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Scott Patterson – American actor and former baseball player. He remembered his game in horror “Saw”.

The Son of a former boxer

Scott Patterson

The light, Scott Patterson appeared 11.09.1958 year. It happened in Philadelphia in the family of a housewife and a former boxer. Father, Frank, worked as an advertising agent.

When Scott was sixteen years old, his parents split. The young man began to live in Haddonfield (new Jersey).

Education was obtained at Rutgers University, considered one of the oldest higher educational institutions of the United States. Diploma Scott never received. He moved to new York, where he studied in "actors Studio". The skills he taught such luminaries of American cinema, like Robert Lewis, Paul Newman, Arthur Penn and others.

Patterson's Ambitions did not stop at school. Given the physical data, he decided to try sports. What happened?

Baseball Game

In 1980-1986 year, Scott Patterson played in the lower League baseball. The young man was the pitcher, that is the player who throws the ball to home. He was able to reach the highest level of the game. Above was the only major League that operates in North America.

Baseball player played in the reserve teams of major League. During the procedure of selecting the players, he was accepted into a professional team "Atlanta Braves". His first professional season took place in 1980. Last season ended after six years.

Acting career

“Saw” 4

Scott Patterson began acting in films since 1992. His first work was the role of ELA in the film “Deadly intention”. Further, there were many cameo and supporting roles in film and television.

The Main role he got in 2007. It was a picture called “The best move”. Directed by norm hunter.

At the time, he worked on the set with such Hollywood stars as Patrick Swayze, Sharon Lawrence and others. Television projects it often got romantic roles.


Scott Patterson movies

On account of the actor Scott Patterson about thirty works.

The Most important roles:

  • Mike mcgreevy in the 1992 painting “Little big League”, where the actor was able to use his athletic past.
  • Billy & ndash; a cameo role in a Comedy series “Seinfeld”, which was released in 1995.
  • Tom Swaine – detective in the mini-series “Revenge without limit”, which appeared on screens in 1998.
  • John Gregorio – participation in 1999 one of the episodes of the TV series ‘will & grace”.
  • Mark Bradley in the 2000 independent film of the year “Highway 395”.
  • Luke Danes in the series “Gilmore Girls” – came out in 2000-2007 year.
  • King Faraday – the dubbing of the cartoon character 2005 “justice League”.
  • Finn, Kurt – the father of one of the characters of the series “90210”, appeared in three episodes of 2010.
  • Michael Buchanan – a fantastic series about the discovery of aliens 2010.
  • Brandon Dwyer – episode 2011 series "CSI: Miami”.

Agent Peter Strem

The Film "Saw 4", which was released in 2007 and belongs to horror genre. The story begins in the morgue. In the body of the Kramer find the recorder. The entry is addressed to Hoffmann. John invites the detective to play.


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Strem appears in "Saw 4" at the crime scene, where they found the body of detective Kerry. He soon realizes that Amanda young was not able to drag Kerry into a trap. So, the Saw has a partner. It is necessary to detect. Strem does not trust Rigg.

Peter and Lindsay are in the same building where the Saw has created another trap. As a result, in Lindsay Perez fired the charges from the doll Billy. It dies. Strem furiously interrogates Jill So. After that it illuminates. He realizes that his colleagues are in the building Gideon, and this is the first home of John, moreover, was the name of his unborn child. Strem held in the building, he kills Jeff, who can't control it. Peter sees the dead bodies of Denlon, Yang and Saws.

Assistant Saw is Hoffman. He locks Strama in a room full of corpses. But the agent didn't see Mark, so still do not know the whole truth.

actor Scott Patterson

In “Saw 5” Strem is sent by a secret corridor to unravel. He is attacked a man in a mask, and injecting the tranquilizer. He is trapped: his head is in the cube, which was filled with water. To survive, he makes himself a tracheotomy with a pen, which is in the pocket. To the surprise of Hoffman, the agent survives. It taken away in an ambulance.

Mark comes to visit Peter in the hospital. The Hoffman asks inappropriate questions, he leaves and starts a new game. Strem suspects the detective is looking for him. As a result, he understands how it all happened actually that jigsaw and Hoffman partners. The detective does everything that suspicion fell on Peter. He could do that. Still, the agent follows the mark. He is trapped along with Hoffman. They start a fight, the agent pushes the detective to the sarcophagus with glass, and closes it. At this point, the walls begin to shift, and Strem understands that lost. He dies, and mark Hoffman survives.

Scott Patterson Films cannot be called a hit. But his career does not stop. The greatestthe famous actor brought the role in the creation of Darren Bousman.

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