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Many of us love to watch movies. When on the screen is sometimes completely unimaginable things, I admire not only the special effects, costumes and a brilliant storyline, but also the monumental efforts behind the beautiful picture.

Often the audience asked how the film was made, how was the auditions, looked scenery, who's in charge on the set. Today we will reveal “cinematic secrets” and tell, how is the production of the film.



All members of the crew – one big family. And the number of people in this family directly depends on the complexity of the film. All participants are divided into groups, which are included either in the main part or attachable. The Main division is by such categories:

  1. The Creative group.
  2. Administration.
  3. Attach the part.

The Team directly involved in the work, consists of the Director (in large-scale movies – and Directors), writers, actors and various consultants helping in the film industry. Actors are divided into main part and the extras. This category belongs to the stunt team and the operators.

The Administration is not involved in the artistic component, but regulates its work. It includes producers, administrators set and the Director.

Attach To the composition, it is possible to rank the following workshops: make-up, costume, sound, music, lighting, installation and maintenance.

Very often on the set by contract doctors, security guards, handymen, cooks and drivers.

set photo

Director – around the head

A Key link on set – this, of course, the Director. It organizes everything: the robot operators and actors, camera angles and staging. In the end, on the screen we are seeing is the Director's vision of the picture. And exclusively on the work of the Director depend on 90% of the box office success of the film and its cultural value.


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About the importance of actors

In Addition to the breathtaking scenery in the background, quality, scenery and other things, first of all we pay attention to actors. They – the main visual, emotional and narrative component of the story. Many masterpieces of cinema was filmed with a small budget, in a room with almost no decorations, but the charisma and talent of the actors made these brilliant films.

people of what professions are needed on the set

Working with actors – is not only set, it all starts with the casting. From skillfully selected ‘caste’ depends on what kind of characters we ultimately see on the screen. And it's not about looks (this skillfully handle the makeup and costume), and the professionalism and style of play of the musician.

The effects

For the second half of the twentieth century cinema started to add the first quality and realistic special effects. And thirty years later, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, the share of special effects on the market of Hollywood cinema is significantly increased. Now without computer graphics can not do any single popular masterpiece. How to create special effects looks film set? Photos can be seen below.

Home on the set

Who can not do

About the most important components on the set have said. But that's not all. Many people wonder, people of some professions needed on the set. We will discuss the most popular.

  • Make-up artists. Their goal – to conceal imperfections in the appearance of the actors to transform them or to make an artistic makeup artist who will change beyond recognition.
  • Operators. Under the guidance of the Director, the cameramen shoot the scene on film. Set for them – is the location that you want to remove from the needed view.
  • Decorators. Sometimes before decorators are simple tasks sometimes difficult. In some cases they play the role of the designers of the pavilion for shooting and sometimes they have nothing to rebuild absolutely incredible scenery.
  • Costume designers. Will look like the character stylishly and organically, depends on costumers.
  • Stunt. If you expected action, stunts and chase, without a stuntman can not do. Computer graphics is not able to create realistic and lively a fight as it is able to do professionals of martial arts and techniques.
  • Doubles. Scenes that for some reason can't play the main actor, played the doubles. Choose them according to similarity of appearance with the character.

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