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Anyone in the house lives a small child, sooner or later starts to wonder about how to make soap bubbles at home. After all, it is one of the most popular children's amusements. Kids love watching the huge rainbow colored balls. They can be purchased at the store or make yourself. There are a few recipes of how to make soap bubbles at home. how to make soap bubbles at home

• According to the classic recipe, the solution can be made of soap and water. Yes, from of ordinary soap make great bubbles. To do this, some remnants to mix with hot water. For a more rapid manufacture of the solution can be heated on low heat.

• the Second recipe teaches you how to do bubbles from the glycerin. Mixed in a glass of water with Cup of liquid for washing utensils. When this solution, the volume of which does not exceed 1 liter, add sugar and 2 of l - glycerol.

• Following recipe for soap bubbles offers to combine 3 cups water, 1 Cup dishwashing detergent and 0.5 mug of glycerin. The resulting solution must be well mixed. how to make bubbles

• There is another recipe that tells how to make soap bubbles at home. But it is designed for lovers of sophisticated procedures. 3 cups of hot water mixed with 2 tablespoons of the powder. The resulting solution is added 20 drops of ammonia. The mixture should infuse for about 3 days. Then the solution is filtered.

• And this recipe will tell you how to do soap bubbles and they were in color. To do this, mix 0.5 Cup of baby shampoo with two glasses of water. To the solution is added 2 large spoons of sugar and a few pinches of the food coloring.


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This is the most common recipe for how to make soap bubbles at home. Thus it is necessary to assess the quality of the composition of the obtained solution for our idea. Remember, any of the above solutions is best placed in the refrigerator for a few hours. This will help the magic potion to become better, and then your baby will be able to operate large and beautiful bubbles. After cooling, the solutions will be completely ready to use. make big bubbles

For a more convenient and simple production of bubbles you can get a tube or straw. The tube is dipped in the resulting solution. Hold the tube so that one of its ends formed liquid film. It is very important to obtain high-quality bubbles. But it may happen that the solution obtained is very small bubbles with low strength, watery in appearance, which quickly burst even from a light touch of a hand. To help solve the problem of the additional quantity of soap or liquid for washing dishes. The situation can fix a few drops of glycerin. 

There is no Perfect recipe, and the best part of the soap solution can only be achieved empirically. So, experiment often organize games with magic bubbles, because now you know how to make soap bubbles at home.

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