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Victor D. Pivovarov – Russian and Soviet artist, which can be considered one of the founders of conceptualism in Moscow. At the moment, several cycles of his paintings receiving wide acclaim, exhibited in many cities, including abroad.

Viktor Pivovarov


Pivovarov Viktor – people who have tested themselves in different art forms, but each was associated with self-expression. He was looking for myself everywhere, but not everywhere found satisfaction: the writing warmth of the soul of a man, but the image of his own thoughts on canvas…

Paints and brush Brewers creates a completely different world, and makes it clear not only for yourself but for everyone else that is so often missing from many famous artists. The mood of each painting reflects the emotional stability of the author at different periods of his life or at different points. But invariably the subjects of works find a response and understanding in the hearts of the audience. In short, in our century, his work is very popular, with people of all ages.


The Future artist was born in 1937 on the night of January 14. The mother raised her boy alone, but the lack of a strong male hand stopped her to raise a son's strength of character. When Victor was 4 years old, in the country the war began. Their mother and evacuated to the most remote area of Tatarstan, where there was no communication, no electricity, not even other children. Every day was expecting something terrible, and because adults had almost no contact with the child. Brewers he talks about those events with a bitter smile, because even then, it woke up the little Creator. One day stay in that empty place little Victor found in the backyard a few pieces of dirty rags. The boy gathered them together, wash off, and then out of these rags and wooden chocks built his friend – this doll was a small boy Savior from loneliness.


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Early years

Having Survived the war, the young man decided to devote himself entirely to creativity. Here only could not yet understand what. In 1957, the Brewers graduated from the Moscow art-industrial College named after Kalinin. Now his dream is a different University, but fate throws everything off. Victor submits documents to the Moscow state academic art Institute named after Surikov, but only fills up all the entrance exams. Without more options, the guy still goes to the place where you can be creative - at the Moscow polygraphic Institute, the school which graduated in 1962.

During your training Pivovarov Viktor meets with Pavel Dmitrievich by Corenum, who secretly becomes the teacher of the future artist. Communication is tied spontaneously, and also spontaneous way of young creative individuals differ.

Viktor Pivovarov artist

No luck in money, lucky in love

A year after graduation, Victor Pivovarov, biography which takes an interesting turn, meets his future wife Irina. Pair forms a perfect tandem, because Irina, as it turned out, an aspiring writer, the practice at writing children's stories, and by chance she doesn't have Illustrator. Pivovarov, Victor gladly holds this position and now spends almost all his time with his beloved, recognizing her talents better. In cooperation born a lot of children's books, each of which Irina laid the instructive sense, and the Victor of the complement of its image.

The love Story of two talent continues with new strength, and so, in 1966, Irina and Viktor, a son Paul. Happy parents dissolve into the care of the child and in the execution of orders, and not joint. In the end, they have less and less time with each other, they start to lose a common language, and in 1974, not to torment himself or son, decide to divorce.

But the black time for Pivovarova quickly ends after 4 years. In the early summer on one of the shows he meets a beautiful artist named Milena Slavicka. She is originally from Czech Republic, arrived in Moscow in the framework of their work, so that in any case she would have to return home. But this time Viktor Pivovarov you don't just leave your happiness. In 1982, the artist moved from Russia to the Czech Republic to be closer to his new favorite.

Viktor Pivovarov's paintings


In 1967, is the main dream of the artist – he opens his own workshop with one of his good friends David Kogan. And with the acquisition of a private art Studio Victor Pivovarov, whose paintings up to this point could not be considered a real painting, now truly becomes an artist.

In 1967 he published his early work in a serious painting – the cycle of monotypes “the Temptation of St. Anthony”. His first paintings Victor Pivovarov (the artist, now in the full sense of the word) writes enthusiastically and with diligence. So born his own style, which gave impetus to the emergence of a whole movement of conceptualism.

The Era of conceptualism

From 1972 to 1976 in Moscow, is emerging a very different style of painting, has never perceived seriously. After Pivovarov in the same style executed his famous work of Erik Bulatov and Ilya Kabakov, each work was so distinctive that it was impossible to give the paintings some other genre.

In the same genre, the artist Viktor Pivovarov's paintings and is going now to write.

The pace in 1979, held the first exhibition of the artist, now, of the conceptualist. The exhibition receives a characteristic of creative artists, the name “Color, form, space” for the First time at this event and the Brewers puts a whole new cycle of “Seven conversations”. The main part of the artist's works were exhibited at that time in the Czech Republic. In Russia the artist became popular much later.

Viktor Pivovarov biography

Literary career

In the years of finding himself Victor Pivovarov, a photo of which can be seen below, tried many different creative ways, and two of them it really struck a chord: the painting, which became his life's work, and writing. With the latest Victor Pivovarov, an artist, not a writer, and could not long be tied. And yet some success in this field, the man reached under his authorship there was a few novels such as “agent in Love», «Grey notebook» and «for the love of words and images".

the Artist Viktor Pivovarov's paintings

Current activities

Currently, Victor Pivovarov – an artist who has actively exhibited on the best exhibitions in Russia.

Viktor Pivovarov photo

Two diverse exhibitions held in 2016 in different places: one at the Museum of modern art, the other in the famous Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin. But each was equally warmly received by the audience.


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