Decorative arts – the basis of the beauty of the objective world


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At the heart of this art lies the need for beauty and comfort. The items with the appointment of a domestic nature, often used by man, are in need of reliable structure, but also beautiful. If a person will be surrounded by ugly subjects with severe forms, the mood will quickly come to naught, and it is very harmful for health. Applied arts covers a broad category of things of daily consumption: glassware, textiles, furnishings, weapons, cars, costumes, jewelry, ornaments and clothes for children.

arts and crafts

Types of decorative art are method of processing workpieces by the material, its texture properties, and texture. Processing metal, often use casting, stamping, forging and engraving; rarely – the carving and painting. In General, carved, painted and inlaid, as the types of finish of decorative products, well suited for wood, ceramics and glass. Textiles and the skin also can be inlaid when there is a sufficiently solid Foundation, but yet, typically, these materials use the technique of embroidery and printed cloth. For light fabric popular art of batik-it's painting with liquid paints using the reserve squad or wax.

Applied art – it's not only activity, but an essential attribute of a social situation: it is culturally enlightened people and instilling them with aesthetic values. The surrounding world of objects – it is always part of the architectural concept. The form of the building often depends on the shape and purpose of the objects inside it, and a single site of the concept of architectural style, style of decorative art are closely interwoven. Originated in ancient times, the decorative arts turned into a key area of folk handicraft culture, developing on an industrial scale. decorative applied art


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Moscow is the all-Russian Museum of Decorative-Applied and Folk Art, unique in its content, which holds many collections created since the end of 18-20 centuries. Decorative items Russia this period are striking in their antique value and escorted everyone who touches them look, in their long and mysterious era. Collectibles is a fragile witness to the changing fashion, way of life and tremendous political change. The Museum building itself, the facade of which during the same period, subject to periodic updating, is a monument of Russian architecture.

Museum of applied arts

The Museum of applied arts preserves as private, but donated to the Museum's collection, and the products with role of historical heritage. Diversity inspires: pleasing to the eye European, Russian and Oriental fabrics; all kinds of art metal and jewelry; perfect collectible porcelain; peerless glassware, and even a rare collection of samovars. The library of the Museum contains unique manuscripts and books. No analogues in the collection of works of Russian art Nouveau, a collection of Soviet propaganda art, and magnificent works by contemporary artists, for which decorative art is a way of life.

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