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Swing – it is a symbol. A symbol of impermanence in the first place. Attempts to escape from the past lead the hero to a new relationship, full of absurdity, starting with the weakest and ending with the breakup, and consisting of the stunning UPS and swift downs.

play two for the seesaw reviews

The Play of Gibson “Two for the seesaw” with the same success lives on stages of different theatres all over the world.

Broadway history

The Piece was written in the middle of the last century. The drama of two loving hearts. Swept the Jerry lawyer and a failed dancer Gitel reduces the case. After a party at the home of friends, where Gitel liked Jerry, he finds her phone and asking for a date under the pretext of purchase of the refrigerator. Jerry is married, he tries to break the relationship with his wife and start all over again, including your career, but it does not work, and even after an official divorce Jerry returns to his wife, leaving Gitel one. Their parting is tragic – he and she love together, but to be impossible. The final dialogue of the play lovers devote to trifles, Jerry explains Gitel how I can contact him, ask to call him when you need help and only at the very end, for the first time he says he loves her. Gitel smiling, trying to hide the sobs, and the first hangs up.

Throughout history, heroes have the strongest feelings – from hatred to all-consuming love. Swing up, swing down… two for the seesaw contemporary reviews

Variations on a theme

“Two for the seesaw" performed by Russian actors collected full halls not only in the former Soviet Union, but also abroad. Several famous Russian theater puts on a production of «Two for the seesaw”. Feedback from the audience about what they saw positive. Of course, what happens on stage depends largely on the actors, but without the talent of the Director to play a good work impossible. Despite the fact that performances in different theatres staged one work, each pair of actors plays their own way, somewhere adding a replica somewhere removing. The Director builds the outline of events as he feels it, the actors masterfully embody his idea in a great effect.


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The First in 1962, the play was staged theater “Contemporary”. “Two for the seesaw” received the warmest. For 30 years, until Galina Borisovna Volchek put the play, were replaced by actors, but theatre has always had full houses.

play two for the seesaw contemporary reviews

Turning Back to the audience favourite the story, the Director does not deviate from tradition. The performance was staged in the spirit of psychological theatre, in deference to the work of “Contemporaries”. A minimum of scenery, each of which – a symbol. The main course – phone. He – the thin thread between the characters that connects them at the beginning of the play, and which falls at the end. The play “Two for the seesaw” receives feedback not only about the wonderful directing and the performers, the audience also appreciated the music which complement the action. Frank Sinatra plunges us into the atmosphere of those years are precisely tailored compositions fall completely in what is happening on stage.


The play “Two for the seesaw” (“Contemporary”), the responses of the audience about him, once again proving that the Director was not wrong when he returned to the long played history. Despite the fact that Galina Volchek staged, almost without modifying anything, some innovations in production appeared. Neon, which in the 60s was not the light, symbolizing the bright lights of new York city, added to the formulation of the tragedy. The play of light helps to feel deeply the mood of the characters.

Fresh forces

The address of the actors who played the play “Two for the seesaw” (“Contemporary”), the opinions of viewers, who remember the production of the past years, enthusiastic. Many say that it is difficult to restrain tears, so moving was a game. Galina and here I was not mistaken. The choice of actors is another difference between the performances of the past years and this new production. Previously, it involved only actors from the theater troupe. In this new interpretation of Gitel plays a leading actress of theatre – Chulpan Khamatova, but Jerry was invited on set.

 the Sovremennik theatre two for the seesaw reviews

Actor Kirill Safonov was filmed mostly in TV series. A favorite of many viewers, Kirill opened with a brand new, unfamiliar hand and did not disappoint. About the play “Two for the seesaw” “Contemporary” feedback received from the first days of production, mostly opinions about the game of actors. Talented duet in the first act makes the audience heartily laugh at the witty phrases and jokes over the awkwardness of Jerry, and in the second – to cry, watching the mental anguish of the characters.

two for the seesaw comedianta reviews

Chulpan once again confirmed his skill. Slim, elegant in a turquoise suit with a fluffy skirt, which emphasizes her slender waist – another symbol of fragility. No wonder Jerry always calls herCub. She does not play – it lives in this role. It's not just a role, it is a dedication to Galina Chalikova. She was the founder of the Foundation «give me life" and three years ago died of cancer. It was she, according to Chulpan was capable of such sacrificial love.

