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Summary “the Stars in the rain” capable to tell the main idea of the story Krapivina. Good story about miracles, about which we constantly forget is among our everyday life, but which surround us everywhere. One has only to reach out – and the world will look quite different.

The vault of heaven in bad weather

Summary "under the Stars” the rain will be small, but the work itself is small in size.

stars in the rain summary

The Stars in the rain! Has anyone observed this phenomenon? Hardly anyone looked up at the sky in the rain, right? But in vain! So much to see in the heavens during the bad weather.

To See the stars in the rain – a very romantic, beautiful. It seems that such a miracle exists only in a fairy tale. And ordinary people no time for such nonsense as looking at the sky. Argue just that adults who drowned in the grayness of their usual routine.

Child view of the world

Summary “the Stars in the rain” introduces the reader to the protagonist of the book – a glorious boy who more than anything wants to help people notice the simple wonders which are all around.

summary Krapivina stars in the rain

The Main character – a normal child, a boy named Slava. Warbler was noted for his curiosity and desire to learn more. In his childish naivety he believed in any miracles that can happen in this world. But the main difference Warblers from other people was that he not only believed. He wanted to create miracles yourself, giving joy to people that surrounding people began to believe the fairy tale with which they meet daily, but do not notice.


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New openings

Summary “the Stars in the rain” Krapivina continues a new idea that came to mind of a young boy.

One day, a Warbler called for an extraordinary idea: everyone can see the stars around the clock. Don't believe? But the boy was able to prove it by inventing a very simple thing. To ensure that people could be underneath the stars even during the day, Slavka pierced many small holes in a black umbrella.


Short content of the story “the Stars in the rain” must mention unfair reaction mom's Warbler on his new invention.

a brief summary of the story the stars in the rain

Despite the fact that the Warbler has undoubtedly created something new that could serve people for the benefit of, the mother still punished the boy. But the main character did it solely out of good intentions. The aunt who came to visit Slavkina the family instead of trying to save the boy from punishment, only supported the mother and even offered to come up with the punishment posurovee. Everything is happening very very upset friends. He did not agree with the justice of their punishment.


Completely frustrated Warbler saw only one way out of this situation – flight. Offended by the misunderstanding, the boy disappeared from home. His invention, he decided to show the world, hoping that others will appreciate his work that it will bring them joy.

Despite the hopes of the boy, his work is also not all appreciated. Understand it only the captain, who was soon to go on a journey in search of Antarctica. This man took the invention of the boy, assessing him. Only this man understood that the child really wants to show people that miracles are real. You should only make a small effort to see them.

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