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Comedy-adventure, the list of which is presented in this review – this is one of the most popular genres in film. These films enjoy the same success due to a skilful combination of action and humor that distinguishes this kind of pictures from the drama films of a similar format. In this article, we present some paintings that are considered the best specimens.

“Game in four hands”

A Prominent place in French cinema playing Comedy-adventure. The list includes in the first place, of course, the films with the participation of popular actor J.-P. Belmondo, who became world famous due to participation in adventure and adventurous films made in the style of militants. One of these of his work – tape "four hands". In this movie he played the role of a simple small adventurer who accidentally became embroiled in the great game associated with the pursuit of several groups with the microfilm with the description of the unique fuel. In the tape a lot of fights, chases, allowing you to take it to the best examples of French action. Many spectators celebrate a great game of chief Executive, and his partner M. J. Sailor and the Gers. Users like a quality script and exciting tricks.

Comedy fighters list

“who is Who”

Comedy-adventure, the list of which includes the work of filmmakers from different countries, usually filmed in the United States and France. Their movie in this genre has gained international recognition for the quality of the script and interesting characters. Another French movie-action – painting "who is Who” with Belmondo in the title role. Besides him, in the filming took part in its unwavering partners on stage: M. Sailor, J. Gers, M. Laforêt and, of course, the king of episodes of S. Gerard. It's a pretty straightforward story about a COP who is introduced in a criminal organization for the disclosure of police corruption. Despite the strong story, the picture looks easy due to the abundance of car chases, fights, who presented with typical French humor and subtle irony. The audience enjoyed sparkling humor, excellent acting and witty dialogue and funny love story between the protagonist and fashion writer.


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action Comedy list of top


Often witty parody of spy dramas are Comedy-action films. List of films in this genre need to make mention of a very original movie featuring Belmondo and the lovely Jean Bisset. This work is interesting in that it openly mocked all the clichés that are so characteristic of the spy pictures. “Excellent” - this blatant parody of Thriller at all. The main character – it's a superhero who can single-handedly deal with the mafia. However, once at the behest of its Creator writer, he suddenly becomes weak and helpless sick man. The contrast was so striking that can not cause laughter among the audience. In the picture, as always, a lot of action, humor and witty dialogue. All elements of the chases and fights are made in the form of a fanciful farce that distinguishes this painting from others. Among the admirers of what this film is particularly popular due to its original form, which presented the story of the eccentric plot and pretentious jokes.

movies action Comedy list


One of the most popular genres has always been and remains a Thriller-Comedy. List of the best films cannot be imagined without a specified crime picture in which simple story about a Bank robbery shown quite interesting due to the comedic action. Chase on heavy vehicles, funny fights make this movie quite original and interesting to view, despite the fact that the story itself is quite recognizable and even predictable. Starring Belmondo, C. Cattrall, guy Marchand. But we should also mention the great kinokamera J. Villerest, who with his bright play created one of the most memorable images in the film. Viewers in their comments celebrate him as the most successful performer of the role of Comedy character. In addition, they point to an interesting action and stunts that are stated qualitatively.

Trilogy "rush Hour”

The Most popular all over the world is an American action-Comedy. A list of the best pictures, you should open known for films involving D. Chan and K. Tucker, who was one of the best duets in world cinema. Both played the role of the police, for several strips together investigating complex cases, which are tied both American and Chinese side. In the first film, both are searching for the kidnapped daughter of the Chinese Consul in the United States, the second – engaged in business associated with financial fraud, third – and save the Consul from the first part and his daughter. In addition to them in different parts of TS. MA has starred in the role of Ambassador, H Ziyi (played the main enemy characters in the second episode), H. Sanada (embodied the image of the hero brother Chan). All three films are very popular with viewers. Evaluation of these paintings is very high. Users report great duet Comedy acting, interesting plot and of course the wonderful tricks performed by D. Chan.

action Comedy best movies list


In Addition to these features, many elements of cowboy history based many action movies, action-Comedy. The list should be open quite famous duologue with D. Chan and O. Wilson. The picture “Shanghai noon" tells the story of two friends who in the Wild West to save a Chinese Princess. Humor strips based on the confrontation and the collision of two stereotypes: Western and Eastern. In addition, the tape of a lot of funny action, which will not make bored even the most sophisticated audience. Users report perfect Duo top performers that look great together. In addition, the film can be seen L. Liu as Princess.

Second part

After some time, the screens came the continuation called "Shanghai knights". This time, the tireless and friends travel to civilization to avenge his murdered father of the hero, and reveal a conspiracy against the Royal family. The audience loved comic situations in the film, especially the love story between the hero Wilson and the sister of the protagonist. Users have been credited with the film is the subtle humor and great fighting East tricks on the background of traditional Victorian England.

Comedy Thriller foreign list [

“Last action hero”

Especially popular American adventure-Comedy. List of the best films you need to replenish the specified movie with A. Schwarzenegger starring. The story of the film based on a fantastic story: the main character, a teenage boy in the performance of O’Brien with the help of a magic ticket gets a real movie starring his favorite superhero. After a series of misunderstandings, they still find a common language and work together to neutralize a dangerous criminal. In the film participated including Dance, and an actor of the old guard E. Quinn. The audience praised this painting for its original plot, great acting and beautifully staged action. Special attention users pay to the witty dialogue and catchy jokes. Among the movies of this genre this is probably the best fantasy, action-Comedy. The list of films in this direction are particularly popular because of the uniqueness of the plot and original productions.

 action Comedy adventure list

“Kindergarten COP”

This is the next movie with A. Schwarzenegger. This time, he played the role of a brutal COP, who under the guise of a children's educator goes to a local school for kids to get on the trail of a dangerous criminal to protect his family. In this picture, well played P. reed and D. Palmieri. The first looked very funny in the role of the overly energetic female detective, the sidekick of main character, and the second perfectly fit the role of romantic beauty. Reviews for this film are very positive: the audience praised the original idea and powerful scene of action.

The Premiere 2015-2016

In our days also very popular genre of Comedy-Thriller. A list of foreign paintings of this genre includes some of the last Prime. Among them – the film “Spy” with M. McCarthy in the title role. The picture tells the story about the woman who all his life wanted to be an agent, but instead became the coordinator of the actions of another employee. But once she have the chance to prove themselves in the search for a deadly bomb. During the investigation, she has a very unconventional that will make the audience laugh heartily the adventures of the heroine. The tape also starred the popular British actor D. Lowe and J. Statham. The audience leave a positive review on this film, primarily sparkling praising the game McCarthy.

a fantasy action Comedy list BE:








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