What is the talk shows and the secret of their popularity?


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Such genre TV shows, like talk shows, are very popular today in different countries. What is the talk show, known to every viewer. Themes, heroes, stories gain the attention of viewers, and they can't break away from the screen.


Today, the Russian television program different talk shows. In the air are “spoken” transfer that meets the interests of the majority of viewers: culinary, political, biographical, humorous, medical, entertainment and educational.

On the question of what a talk show, can now answer even the student, but the history of the origin they do not know everything.

The Founder of this direction is an American journalist and television host Phil Donahue. In one of the editions of his transfer from the host ran out of questions and he turned into the auditorium. The audience had many questions for the character transfer. So, in 1967, the Americans are the first in the world learned what a talk show.what is the talk show

Modern transmission are a discussion of the characters of a given theme under the gun cameras. Moderator directs the discussion and sometimes attracted to the discussion of the audience or the real experts, professionals of any activity.

There are several varieties of talk-show conference, debates, discussion and conversation.


Each channel includes the network its broadcasting the talk show, which corresponds to its direction. Depending on the genre of the transmission will vary the time of airing because it is focused on a certain group of viewers.


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If you pass the classify on the subject, we can distinguish the following genres:

  • Psychological. Discusses the personal lives of the characters. Fans of such programs are mostly women, Housewives, and therefore show such transfers in the afternoon or evening.
  • Highly directional. Topics for such programs as health, cooking, fashion, parenting, etc. of the Transmission with the theme show in the morning or afternoon.
  • Scandalous. The topics of such programs is similar to psychology but passions in the Studio is much higher. The script is written in such a way as to provoke the characters, to intrigue and to shock the audience, and all of this, simulating a live broadcast. Often on set happen fights that only fuels the interest of the audience. Transfer broadcast tonight.
  • Mixed. Here the theme can be from any region, but most often this event or significant at the time of public issue. Talk shows of this genre are aired during the day, evening or on weekends.

talk show known

  • Political. Studio guests - famous politicians, the audience are often also political figures. In the program there is a discussion of a political question. Or are the heroes and the guests are divided into several groups, during the show, they exchanged opinions on a given topic and defend their position, citing facts, arguments, asking questions of the opponents. Watch political talk show in the late evening or at the weekend.

Four key components of the talk show

What is the talk show for viewers? This is an opportunity to look at the problem from different angles, to know the views of different people to formulate their attitude to the issue and just relax watching TV. What affects the success of the “spoken” show:

  1. Leading. The main role of the person guide the conversation. He must be erudite, charming, attentive, have a sense of humor and oratorical skills. The more well-known presenter to the audience, the community, the better for the transfer.
  2. Theme. For each release must be chosen interesting, resonant, shocking or relevant topic to “catch” and hold the viewer's attention. The scenario of the show is prepared in advance, though, and includes elements of improvisation.
  3. A Greater role played by the invited heroes. It happens that the characters of ordinary, unknown people. But often the subject of transfer “spun” around a famous person or a few well-known and important persons. In a scandalous and psychological talk shows often employ the services of body actors. The producers are betting on the entertainment and emotional release.
  4. In the role of guests and experts, can also act as a simple spectators and movie stars, pop stars, politicians or professionals in certain areas. Although it happens that viewers do not give the word, their mission is to create an atmosphere of laughter and applause.

If a famous person is to invite celebrities and discuss with them interesting topics, to answer questions from Studio guests and callers of viewers, be sure that this talk show will be a huge success. Of course, to hold the lead and airtime, you need to develop, to invent something new, to look for the most interesting and “burning”.

The Most famous talk show

In America the most popular are “Show Ellen DeGeneres”, “Show with Craig Ferguson”, “Regis and Kelly", "106 and Park” and “Oprah”. Basically it is a mixed transmission with a humorous slant. Many of them were visited by Barack Obama and his wife. By the way, “Oprah” aired in more than 25 years, it's the champion gear of this kind.political talk show

Russia also has a talk show, a known and beloved by many viewers: «Let them talk», «Fashion verdict”, “judgment”, “marry me”, “all Alone”, “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov”, “Fight”, “Wait for me”, “100 to 1" and many others.


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