Chekhov "Ward No. 6": the fallacy of the philosophy of life ragina


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Philosophical conflict of the human relationship to life is described in this work. The fallacy of the views on life and selfishness Dr. ragina play a trick on him. Chekhov "Ward No. 6" will be of interest to thoughtful readers, who are not afraid to ask themselves the questions: "Who am I?" "Why do you live?", "Do I?"

Chekhov Ward number 6

The Historical facts surrounding the writing of the work

The Story of Chekhov "Ward No. 6" was written in 1892 during the reign of Tsar Alexander III. In a historical memoir, it is marked as a time of oppression of a thinking man, anti-democratic intelligentsia. It is these problems that are addressed in this work.

Chekhov "Ward No. 6": the story begins with the doctor-psychiatrist Andrey Yefimovich Ragin arrives in a provincial hospital in the direction. Here he sees all the horrors of such hospital: unsanitary, inadequate conditions for patients of bad treatment.

The most terrifying of the doctor room, where people are lunatics. This is ward 6. Chekhov shows all the horrors of being there sick. It turns out that everyone in town afraid of her and hate at the same time. The townsfolk think that such patients must be exterminated as enemies of society. However, they are not cures, they just live there.

Philosophy of Life ragina

Ragin terrified atmosphere in the hospital and the fact that patients with no cure. But nonetheless nothing to change the doctor is not going to. First, he has a gentle nature, due to which he had to give the order not capable, but in this case it is necessary to radically change the whole control system. And secondly, the changes do not go into philosophy of life of the protagonist.


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During the tenure of doctor Ragin met with one of the mentally ill - Ivan Gromov. He was surprised that this man is very intelligent, able to reason and Express thoughts, but no one heals from delusions of persecution. Ward No. 6 ChekhovGromov is the complete opposite Regina. While Ivan is against violence, the evil that identifies in the Bud and otherwise struggling with it, trying to change the existing world for the better, Ragin believes that evil is ineradicable, it will multiply, so don't even try to join him in the fight. Better to delve into themselves, to pretend it does not concern you, and fail to notice the injustice as comes Ragin in relation to hospital orders.

Because Of the frequent conversations with mad about the doctor in the town have started to go strange rumors, and in the end, his rival, the doctor Khobotov, seeking dismissal of Andrey Yefimovich as a doctor. Their last money he spends on a trip to clear my mind from thoughts of resignation. On arrival, lives in debt.

Chekhov "Ward No. 6" ends sadly, but still true. Trunks puts ragina to the ward number 6. And only once in this hell, he realized how unfair with him, the former doctor realizes the fallacy of his philosophy and begins to fight. Although it is too late: despite attempts to escape, screaming and yelling, the company remains adamant.Chekhov Ward number 6 brief contents Andrei Efimovich beat the guard Nikita, and he dies of apoplexy. Ward No. 6 is a parody of Russia, which is trying to destroy-minded people, in this case Ivan Gromov.

The crash of the philosophy of life ragina becomes the main theme of the works of Chekhov "Ward No. 6". Summaries set out above will help the reader to prepare for exams and at the same time to think about the need to be a humanist. More details, especially dialogues of the doctor with the patient Gromov, which carry the deepest meaning, the reader can learn after reading the story in full.

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