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The new-Fangled youth domestic Comedy “Prom” (movie reviews extremely controversial) is now positioned by the majority as the answer to all the infamous “American pie”. And the poster of the film debut of former journalist Vsevolod Brodsky: “From the creators of “Bitter”! - works accurately attracting, however, something requires.

prom night movie reviews

Pioneers and followers

Comedy “Kiss!” opened special, you might say a secret door in the consciousness of the audience, inside out, legalizing all shameful, but allowing openly same and to admire, to laugh, to be proud of. The combination of such a display of truth, of candor with the ugly relentless reckless humor shocked many. The creators managed to combine disgusting with a sweet and heartwarming, awful – it turns to pain mother. “Graduation”, the movie reviews 2014 proof ahead of, not only the realities of opening the festivities in pure Russian spirit, but also raised the eternal issue of the relationship between fathers and children. The basis of the storyline and intrigue to the film becomes prom in one of the ordinary provincial schools. Everyone knows that prom – “ticket to adulthood”, but the creators managed to make the whole action of the specific domestic background. The film “Prom” (the reviews are unanimous in their opinion) – “American pie” in Russian. After viewing finally understand that time is a sterile, calibrated censorship of Russian comedies have sunk into oblivion, the new project allows you to meticulously consider all the ugly side of domestic reality, and to laugh at them, albeit rather viciously.


And what could be expected from the filmmakers, including Sergei Svetlakov (“Our rush" of the Comedy Club) and Alexander Nezlobin. Here is the design they have turned out boring, studious lacerum reality. It is not “Class” Elmar of the RAAS, not “School” Valeria Gai Germanika's a picture of the “kings of humour”, “inhabitants" of TNT, the channel that his provocative and scandalous is no different. The impression that Nezlobin and Svetlakov in this movie just mock some stereotypes, decide to cancel the usual taboos. Here it is – the modern prom. Movie reviews 2014 it is written in a negative way only by the fierce zealots of morality, which speaks of making it a wider audience.prom movie reviews 2014


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Losing your virginity is not important

It is Not clear why (mentality, tradition?) in Hollywood films, like “can't wait”, “American pie” etc. American prom uniquely associated with an obligatory loss of virginity. But the creators of the Russian version of “Prom” more realistic and aware of the fact that the modern teenagers are not stupid enough to combine the loss of innocence and the end of school. Our graduates care about a different problem - how to carry on holiday alcohol! Beforehand the characters of the movie “Prom” (reviews this moment is highlighted with a red line) is developed by ingenious scheme to obtain the desired, they are able to recruit a school caretaker, but there it was, the teachers confirmed their qualification, they will do whatever it takes-yesterday's students do not "wasted".], prom movie reviews

Short contents

Public school No. 14, located in the glorious Nizhny Novgorod, is preparing for the celebration. Naughty boys of 11 And class scheduling everything in advance, loaded into hired for the night, the ship an impressive amount of booze. However, their above recognizes the Director and takes a Banquet in the native school. But children are not going to give up, they are tuned to “best” in their understanding of the evening, so as one classmates embark on a twisted Scam. Not casually the film “Prom” 2014 feedback from the audience was awarded the title of – “guidance, instruction for future graduates”. The characters in the movie in the midst of the Banquet, invite all the parents and teachers in the school basement bomb shelter, saying it is prepared there by surprise - and then lock them there, and themselves having fun in plenty. However, young people underestimated the capabilities of the older generation, "armed" attributes of the Komsomol youth, went on break and staged a blowout, brawl, children's “chaos” is permanently faded in comparison. So that was prom. Reviews for the film not to understand who condemn – whether fathers, or children.watch online 2014 reviews

Main characters

Of Course, that this teen Comedy was not without stereotypes of the main characters. There are two clever teenagers who love each other, there is the approaching tragedy of young hearts: a girl (Kristina isaykina) want to send in Sarov, and the young man (Victor Grudev) - the Rotterdam University. To avoid separation, a young man comes up with “legend” for an explanation with his father – he says that he feels excited when he sees naked guys, so to go to Holland slutty, he just not worth it.However, he has no idea that his father – a latent homosexual, and he is well known is the “excitement”. Here it is worth noting that “Prom” (movie reviews 2014 point and is) quite delicately, and not in the spirit of Comedy Club, manages to present a boring topic called "slutty Dutch”.prom movie reviews 2014

No less colorful

Other characters no less charismatic and colorful. What is the most “a graduate of the Nude” in a sexy lace dress (Yana Enzhaeva). A musical duet local flood Black & Black (Nikita Karpinsky and Daniel Vakhrushev)! Rap guys invariably remembered by the audience, though, because the whole point of the text certainly comes down to one phrase: “we will definitely get laid". Their successor and follower of (Sergei Pokhodaev) makes a video with the provocative title "100 pop”. Hormones from the trio just gush, bounce off the walls. Even the Queen or high priestess of the local nonconformists-ready Julia Night (Sasha Makarska), also called the “toad", though constantly threatening to commit suicide, to prom breaks off abruptly his cheerful classmates. The film “Prom” 2014 (mixed reviews from critics) manages to go for corruption because at the time of this outrage the founding fathers of the officials are thinking about how to grab a larger piece of the state funds allocated for the restoration and construction of bridges across the Volga. In short, the eternal themes of hypocrisy, pretence and doublethink, which modern teenagers are in conflict, in the movie resolved pretty successfully.

The ending all make sense

Still, a controversial film “Prom”! The responses of the audience and condemn his climax, and agree with it. In the final episode the main character is contemplating the launch of balloons into the sky and listening to the drunken vows of their former classmates, very succinctly, articulation indicates that they probably neither meet nor be friends no longer. And it is unusual not only for “good” domestic comedies, but for the “hardened” of the Hollywood. It is difficult after this to assert that the semantic load pattern gives “the provincial kaveenschiki” and does not fit into the fabric of the story.

graduation reviews

Not ideal, but warning

Not worth it after reading everything written above, to assume that this picture – breakthrough of Russian cinema, is far from perfect “Prom”. Reviews of the movie to break that assumption to smithereens. The viewing leaves an annoying aftertaste – the authors of the paintings, choosing between warmth and dashing naughtiness, the drive, chose the latter. Consolation is a strict age rating is possible, the picture will be useful for a certain category of young people, pre-emptive, if you like, not allowing current seniors to spoil your graduation. Reviews of the film have positioned the Comedy as a guide on what to do and how to find a common language of generations of fathers and sons.

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