Not so long ago released an updated version, and the play “Two for the seesaw" (theatre “Contemporary”), reviews the appreciative audience which told a lot of good, won a lot of popularity among theatergoers. The hall is always full, tickets sold out instantly, despite the relatively high cost.

two for the seesaw Arntgolts reviews

The House of culture of Railroad

Another Moscow theatre, who decided on a performance of the play “Two for the seesaw" - tsdkzh. Feedback from the audience about this production saying that the film Director Andrei Kiryushchenko perfectly coped with the work.

The Unexpected was the choice of actors. The role of Gitel wonderfully played by Tatiana Arntgolts, and Jerry was well represented by Gregory Antipenko. New role revealed remarkable talent. Gregory in his role extensively used facial expressions and gestures, which greatly distinguished his playing of the more restrained games and. Jerry Gregory was more emotional. Frankly, to compare the two actors play not quite right. Each has its own charisma. And may not be similar to one another, put by different creative teams, the play “Two for the seesaw”.

Reviews of even those viewers who attended not only the premiere, but later performances of the same theatre, different. Spectators say that the same remark sounds completely different. The skill of the actors perfected every time, vanish of roughness, minor errors.


Many in the audience, before going to the theater, read the play and watched the old American musical “Two for the seesaw”. Performance reviews have the best. The audience unanimously agreed that the actors and Director did a very great job. In both cases the actors was easy and difficult at the same time. It is difficult because there is no one video neither with rehearsals, nor with the performance of previous years, was not support. On the other hand, is – a big plus, there is the opportunity for creativity. Each of the actors showed the character that he imagines. Played as suggested the heart.

From the TV show to the big stage

His Role in the play “Two for the seesaw” Arntgolts, reviews got a great. Tatiana was very organic: the final scene where she is crying, throwing up the phone, did not leave anyone indifferent spectator. During this farewell dialogue many men in the audience wiping tears.

two for the seesaw performance reviews

The Play “Two for the seesaw” feedback received not only from the Moscow theater, but also from residents of different cities of Russia and abroad.

Jerry and Gitel performed Antipenko and Arntgolts tour a lot, and all the cities are performances with the full house. Through these roles they were able to get rid of the label «actor soap Opera” and win the affection of a new, much larger audience.

What do you say Peter?

Not only Moscow theatres give real feast for the senses of the audience, who came to the show “Two for the seesaw”. Reviews «comedianta” received a fairly restrained, under a cold St. Petersburg climate. Director Benjamin Felshtinsky in his own way interpreted the famous Broadway musical. But that didn't stop the show deserved awards.

play two for the seesaw reviews comedianta

Elena Kalinina as Hitel and Oleg Fedorov, and earlier – Dmitry Vorobyev, has achieved great success on the stage of the St. Petersburg theatre of “Shelter comedian”. The first play presented to the public in 2004, and since then he has held 150 times. It should be noted that the staging of the play that Director received an award «Golden Sofit” in the nomination "Best ensemble" and became a member of the St. Petersburg theatre season in Prague in 2007. And although the play “Two for the seesaw” “comedianta" received not as numerous as on the productions in Moscow theatres, the audience of Saint-Petersburg came to love this play. Concert halls are always full, the actors did not let go from the scene, rewarding applause.

Thanks to such talented actors and Directors the art of hypocrisy continues to live. And whatever may be said, going to the theatre, live chat with the actors genuine emotions will never replace is the art of our lives.

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