Water pokemon: features where to fish, what constitutes who can fight?


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Pokemon - pocket monsters, which tend to catch the millions of inhabitants of planet Earth. He got a second wind after Nintendo in July 2016 released the game "Pomeron Go" (Pokemon GO), whose main task is to capture pokemoncom around the world. Although subspecies of pocket friends, there are over 17 pieces, the most common among them are water type pokemon. In total, the proportion is 17% among all friends of the coach.

Pokemon of the water element: what's this?

In the first season of the cartoon "Pokemon" which were excited in the early 2000s, almost all the students, the main character ash's fate brings with the team of robbers-of Svertilov, Okinawa robberies and vandalism in the area.

water pokemon

Later this water pokemon becomes one of ash's pokémon, and begins a story about monsters that use this element, which is in the collection of every self-respecting trainer. Most of them have several stages of development to "pump" the other and increase his power.

The Water pokemon is the most ubiquitous. It is possible to count only 110 pocket animals that use the water element in its offensive actions. Many of them are representatives of the so-called related species - when a pokemon can battle at the same time, and using the water element, and other abilities. The only thing that is not found neither in the cartoon nor in "Pokemon Go" mixed type "fire-water".

Where to look for water pokémon?

The name "water pokemon" suggests that this character is indifferent to the reservoirs and accumulations of liquid on the ground. If on the map there is a lake, pond, stream, the first trainer of water pokemon, you should pay attention to the area. Like other members, water pokemon has the feature to appear and disappear from the map at any time: in the morning you can meet Junk or Old, and in the evening will only appear lazy Magikarp.

pokemon water type

The Most common in the "natural environment" are Squirtle, Psyduck, Crabby, Goldin, Junk and Magikarp. Squirtle you can catch immediately after registration - he is one of the three monsters that the program offers to get one.

How to catch water pokemon?

Exactly the same as the other: as soon as the smartphone gave the signal that nearby is an imaginary friend, is to be parabolani, not to be missed collection of new fighters. Water pokemon are no different harmful nature: if the CP does not surpasses, in wild form, you can catch one of them, spending only one pokebol.


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After the 20th level when the pokemon with the highest rate of CP (which characterizes the total power of the monster, his pricechannel and the ability to battle with other pokemon) will meet more often, special attention should be paid to rare aquatic pokemon.

Features pokemon water type: feature, combat nuances

Pokemon that like water, has good characteristics with respect to their abilities for battle and ready to fight almost any kind of in-game Pokemon GO.

In particular, high efficiency in attack they provide against fire pokemon, rock-types and earth monsters. But with the electric discharge Pikachu and the other pokemon of his type of water not to cope, as their susceptibility to lightning and similar attacks are extremely destructive, and they can't resist them. The same applies to herbal monsters and dragons.

catching water pokemon

Of Course, highly developed pokemoncate with a high CP level is able to fight even with electric monsters, but their attacks will be compared with representatives of fire, earth, and stone is 4 times smaller effect. In this case, in battle it is best to give preference to not 100% "pure" water pokemon, and representatives of mixed type, for example, Lanterna combining and electricity, and water attacks, or Old, can damage the mental state of the enemy.

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