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Currently, the nostalgic trend is the proliferation of modern action movies in the 80s style, or to remove remakes of old fighters is not losing positions. After the discoverer of Sylvester Stallone and his “Unstoppable” there are a lot of similar pictures, among which stands out brightly crime Thriller with elements of Thriller ‘Mechanic" (the actors of the first plan: D. Statham, B. foster, T. Goldwyn). The movie is filmed in the old style, full of hard, brutal action, charismatic characters. This is pure male tape with a severe age rated R.the mechanic actors

The Classic Thriller

The Film ‘Mechanic’ is a remake of the eponymous painting by Michael Winner, 1972 issue. The Director of the film was made by Simon West. The author's approach the Creator of the “Air prison" has surprised many fans of the original tape. The remake is very gloomy, but nevertheless very dynamic, with the presence of mass clichéd genre components. With the movie 1972 it almost nothing in common: the other victims, situations, characters. However, for forty years, the approach to the creation of the militants has changed markedly. Critics not recommended to seek the connection between the two paintings, as in General they are extremely small. However, adaptation to the harsh conditions of our time went to the project for the benefit of the film ‘Mechanic" is rated according to IMDb: 6.60.

The Darkness and the drama of what is happening successfully highlight gray tones dominate the painting. Action style closer to the creation of Phillip Atwell “War”. To compare with “Adrenaline”, “Carrier” tape "Mechanic" of the actors involved in the production of the film, is not recommended. This is quite a separate product.the movie mechanic


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As in any other classic action film, the plot is simplified to the point that his troubles do not interfere with the main-chases, hand-to-hand fights, shootouts, and a perfect plan to eliminate the ordered purposes. The main character Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a "mechanic" (the assassin-a perfectionist). After the death of a close friend takes custody of his son (Ben foster) of the deceased. He teaches the kid everything he knows and knows himself. Soon they together bring the demise of various criminals: rapists, murderers, liars and thugs.Jason Statham the mechanic

The Ideal candidate

Popularly beloved action hero Jason Statham was the perfect candidate for the leading role of the film. He appears before the audience in a familiar role: a lot, but shoots, fights and seduces beauties with its irresistible charisma. However, in the project of Simon West he is not familiar unidirectional killer bonecrusher, as, for example, in all parts of the “Carrier”. Statham is his hero aestheticism professional, expert in his field. Mechanic combines retro car and he listens to classical music exclusively on vinyl. In the film a great deal depends on the charisma and brutality of the actor. His stone face, with one movement of the muscle transmitting the entire range of experienced emotions, the audience does not get bored.

An English actor, who started the road to success with a modeling career, famous works of guy Ritchie: “Gun”, “Big score”. Debut of Statham is the film “lock, stock and two Smoking barrels”, which was also set Richie. Since 2000, Jason's career developed rapidly, in rolling out the film series “Adrenaline” after deductible “Carrier” and a series of tapes “the Expendables”. At this time, the filmography of the actor includes 50 paintings. In 2016 there will be a sequel of the blockbuster of 2010, in which again will play a major role Jason Statham, – “Mechanic: Resurrection”.Ben foster the mechanic


Perfectly sets off the image of the hero that appears in a tragic coincidence, the student's partner Steve, who was reincarnated Ben foster. Actor, different texture impudent boy, do not come to the fore of the narrative, but in the shade for the duration of the film is not going away. The presence of his character in the action allows the creators to show the infamous conflict of generations, the widely used films on the assassin theme. Novice “professionals” trying to take unceremoniously, without paying attention to the small details, making a lot of mistakes. Trouble stuck with experienced mentors.

Foster is not too familiar to a wide audience, but that didn't stop the actor perfectly a role to play. In Steve McCann no not remotely stupid teenagers from the “Virus of love”. Ben foster “Mechanics” feel, so his character perfectly fits into the atmosphere of the picture. The actor managed to correctly convey the emotions and mood of your character. The most significant works in the career of the actor are roles in the following films: ‘X-Men: the Last stand”, “pandorum”, “And the sound of the storm”, “Warcraft” and, of course, ‘Mechanic". Actors who worked with foster, predict a bright future for him.Tony Goldwyn


In General, to judge performance fairlydifficult, as it is typical of the genre. Harsh face, his eyes, scraps of sharp phrases. On the background of the foster and Statham, their brutal Spartan images cameo appearance Harry McKenna, a character in Donald Sutherland, like the coming of aliens. In the world of continuous violence, where every one is ready to destroy every second, his character is laughing, looking at others through rose-colored glasses, even on the threshold of his violent death. His presence represents the greatest contrast Thriller. Canadian actor known for the films: ‘Time to kill”, “Pride and prejudice”, “Hunger games” (all parts) and so on.

Tony Goldwyn who plays the role of Dean, best known for playing the antagonist Carl Bruner in the 1990 romance “Ghost”. The American actor was popular in the 90-ies, then his career went into decline. Involved in the production of action movie "Mechanic" of the actors-colleagues called an attempt at resuscitation of fading popularity. Chance performance was implemented in 2014 he was invited to the blockbuster “Divergent”.Tony Goldwyn [1]

Working life killers

With all the unobtrusiveness of the subject and the vivacity of the action scenes for all the characters in the film are visible personality, the characters that encourages the beholder to experience their plight, how can we empathize with the hero of the furious fighter. The characters are not scattered words, exchanging succinct short phrases, not tiring the viewer. All the actors are worthy of praise and all the praises.

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