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The Theatre on Vasilevsky is among the youngest in St. Petersburg. His repertoire includes performances for adults and for children. The troupe carries out the project "Theatre school", in which we have subscriptions for students.

Theatre History

theatre on Vasilevsky

A Huge variety of companies in the glorious city of St. Petersburg. The theatre on Vasilevsky is one of them. It was opened in 1989. Originally it was an experimental Studio. The initiative of its creation belongs to the administrator of the famous bit-Quartet «Secret» Vladimir Slovokhotova. Soon, the Studio changed its status and name. She turned into an Experimental theater of satire. The official date of its birth is September 1, 1989.

Theatre on Vasilevsky needed its own building. Perseverance of its founder helped the company in this matter. He has achieved from the authorities of the city to its artists gave the mansion of the widow of state Councilor von Derviz, a former House of culture of the tobacco factory of a name Uritsky.

After the troupe settled in the room, the name changed again. Now it was the theater of satire on Vasilevsky.

Director and art Director Vladimir Slovokhotov gathered his troupe of brilliant actors. Today there are eminent masters of the stage and talented young actors.

The Theater is actively touring, participating in competitions and festivals, is the winner of such awards as “the Golden Sofit”, “Triumph” and “Golden mask”.

His repertoire includes Russian and foreign classical pieces, works by contemporary playwrights, stories, plays for Teens, drama, Comedy, romance.

In the theatre's traditional forms juxtaposed with the original and experimental concepts.

From 2007 to 2011, chief Director of the theater was a pole Andrzej Tambourine. He gave performances of the European sound.

Now the chief Director is Vladimir Tumanov.

Since 2010 the theatre has abandoned the word "satire" in its name. Now it is called differently. Its present name - St.-Petersburg theatre on Vasilevsky.


the theater of satire on Vasilevsky

Theatre on Vasilievsky island offers young and adult audiences following performances:

  • "Uncle Vanya."
  • "the Night before Christmas."
  • "These free butterflies".
  • "Porridge from an ax".
  • "Pushkin's fairy Tales".
  • "the clown".
  • "Damn love."
  • "Imperceptible funtik".
  • "Jewish matchmaking".
  • "Three on a swing".
  • "Calling Mr. AU".
  • "Another Jackson."
  • "the Most happy".
  • "Thumbelina".
  • "My dear Matilda".
  • "Pure family business".
  • "New year in Prostokvashino".
  • "the Last trolley".
  • The"Tea ceremony".
  • "puss in boots".
  • "children of the sun".
  • A"Selfie".
  • "Uncle Fyodor, cat and Dog".
  • "Russian jam."
  • "the old Man Hottabych".
  • "Love three together".
  • "the Human voice".

And other performances.


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St. Petersburg theatre on Vasilevsky

Theatre on Vasilevsky gathered at the scene wonderful artists. Here, luminaries, and youth. Many of the actors became famous for his work in movies and TV series.

The Troupe

  • E. woodpeckers.
  • Vladimir Gorev.
  • Yuri Kostomarov.
  • A. Leviticus.
  • A. Feskov.
  • B. Shamsutdinov.
  • V. Biryukov.
  • M. Dolinin.
  • A. Zakharov.
  • N. Kowalska.
  • N. Lygina.
  • M. Senatorova.
  • I. Brodskaya.
  • A. Ishkinina.
  • T Malagena.
  • Yulia Solokhina.
  • N. Georgieva.
  • E. Zorina.
  • T. Mishina.
  • I. Besschastnov.
  • T. Kalashnikov.
  • A. Paderin.
  • E. Ryabova.
  • N. Chekanov.
  • Dmitry Brodsky.
  • N. Kulakov.
  • Oleg Chernov.
  • Dmitry Evstafiev.
  • I. Socks.
  • S. Shchedrin.
  • E. Isaev.

And other artists.

Chamber stage

theatre on Vasilevsky island

Theatre on Vasilevsky in the early 21st century opened another scene, which was called "Chamber". It is located at Malyy Prospekt, house number 49.

Here this is where the actors were preparing their skits, which became legendary. At the same stage they were doing their independent work.

Also there were exhibitions of works by artists, conducted Workshops on drama, there were master-classes and creative meetings.

On the Chamber stage today are performances for young audiences. Satire theatre on Vasilevsky especially for children developed passes. For younger children - "journey to the land of fairy tales”. For high school students - “Classic to the contemporary scene".

Since 2011, the Chamber stage is to young practitioners of theatre as a platform for experimentation. Young, budding Directors and actors get the opportunity to showcase their creativity. There are also theatrical readings of plays by young playwrights.

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