"Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?": the plot and the reviews of the movie. And who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?


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Edward Albee "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?” created a furor when it was first staged on Broadway. The American guardians of morality terribly indignant that family problems was exposed. In the mid-twentieth century, the relationship between the spouses was supposed to resemble a frosted cake with candied fruit. Even the slightest hint of any disagreement is strictly censured.

No less surprise was caused by the title of the play — not many have realized that it makes the English writer and feminist. Some wits have even invented the attack in response: who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? In fact, the truth floats on the surface, but it is available only to those who are able to see the cause for the visible effect.

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf

“Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?”: an analysis of the relationships between men and women

The Action of the play takes place one evening when the husband and wife, returning with another boring reception, bring home guests — a young couple whose relationship did not seem to work even beyond the mutual adoration. They unfold to their eyes the whole performance, fussing and peppering each other with insults, revealing shocking details of their life together, and simultaneously trying to seduce woozy from such pressure spouses. It seems that the relationship of Martha and George (the main characters) has long been cracked at the seams, revealing a world of mutual contempt and hatred. However, a deeper analysis shows that behind it all lies a sophisticated psychological game, and even, oddly enough, a deep and tender feeling.


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Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf

Film Adaptation of the play

In 1966, took out the film adaptation of the play of Olbi “Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?”. Film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, whose family life was also extremely violent, produced no less sensation than the original. He received 5 “Oscars”: it was awarded both the female roles, cinematographer, artist and costume designer. But nominated for the award were all actors, which has never happened before. Interestingly, the film was superbebotas Director Michael Nichols. For its time, it was so stuffed with explicit scenes that he for the first time in the history of cinema was rated remark “over 18”.

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, the play

What does Virginia Woolf?

The Name of the artwork — it's his road map, the shortest guide to the meaning and main idea. So we used to think, brought up on the greatest books. “the Brothers Karamazov”, “Master and Margarita”, “Romeo and Juliet” from outline on what characters you need to focus. «the Cherry orchard”, “arch” is an allegorical reference, in which the interior is transformed into an independent character. But what is the meaning of the name “Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?”? Performance and released later the film so shocked the public that the presence in the work of the fifth character (except Martha, George and their two guests) no one even thought. But the English writer is invisibly illuminates the entire course of action.

Literature of the twentieth century, not lagging behind the other art forms, is constantly engaged in finding new ways of expression. A mixture of psychoanalysis, aestheticism reflection and contemplation of life called “stream of consciousness”. The epic Saga of Joyce, Proust, Eliot became the Bible of the new generation. In this environment, Virginia Woolf has taken its rightful place.

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf reviews

The Inner world of the author of “Mrs. Dalloway”

From early childhood, Virginia was haunted by severe depression. At the age of 13 years she tried to rape their own cousins, then she survived the death of his mother. This pain is caused at a tender age, never healed in a lifetime, put a rough imprint on the psyche. Its activities in the literature as a writer, publisher and critic, she devoted the removal of women from the shadow of the male ego. Books Virginia Woolf entered the Golden Fund of world modernism. Its the least interested in the story and the characters, she was constantly engaged in studying and closely looking at the fact that she called “elusive personality”.

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

All his life the writer suffered from headaches and bouts of hallucinations. Even the supremely happy marriage to Leonard Woolf, based on full mutual respect and support each other, not saved her from slipping into madness, which ended with a dip in the cold water of the river Ouse. Through his characters, she was painfully trying to reconcile reality with their inner world, but the final reunion never happened. If you wonder, who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, the answer will lie in the depths of her shattered consciousness — itself.

Movie Reviews

Of Course, first and foremost striking in the film is the acting. Audiences and critics just didn't recognize the acknowledged beauty with the violet eyes, the fury raging on the screen. Indescribable passions keeps the audience in constant tension worse than any Thriller. And the performers of the second plan was onthe height, creating the necessary background for a struggle between two strife-torn characters.

A Considerable number of rave reviews deserved and camera work. In the film, a lot of big plans, and they are all different. In any scene the facial expression is not repeated, the camera sensitively follows the work of each facial muscle. From this it appears more real than presence. It seems that the viewer is invited not even in the room where the action is, and very soul of the characters.

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, the film

However, there are those viewers who did not appreciate the dramatic intensity of the film “Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?”. The reviews, in which the family drama presents nothing more than idle chatter, small but still present on the forums. Most likely, the film could not appeal to those who are in their family life denies even the possibility of open expression of feelings. After all, many have learned to hide their problems under the guise of external well-being and rehearsed smiles. And someone is so not attempting to understand partner that he never comes that together can be some cracks.

For its time, the film was a spit in the direction of the Puritan community, impose on family life, the obligation to be happy and serene. He showed that the marriage real, live people very far from the ideal universe of Ken and Barbie. But at the same time it poses a serious question: and whether it is possible to avoid such a situation, when two lovers begin to play dangerous games with their feelings, subjecting them to tests of strength? Not from boredom if it happens? In order to indicate to the readers where to find the answer, the author introduced non-existent character — a writer, who dedicated his life to finding the hidden mental aspects of behavior. Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? The answer, as mentioned above, is obvious: his inner world, which is able to destroy the universe real. The literal translation of the play was supposed to sound like “Not afraid of Virginia Woolf", that is not afraid to look at yourself and make the call yourself-present yourself-fictional.

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