Group "Umaturman". What is the secret of their popularity?


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The Song of group "Umaturman" has captured the hearts of many listeners. But not everyone knows the history of its creation and the date of the Foundation. This will be discussed in this article. You will also learn who is part of the group which awards and albums are available and what is the secret of its popularity.

History of group "Umaturman"

The Brothers Sergei and Vladimir kristovskie for a long time successfully worked in different musical groups of Nizhny Novgorod. One day they decided to create a joint project. A certain number of songs already available. You only have to come up with an original and catchy title. Their choice was to name a favorite actress, of which was Uma Thurman.

group Umaturman

And So was born the name of a popular group from now on.

Founding date and albums

The founding Date of the group is considered to be 2003. At the end of this year, the brothers kristovskie performed the song "Praskovya" at a concert Zemfira in one of the Moscow clubs - "16 tons".

In the Spring of 2004, this song was filmed. After it appeared the video clips of the songs "Goodbye" and "Uma Thurman". At the request of the famous Director Timur Bekmambetov group "Umaturman" have created the soundtrack to the film "Night watch". All the songs included in the album called "In city N".

In 2005 was released the album "maybe it's a dream". Concert presentation of the collection took place in SC "Olympic". On the Metropolitan area there were about 15 thousand visitors.

In 2008, the group "Umaturman" has released the third album called "what dreams may come".

2011 marked the release of another album with the intriguing title, "In this city all crazy."

Awards and group

The Group "Umaturman" is a three-time winner of the popular award "Muz-TV". The ensemble has participated in such festivals as "maksidrom", "Megadrayv", "Megahaus", "Invasion".


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group Umaturman songs

Group members:

  • Vladimir Kristovskiy (vocalist, guitarist).
  • Sergey Kristovsky (vocalist, backing vocalist, bass guitarist).
  • Alexander Abramov (saxophone).
  • Alexey Kaplun (pianist).
  • Sergey Solodkin (drums).
  • Yuri Terletsky (guitar solo).

The secret of the success and popularity of Kristovskiy brothers, which

Vladimir and Sergey kristovskie very talented. In their songs, the cleverly-synthesized attractive melodies and ironic lyrics. It's incredibly catchy and activates the attention of the audience, lifts their mood. Their songs have a unique and individual style, imbued with special lyricism.

Umaturman group photo

Vladimir (Junior) is the consummate author of exquisite lyrics and charming music. Sergei manages to create unique arrangements. He is also responsible for mixing music and the whole difficult process of recording.

Group "Umaturman". Songs. List

  • The Album "Nochnoy Dozor" (2004): "Bayu-bayushki-Bayu", "Give me a chance", "Why", "And the heart turns", "Someone in town", "Night watch", "Lead", Praskovya", "Goodbye", "Hey fat," "I've been waiting for you" and others.
  • The Album "In the city of N" (2005): "Hell" "Hello, dear", "Let", "no stake, No dachas", "Tell me", "Goodbye", "Wounded in the head", "far You", "You're gone", "Uma Thurman" and others.
  • The Album "maybe it's a dream" (2006): "All as usual", "All is well", "In my head G", "Why", "lullaby", "Someone in the city," "He will come", "Letter Crazy", "Bird of happiness", "Tell", "Tennis", "You're far away" and others.

Told in his interview Sergey Kristovsky?

28 APR 2009, Artem Shishkin (the Manager of the company "World of music") spoke with musician Sergei Kristovskiy (group "Umaturman"). He spoke about himself and his life a lot of interesting details. Multi-instrumentalist not immediately devoted himself to music. For a long time he was fond of hockey and swimming. And on hockey Sergey has time now. In music school he was a gifted child, teachers admired his abilities. Worked as a DJ, played in various musical groups. A real revelation was the recognition of Sergey in a decade of alcohol addiction. From bad and harmful habits helped to get rid of appeared family. After 2-3 years it creates with brother Vladimir a joint group with the unusual name "Umaturman".

So, "Umaturman" band (photo attached), founded by the brothers kristovskie, in a short period of time became known and in demand. Their songs have repeatedly occupied the first lines a hit-parades. Many of the songs become your favorite songs from a great amount of public. Their concerts until today collect a huge number of people.

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