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The Premiere of the film "One day at Poltava", the actors and roles is presented below took place on Ukrainian television in 2014. The characters of the film instantly gained wide popularity among the audience. Soon the decision was made to create a TV series based on the movie "One day at Poltava".

actors once at Poltava


The lead female role in this series was performed by Irina Soponaru. In the TV series "One day at Poltava" actor Alexander Tereschuk appeared in the image of the district. Yuriy Tkach played a rural guy. What is "One day at Poltava"? Photos of the actors and their characters are presented in the article. Thanks to them even without watching the series to understand what it is in it is not about military action. The plot is light and unassuming. The cast of "One day at Poltava" played characters colorful and bright.

Atypical inhabitant of the village in this film was played by Anna Salivanchuk. Other actors in "One day at Poltava" - Victor Hewko, Alexander Danilchenko.

Irina Soponaru

The aspiring actress was born in 1986 in Odessa. After leaving school he entered the historical faculty. Saponara plays in the theatre, to date, the most striking work in the movie is the role in the film, which is described in the article.

the cast of one day at Poltava


Ukraine, a small village in Poltava region. In these picturesque places to live the godfather (Victor GEBCO), delicate and feminine beauty Yarinka (Irina Soponaru), lazy and cunning guy Yurchik (Yuri Tkach) studiously imitating active (he would have to learn how to earn money, and the court will not expel). Need some exceptional circumstances in life that can destroy his comfort zone.


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They All lived relatively steadily and calmly until, in their village there were gray-haired grandfather Petro (Alexander Danilchenko), which, by the way, was very clever and quite modern. And the appearance is elegant, beautiful and spectacular saleswoman of Faith (Anna Salivanchuk) all made a splash. The girl immediately charmed all the male population and, of course, won the “honorary title of" sex bomb.

All the guys now continuously, sometimes unnecessarily, pounded in the store. Often began to drop in here and the local police (Alexander Tereschuk). He has to keep order in the village and to deal with the antics of Yurchik and the godfather. In his spare time policeman tries all ways to Woo Faith. Yarinka quickly became friends with Vera, these two women will always find something to discuss.

one day at Poltava actors and roles

Qom and Yurchik - “adventurers”, they love to joke and have fun, so always be participants in various funny and ridiculous situations. Moreover, they carefully hide their antics from Arinci, but it's getting harder and harder to do.

Trying to find an excuse, those two go for advice to his grandfather Peter. Recently, the grandfather began to cash in on the problems of the villagers, it helps no one for free, and the guys now have to pay him for services. In General, this settlement is expected such rapid twists and turns with the celebration of different events: American invasion of beefy men on motorcycles, a lot of adventures and magical ceremonies which the old-timers do not recall from the time of the battle of Poltava.

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