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Adrenalin – is a drug of the 21st century. If you get your “dose” with the help of extreme is not always possible, comes to the aid of movie. A great way to Wake up your nerves is a psychological horror movie. List of the best horror movies, mind-blowing and you can find below.

the horrors pskhologicheskoe"Psycho"

The Thriller, released in 1960, is still one of the most frightening films of the world. Alfred Hitchcock always directed the best psychological horror films, as happened with the “Psycho”. The picture tells us about the girl Marion, who dies at the hands of the Manager of the hotel where in fact the action takes place. The killer has a split personality, inside of a “live” long dead mother, which creates all the evil. Typical of Hitchcock's style of shooting will not leave you indifferent.

"the exorcist"

For Those who like psychological horror you should definitely pay attention to this movie. 12-year-old Regan becomes ill strange disease. Periodically she changed voice, seizures, some unknown force inside of her capable of moving heavy objects. Doctors can't explain what is happening and suggest mother Regan to contact the exorcist. During the session, the devil comes out and begin to make true horror. Psychological techniques used by the creators of the film, will make you tremble with fear.

psychological horror movies list"House of wax" ("the wax Museum")

There are two paintings with the same name. However, almost everyone who watched them both, it is recommended to opt for the earlier, 1953. In Russian the name of this movie is also sometimes translated as "wax Museum". The film tells the story of the doctor who creates a unique wax figures of famous people. However, a Museum which displays his works are not particularly popular. Soon, not far away there is another similar Museum, more like a panic room. At the same time in the city people begin to disappear. Whether these events? Many modern psychological horror films equal to "wax Museum", and their producers consider the film a cult.


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This picture definitely will not leave indifferent those who appreciate psychological horror. Not even because the story excites the mind, but also for the reason that the film was shot very beautifully and professionally. In the story of Laura, who has lived all his childhood in an orphanage, years later, returns there with her husband and seven year old son. The family like to live in this house, but soon the boy begins to “play” with visible only to him friends. Later she and Laura starts to see spirits of children from your childhood, and most importantly, a handicapped boy who wore a bag on his head because of his ugliness. The outcome of this harmless children's game?

psychological horrorThe Shining

The Iconic Director Stanley Kubrick in 1980, is one of the most famous of his works – “Glow”. This picture has already made the remakes, however, none of the Directors has not yet been able to surpass the original. The film tells us about the family moving to winter time in an empty hotel. The head of the family - writer, here he plans to work on his novel. However, since moving with it begin to happen strange things that scare his family. Make hero crazy five months ' imprisonment?

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