Kenny McCormick: a complete characterization of the character of the cult animated series "South Park"


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Kenny McCormick is one of the most memorable characters of the animated series "South Park." He is a fourth grade student, and almost every series with it is something that causes laughter.Kenny McCormick

South Park: idea and plot

This series cartoon tells about the life of four male students. Naturally, their life is filled with fun and exciting adventures. Detail from a cartoon that the authors specifically highlight the most contemporary and topical events: the economic crisis of 2008, the emergence of iPods, etc. Perhaps this explains the broad popularity of "South Park".

Despite the apparent lightness of being the main characters, in this series raised some serious problems. The movie convey to the audience their thoughts? They use satire. In a satirical vein, as well as alcoholism, drug addiction and other dependencies (suicide, discrimination).

Characters: Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick and Stan Marsh

Eric Cartman nine years, and his overly protective mother. Because of this, the boy suffers from excess weight. Besides, Eric is selfish, arrogant and greedy. In addition, he is a fierce nationalist and an admirer of Adolf Hitler.

Kyle Broflovski - child from a Jewish family. It is not surprising that its main enemy is the racist Eric Cartman.

Kenny McCormick - the child of a poor family. His parents are drug addicts and alcoholics, so at school he becomes the object of bullying and ridicule.Photo Kenny McCormick

Stanley Marsh stands out in this company for its tranquility and good manners. By nature he is a diplomat.

Kenny McCormick: character sheet

From the beginning of the series and up to 513 series this hero all the time died, and kill him in various ways. The audience already started to get used to the constant cries of his friends: "Oh my God! They killed Kenny! Bastards!"


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In Addition, Kenny is distinguished by its appearance, which perfectly show photos. Kenny McCormick wears an orange jacket with a hood that covers his mouth. Eventually all replicas of the hero turn out illegible. However, native English speakers easily guess that the bulk of the words of Kenny is swearing.

In a feature film, you can see Kenny without a hood: it's the blond guy with long hair.Kenny without hood

Your birthday hero celebrates March 22.

Despite regular bullying from classmates, McCormick remains the soul of the company. Some of his deaths, a voluntary sacrifice to save others.

After a 513 series in its role began to weaken. However, the creators claim that it is still an important character, and they will never give up on the stories of four boys.


Of all four heroes, of course, Kenny is the "burnout". There are sexual concerns. Basically all his talk and thoughts about sex, girls, cigarettes, alcohol and entertainment. In one scene, the words of friends that his girlfriend is a prostitute, lead McCormick to a state of ecstasy.

In the episode entitled "Solid buffer" Kenny McCormick under the influence of hallucinogenic colors represents how he rides cool cars and having fun with bolshegrudaya beauty.

One of the positive character traits - talent. Inspired by the circus, the boys decide to create their own circus. And Kenny learns to sing. He even goes to the Conservatory. With his singing he earns a decent amount, but his career ends with death: in Romania, he is accidentally killed by the U.S. military.

Dirty work does not alienate Kenny, on the contrary, he does them with great zeal. Once he was arrested for prostitution.Kenny McCormick anime

Relationships with other characters.

The Soul of the company and a cheerful friend is Kenny McCormick. Anime includes a few episodes where Kenny dies for his friends. At the beginning of the series, Kenny was close to Cartman, and they even wore medallions with the words "Best friend". But gradually it becomes clear that Kenny is closer to the Wall and Kyle. In the end, in the episode "Best friends forever" it is evident that McCormick applies to Cartman with contempt. Because Cartman Kenny once had to leave the company, because he constantly mocks the poverty of his family.

It is Noteworthy that McCormick is ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of two completely incompatible things: friends and money. Eric, knowing these weaknesses, Kenny is constantly provokes him.

For girls, the first of his friends with Kelly. But the relationship with her ceased due to the death of another McCormick. Next he catches syphilis and dies.

McCormick a large family. In addition to the alcoholics of the father and mother, he has cousins and sisters. He tries to help his family, but it is not always possible. The episodes are also appears and the boy's grandfather.

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