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It would Seem that what is common in the Conan Doyle and Tolkien, except that both – the iconic English writers, famous for not one generation ahead? What can unite the popular, but completely different characters – Dr. John Watson and the hobbit Bilbo Baggins? Turns out there is. Namely – the smile and the charm of the actor brilliantly embodies these images on the screen – Martin Freeman. Full filmography popular actor has more than seventy papers.

Martin Freeman complete filmography

Childhood, school, and the first steps in your career

Martin John Christopher Freeman born 8 September 1971 in the small town of Aldershot, Hampshire, the son of a naval officer. The parents had five children, Martin is the youngest of them. He had to survive his parents ' divorce, after which the future actor began to live with his father, but when Martin was seven years old, his father died. And then his mother took him to his house. Several times the family moved, until he finally stopped in one of the areas of London – Teddington. Martin was trained at the Roman Catholic primary school and then intensively studied math in Selianski school. During his studies Freeman participated in the games of football and squash.

Martin Freeman filmography and roles

All the brothers were the creative people. The eldest of them, Tom, - the soloist of group Frazier Chorus. A brother named Jamie became a web designer, and another - Ben Noris - has made a career of the popular comedian. Also, Martin had a sister. In fourteen Martin became involved in youth theatre and later even received the title of bachelor of performing arts. The last link was the Central school of elocution and dramatic art.

Key role in the career

In 2001, the BBC released on the screens of TV series ‘Office’, which is very liked by the audience. One of the main roles played, as you can guess, Martin Freeman (filmography actor though started a little earlier, but thanks to this series has made a significant step forward). After this role he was nominated for the prize – BAFTA TV Award, British Comedy Award. This was followed by the sitcom "Hardware" and the television series “the Robinsons”, and even a small role in the television series “This life” and “Bookstore black”. Another notable episode was in the Comedy “love”, and the title role in the film «Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy”.


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Martin Freeman martin freeman movies

There was a dramatic role. The most iconic – Lord Shaftesbury, in the TV series ‘the king”. Next was a small role in the film “hot fuzz”, but in the film “All together” he got the main role. In may 2009 published a four-part film “Boy meets girl” is the story of how the main characters switched bodies, where once again played by Martin Freeman (filmography is filled with new Comedy). In addition, Martin is actively played and continues to play on the stage.

International recognition

And then came the year 2010, stirred up the whole film world. On BBC premiered a new series «Sherlock» - a modern adaptation of the classic works of Arthur Conan Doyle. The role of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes went to British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, popular in England but little known abroad. Well, his faithful friend and partner John Watson played by Martin Freeman (filmography, thanks to this role, made an amazing leap forward).

Martin Freeman filmography

The Story of detective-consultants who use laptops and mobile phones, which drive your website and blog, so liked the audience that the actors lightning became world stars. And script writers came to adapt so seriously (one of them played in the series the brother of the famous detective Mycroft) that the public has increased interest even in the original book Holmes.

All eagerly wait for new episodes (every season of three ninety-minute episodes). Actors during the filming of a hit it off so well that Martin was the best man at the wedding of Benedict. In the end, Martin for best supporting actor was awarded the BAFTA TV awards.

Martin Freeman martin freeman movies

It took a couple of years - and again! We are talking about the trilogy “Hobbit” directed by Peter Jackson (based on the book by John Tolkien). And Peter is initially seen in the role of the protagonist Martin, and even when he was busy on the set of «Sherlock», Director revised schedules of filming. All efforts gave a result – a ribbon became the whole event behind, except that of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings”, released under the directorial wing of the same Peter Jackson who was very disappointed, then what part of the project was not Martin Freeman. Filmography added a new genre - fantasy and fan base began to grow exponentially,…

Personal life

In the process of growth of popularity of fans increasingly became interested in Martin Freeman (Martin Freeman). Films, personal life, culinary preferences, all was a subject for discussion that, in principle, understandable. If possible, try to tell about it. Martin met his future beloved when he was thirteen years old. Still, he believes Amanda Abbington (popular in the UK, the actress also played in the «Sherlock» wife of John) the best gift of fate. Despite the fact that lovers live in a civil marriage and are not going to register, they always call themselves husband and wife. And not even once played together in the movies.

Martin Freeman filmography

2005 blessed Martin's first fatherhood (a son named Joe), and four years later Amanda and Martin had a daughter, who was given the name grace. And now that many shots planned slightest “window”, Martin at the first opportunity rushes to hug their loved ones.

New meeting

Soon we are waiting for new meetings with not liking to use computers, drive cars and eat meat, but loves the comfort of home a man with a charming smile and the name of Martin Freeman. Filmography and roles it are full of variety; what, for example, is his part in the TV series ‘Fargo" - Martin skillfully embodied loser subsequently turned into a cruel and calculating killer.

Martin Freeman complete filmography

However on reached it is not going to stop – will soon premiere kinokomiksa “the First avenger: Opposition”, where Martin wins kynoselen Marvel series-drama “Show of Eichmann’ and military Comedy “Reporter". And yet, to the delight of the fans, in April, will start shooting the fourth season of «Sherlock». All admirers of his talent are looking forward to these meetings with great anticipation and sincerely wish the actor all the more exciting new roles...


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