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Who is Alexander Borovikov? What famous actor? What happened to his film career? What can you say about the personal life of Alexandra Borovikova? The answers to these and other questions can be found in our material.

Childhood and youth

Aleksandr Borovikov

Actor Alexander Borovikov, a photo of which you can see in the article, born September 6, 1959 in Moscow. In his youth the boy was seriously fond of sports, when training for rowing. The guy had all the chances to become a celebrated athlete. Upon reaching the age of majority Borovikov was awarded the title of master of sports in the discipline. However, by the will of fate it was different. To achieve heights in the sport, Alexander repeatedly had to resort to doping. Health problems caused by use of illicit drugs, and also mother's illness – all this has forced our hero to choose a different profession.

Alexander Borovikov became an actor?

When our hero had finished school, his mother was seriously ill. She was put a disappointing diagnosis. Doctors have identified the mother of Alexander the cancer disease. To pay for the expensive treatment, the boy had to work several jobs. Borovikov morning led classes in physical education, then unloaded boxes of vegetables on the market and found time to visit training in rowing. This heavy duty made boyfriend a very hot-tempered, irritable and unfriendly towards others.

Noticing the change in the character of Alexander, his partner in rowing Vladimir Yakovlev was advised to change occupation, hinting at the presence of other artistic inclinations. At first what seemed like a joke soon became a reality. Borovikov walked into the Studio of the Moscow art Theater for entrance exams. Here he had to read a monologue from the works of “virgin soil upturned” in front of such meters Soviet theater scene as Mikhail Yefremov, Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev and Oleg Tabakov. The result was unexpected not only for the boy but for his entourage. He was successfully enrolled in a prestigious University and have received higher scholarship. It is noteworthy that in the competition of readers, Alexander Borovikov took the first place and bypassed the Vladimir Mashkov, who also passed the exams for admission to the Moscow art theatre.


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Film Career

Aleksandr Borovikov

To Appear in films, Alexander Borovikov began in 1987, when he was entrusted with a small cameo role of a sailor in tape «Brother, love revolution”. It is easy to guess that the appearance of a novice actor in the film has remained virtually unseen.

The Real fame and wide recognition for the young artist took part in the filming of the movie the distinguished Soviet Director Igor Gostev called the “Chaos”. The picture, which was released on wide screens in 1989, told a touching story about the difficult everyday life of prisoners in places of deprivation of liberty. Alexander Borovikov has managed to organically grow into the image of a notorious felon named Pop. Then on the actor, as if from a horn of plenty, showered with offers of filming from the most famous film Directors.

It is Worth noting that throughout his career, the actor rarely got leading roles. Despite that Borovikov was able to reveal its full potential, appearing on the screens in the images of the minor characters. Just on account of the artist involved in more than six dozen projects. The actor masterfully reincarnated in police, bandits, the drivers criminal authorities, stevedores, other characters. Among the most noteworthy works involving Alexander Borovikova are the following films: “defense”, “Area”, “bride”, “Chatterbox”, “Russian Amazons”, “love”, “the Law concrete jungle”.

Personal life

Aleksandr Borovikov actor photo

At the end of the 80's Borovikova began a romantic relationship with one of the greatest beauties of the Soviet Union – a young actress Olga Drozdova. After passing several months, the couple filed documents to the Registrar. However, the young wife of Alexander pretty quickly went wrong jeans. The mother of the artist hinted at the fact that Olga married him for the sole purpose of obtaining a residence permit for Moscow. Came the inevitable divorce, the cause of which are not only domestic problems, but also desire. to dedicate all their free time developing their own career.

In our day, Alexander has a relationship with an ordinary teacher who never had a relationship to high art. Couple to this day happily lives in the Moscow apartment of the actor.

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