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Today we will tell you who is Carl Czerny. Studies it win millions of listeners today. He was born in 1791, on 21 February in Vienna. Our today's hero is an Austrian pianist and composer, who is of Czech origin. In Vienna, it belongs among the best teachers of piano playing. Known for creating a large number of musical sketches.


Carl Czerny

Carl Czerny was born in the family of a teacher and pianist Wenzel. He Sal first teacher for my son. Under the leadership of father Carl begins to give concerts at the age of nine. In 1800—1803 he studied piano game by Ludwig van Beethoven. At the same time he took lessons from Muzio Clementi and J. N. Hummel. Until 1815, Carl was actively engaged in concert activity. It is up to our hero Ludwig van Beethoven decided to entrust the execution of own Third piano Concerto. However, in 1815, the composer ceased piano performance.


Czerny etudes

Carl Czerny focused on the composition and pedagogy. Worked mainly in Vienna. However, there are a few exceptions. In 1836 he made a tour to Leipzig, and in 1837 to London and Paris. In the XIX century, our hero took to the piano teachers of the game. Among the pupils of the composer owned by outstanding musicians: Alfred Jael, Theodore Kullak, Leopold de Meyer, Theodore Leshetitsky, Sigismund Thalberg, Franz Liszt. This is not a complete list of the great followers of our hero.


Carl Czerny has created over 1000 pieces of music. Some of them are more than 50 rooms. In addition, our hero has created a large number of literary and methodical books devoted to the teaching of piano playing. In addition to original compositions, Carl Czerny, was the Creator of the wording “the Well-tempered clavier" by Bach, and sonatas written by Domenico Scarlatti.


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Outstanding essays

Austrian pianist

Carl Czerny has created more than three hundred sacred works. Among them offertorio, 300 graduales, 4 Requiem, 24 mass. He created piano compositions, was released edition of the works of other authors, created piano transcriptions of vocal and instrumental music. Among them were options for one and two instruments, as well as playing in four hands. Our hero owns more than eight hundred works that are associated with the technique of piano playing. They have so far actively used in teaching practice. Among the creative heritage of mobile there are choirs, ensembles, orchestral and chamber works. He also wrote music for dramatic performances.

Many of the composer's works remained handwritten. They are stored in Vienna within the walls of the archive ‘society of friends of music”. Our hero is the author of several literary works. Here are some of them.

  • In 1842 was issued a Russian translation of the book “Letters of Carl Czerny, or Guide to learning piano”.
  • In 1849 he published “a Complete theoretical and practical teaching of songs”.
  • In 1851 was published “essay on the history of music”.

Also the mob created pedagogical literature. He belongs to the labor «Big piano school”. It has a detailed Supplement, which is devoted to performing new and old works for piano. The work was written circa 1846. Created by the composer op. 261 includes 125 studies. Also he composed a work “Young pianist”. In the framework of the opus 139, he wrote “100 progressive etudes without octaves". You should also not forget about the book "Daily exercises”. Opus 849 includes 30 new technical studies. The composer also released work “the School left hand”. Opus 533 includes 6 octave studies. Educational literature should also include the book “Practical exercises for fingers”. Pay attention to the opus 777, which includes 24 exercises.

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