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In this article will be presented the actors of the movie “four”. Their photos will also be showcased. The Director of the movie was made by Stanislav Mitin. Cinematography by Vitaly Konevtseva.


First, the movie “four” (2009). Actors and roles are named in the following sections. Fate at the very beginning of life confronts the two girls. Seven year old Lyuba, which grows among thieves, on the station diverts a wealthy family to afford to steal the suitcase. After that, the bandit is as if she looked at the happy little girls with dad, mom and Dolly. The years have passed. Girls meet again in the Urals. There a young doctor Irina gets the distribution. Faina S. - her mother dies and she is all alone. For my daughter she is looking for a nanny. But in a small town at steel mill suitable candidate is hard to find. The main contingent – civilian and former prisoners. The girl chooses Lyubka maiden who served time. Around shocked. They are convinced that an ex-con can't be trusted, it can be dangerous for the baby. But Irina has already decided. It Lyubka will care for Sonya. The main character goes through betrayal, will be involved in the case of murderers, will lose their jobs. Will be near in difficult time felon?

Lyubka the movie 2009 actors

Basic members

Nanny Sonya and the doctor Irina Zaltsman – the main characters of the film “four” (2009). Actors Elena Lyadova and Anastasia Gorodentsev played these roles.
Elena Lyadova was born in Morshansk. She was educated at VTU Schepkin, in the course of Ivanov and Bayliss. The actress began performing in the Moscow youth Theatre.
Anastasia Gorodentsev was educated at the school of Schepkin, in the workshop of Yuri Solomin. Anastasia has performed on stage “Benefit”. Later, the actress started cooperation with the Moscow art theatre of Chekhov.


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Lyubka the movie 2009 actors and roles

Artemiev and Sirin

Sergei and Fedor Nikolaevich Pasechnikov – main male role in the film “four” (2009). Actors Artyom Artemyev and Alexander Sirin embodied these images.
Artem Artemyev was born in Tashkent. He graduated from the art Institute. Artem was a student at the school of dramatic art "Ilkhom”. The actor studied at the courses of scriptwriters and Directors, from Vladimir Menshov.

Alexander Sirin was born in Tallinn. He was awarded the title of National artist. Alexander's Father - Vyacheslav I. Sirin. His mother, Vera Nikolayevna. His parents, honored artists. Alexander trained at the College, he enlisted in the Navy after 1 year. He served in naval aviation in Reutov. Alexander was educated at the Higher Theatrical school of Schukin. He got on the course of L. V. Kalinovsky. The actor joined the Moscow theater of the Lenin Komsomol. His wife Tatiana Rudina - the honoured artist of Russia.

the film Lyubka actors

Cherniavsky and Kudelinskaya

Faina S. (Irene's mother) and the doctor Zinaida Nikolaevna Makarova occupy an important place in the film “four” (2009). Actors Natalia Chernyavskaya and Marina Kudelinskaya moved these characters to the screen.

Natalya Chernyavskaya was trained at the Academy of performing arts in the Studio of A. Borodin. Became an actress Ramtha.

Marina Kudelinskaya studied at the Yaroslavl theater Institute, the course Borisov. Became an actress “fellow” Raikin. Marina was the leading subjects of the programme “Look”. She worked for “channel”. It was the leading political subjects in Tokyo. On "RTR" she worked in programs “Star rain” and “6 acres”. Marina has been leading the project “Interior”. The actress worked on the project “Lemons-news”. She was the author and presenter of a program called "Home theater". The actress worked in radio. She led the program: “Hotel California”, “Private lessons in Marina Kudlinski’, ‘Insomnia’. Victoria Tarasova - Marina's sister. The actress has a son whose name is Gregory.

the film Lyubka actors and roles

Other characters

Raisa Fyodorovna Kondakova and Stepan S. also featured in the movie “four” (2009). Actors Olga Onishchenko Vladimir Goryushin embodied these images.
Olga Onishchenko graduated from GITIS, workshop of V. Andreev. She was an actress of the Riga youth theatre. Later Olga moved to the theatre of Lenin Komsomol. The actress participates in productions of the St. Petersburg youth theatre. The actress is collaborating with the theatre of Roman Viktyuk.

Mr goryshin he graduated from the Studio acting at the Mossovet theatre, its Director Yuri Zavadsky. Soon, Vladimir began performing on the stage. He was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation.

The Following facts about the movie “four”. Actors Vladimir Sychev and Timofey Tribunal appeared in the film as “Gutter” and stepfather's.
Vladimir Sychev in films since the age of 12. He was remembered for roles in "Jumble". The actor was trained at GITIS on course A. V. Borodin.

Timofey Tribunal was born in Kirov. He was educated at the Higher theatre school Shchepkin. Timothy became a theatre actor "Satyricon".
Elena Dubrovskaya played Fennec. She was born in Minsk. The actress played on the stage of the Belarusian musical Comedy theatre. Elena became a Foundation scholar of the President of Belarus on support of young people. Implemented asvocalist. He made his debut as soloist of the Presidential orchestra of Belarus under the direction of V. Babarikin.

Interesting facts

Bring some interesting information about the film “four”. Actors and the roles that you are already familiar with. We are talking about romance, consisting of two series. It is based on the novel by Dina Rubina. The producers of the project are Irina Smirnova and Alexander Kushaev. The writers made Dina Rubina and Stanislav Mitin. Artist Denis Isaev.

actors of the film Lyubka photoThe Film is indeed very interesting. If you wish to spend your free time is exactly what you need. Watch and you will not regret, do not hesitate!

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