are Expected to love”. Manuel Savall and acted on the stage. The actor was married to Martha Eugenia Gallegos. His son's name is Francisco. Manuel Savall, died after long-term treatment of laryngeal cancer at the age of 54 years.

Gustavo and Lorena

TV Series "Just Mary" 1989

The cast of “Simply Maria” Claudio BAES and Gabriela goldsmith is well remembered by the audience. They played the roles of Gustavo del Villar and Lorena. Then we will talk about them.

Claudio BAES - Mexican actor. Born in 1948 in Guadalajara. The actor starred in the following films: "hurricane Season”, “the rose of Guadalupe”, “intruder”, “Pearls”, “the Right to birth”, “I can't forget you”, “the Privilege to love”, “You and me”, “My second mother”, “the Hotel Colonial”, "wild rose", "the Rich also cry” and many others. Claudio died in Cuernavaca, November 19, 2017

Gabriela goldsmith — Mexican actress. It – the only child in the family. Her father-Mexican, mother – Kubinka. Gabriela in childhood engaged in figure skating. The actress speaks Italian and English. By profession she is a dentist, but almost never worked.

Other characters

The cast of “Simply Maria” David Ostroski and Juan Carlos Serrano was played by Rodrigo de Enjalbert and Roman Lopez, respectively. They deserve a separate discussion.

David Ostrosky is a pretty popular actor. The most famous projects in his filmography: “never let me go”, “light”, “My love forever”, “Because love solves all”, “the Morgan: the Legend of horror”, “Shelter for love”, “Charm eagle”, “As they say”, “When I'm in love" “I am your hostess”, “family secrets”, “detective Brothers”.

Juan Carlos Serrano starred in the following films: “fast food Nation”, “fast food Nation”, “the Wife is a virgin”, “in Defiance of destiny”, “long live the children”, “the Ninth commandment" of the “Face of an angel”, “Rosalind”, “In the heat of anger”, “Wild rose”.

The Actress Sylvia Derbez played doña Mati. The actress participated in the following films: “intruder”, “Hell in Paradise”, “usurper”, “Prison”, “nobody's children”, “the Bonds of love”, “Old shoes”, “Passionate Isabella”, “women”, “Secret”, “Let's get together”, “Mother-companion”, “follow me”.

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