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Boris korchevnikov biographyBoris korchevnikov, whose biography is curious spectators and fans of his work, was born on 20 July 1982 in the city of Moscow. The public knows him as an actor and theater actor, TV host and journalist.

Biography. Boris korchevnikov in his youth

Educated young man with a mother, father, TV presenter Vladimir Berezin, left the family. In the theater of the Moscow art theatre Boris worked from an early age. He has participated in almost all the children's performances. He korchevnikov fondly recalls youthful years spent on stage. He also played in the theater Studio of Oleg Tabakov. Premiere in his career was the participation in the play “tattooed posture" then he played in called "Boris Godunov” and “the Cabal of hypocrites” with Oleg Efremov.

biography of Boris korchevnikovWhat else lies in his biography? Boris korchevnikov was raised by such venerable actors, including Yevgeny Mironov and Oleg Tabakov. They advised him how to stand on the stage, and instilled the ideals of the game. The young actor listened to the advice of the older generation and imbibed their teachings.

Biography. Boris korchevnikov – journalist

The Young man was always interested in journalism. The mother of Boris was worried about the career and education of his son, has followed his successes. It led him on a new television project in Shabolovka. So, thanks to my mother, Boris was at the children's project «Tam-Tam news”, which started on RTR. Since 1998 he became a professional leading led the program “Tower” and engaged in the stories. In the same year a young and promising young man he joined the acting faculty of the Moscow art Theater and the Moscow state University journalism.


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As he told Boris that he is not proud of his youthful achievements, considering them the norm. For his career began in University when his studies he became combined with work on television. Since 2001, he worked at NTV, preparing reports to the transmission “Today”, “Personal contribution”, “the other day”. he Also frequently appeared in commercials. In the period from 2003 to 2005 he studied in Germany and America.

Biography. Boris korchevnikov-movie actor

Boris korchevnikov biography marriedIn 2006, already an established journalist is casting for the role in the TV series ‘cadets". 24-year-old boy was supposed to play 15-year-old. The series has been so successful that it was extended for several seasons. Young actors hit the wave of popularity. The ratings of the TV channel "STS" has increased dramatically. Serial film about the life of cadets liked both schoolchildren and adults. After the premiere of the series Boris ' career took off, and he not only continued working in the journalism field, but also started to act in films.

Personal life. Boris Korchevnikov. Biography

Married to a popular television journalist and actor? This topic is of concern to many, but Boris no comment on the matter does not. Rumor has it that his choice was a ballet dancer Ekaterina Kruchkova, but official confirmation of information. This man loves to show relationships in public, so to see it at the event with a particular girl is quite difficult.

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