"Captive knight," Lermontov. Analysis of the poem


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Mikhail Lermontov was of noble origins, so from early childhood he was brought up in rigor, with the full development of secular manners. And of course, great attention was paid to the educational process. The grandmother of the poet Elizaveta Alekseevna, in which he from an early age was brought up, did not spare funds for the education of his beloved grandson. Otherwise, how would he took such great knowledge of Russian and foreign literature and several foreign languages? Lermontov also studied music and was an excellent painter. All this soon bore fruit.

captive knight Lermontov

“Captive knight”

Lermontov, brought up on the literary creations of William Shakespeare and Friedrich Schiller, whose work in his youth was very enthusiastic, wanted to be too famous person or in case of emergency, any military commander, which would be known to the whole world, and, for example, to conquer half of Europe, as did Napoleon.

The Poetry of Lermontov began to get involved since childhood. His first poems were written in French. He was a great visionary and a dreamer, but dreams and wishes never come true, because at all times it was always easier to live ignorant and foolish than be clever and talented people, they were, for example, Pushkin and Lermontov.

His poem “a Captive knight” Lermontov wrote under the influence of something frustrated and unfulfilled. The image of the knight, who created Lermontov a year before his death in 1840, was literally the death mask of the poet. He practically bury himself in the Prime years. His soul by that time was already torn and bruised. The poet knew that his time was nearing its end, for fighting, there was not the strength nor the desire.


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captive knight Lermontov analysis

“Captive knight”, Lermontov. Analysis of the product

Lermontov has become a hostage of his time, he was the person progressive and revolutionary views, did not like society, and in this state he could not attain that spiritual freedom which was the dream of the Decembrists and Pushkin.

The Poem “a Captive knight” Lermontov fully reveals the inner world of the poet, though in a veiled form. Lermontov is here associating himself with a tired knight, sitting “under the window of the prison”, which is painful and embarrassing. Why he has such strong emotions? And all because of the lack of the long-awaited freedom, which he had so long sought, but not found.


In the novel “Captive knight” Lermontov often turns to metaphor. His character is a seasoned warrior who understands that no one needs. Tired of inaction, he is now forced to be locked up in prison, where the helmet visor is grating slits his shield - cast-iron door and stone shell replaces high walls. Time associated with the horse, whom no one ruled. Here Lermontov implies your own life, worthless, aimless and useless. He wanted to fulfill his destiny, but was deprived of this opportunity. And now the only way that the poet sees is death. This image comes in the last lines of the poem. And perceived death as the assistant who can support the knight's stirrup when he arrives. Then comes the welcome relief from loneliness, mental disturbance and anguish associated with unrealized dreams.

poem the captive knight Lermontov


At this time, when he wrote the poem “a Captive knight”, Lermontov often turned to the subject of life and death. And each time I preferred the second option as a salutary and most correct, because the other ways he has not seen. This was traced deepest depression and feeling of the fatal outcome. Looking back, the poet understood that for posterity he never left. You should remember that Lermontov was quite self-critical and to my creativity in General are not treated seriously, considering it juvenile amusement or a hobby, which is not worth to pay attention, especially at that time his poems were not recognized by society and becoming more irritated. If he is able to understand that Russian literature in the face of poetry was his main priority, it is possible, and he lived his life would be different.

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