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USS – ship combat and strategic purposes. The main striking power is the aircraft located on the deck. These giants have everything for repair, maintenance, and temporary storage of helicopters and airplanes. To date, all existing carriers of the world are large in size and most modern equipment. Let's discuss this topic in more detail and consider in detail some of the major ships. Among them will be like a legend and still standing on the armament of aircraft carriers.aircraft carriers of the world

General information

For the First time the aircraft carriers of the world began to use the British during the 1st world war. Over time, the British government realized that to defend the borders much easier, using mobile vehicles. The Second world war the British were leading in the number of cruisers, but over time they lost the lead of the United States. As for the current situation, then, of course, aircraft carriers are not only fighting units, carrying on himself a little army aviation and means of communication that allows you to quickly exchange information. The basic requirement for the armed forces – mobility, therefore, highly maneuverable combat units play a key role in many battles. However, if there's a nuclear exchange, the large aircraft carriers of the world will become a primary goal. Powerful energy settings allow you to stay at sea for decades.the biggest aircraft carriers of the world

Modern aircraft carriers

By far the most active such ships used by the U.S. Navy. In service of the country is of the order of 11 aircraft carriers and 10 is projected, while in the Russian Federation only one operating and two under construction. The United States used the cruisers for the solution of conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and so on.


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The First US aircraft carrier, which had on its Board of nuclear propulsion, was built in 1961 and was called the “enterprise”. Today it is one of the largest ships in the world. Its length is 342 meters.

In the USSR Admiral Kuznetsov believed that in the future aircraft carriers. Therefore, under his command, began the construction of several cruisers, but after leaving of Kuznetsova new Admiral Gorshkov closed projects. However, in the 67th year the decision was made to build a "Minsk", «Kyiv» and «Novorossiysk”.

The largest aircraft carriers in the world

The first thing to tell you about warships with aircraft on Board class "Nimitz”. These giants are the largest and powerful not only in USA but throughout the world. It was built about ten ships. Each of them cost the government about $ 4.5 to 5.0 billion. The last aircraft carrier is considered the most powerful and named in honor of the 41st President of the United States, George Bush. On Board "George Bush" can carry 90 units of military equipment. There are fighters of different brands, and helicopter gunships. It is assumed that each carrier class "Nimitz” will be operated for 50 years, and only after that it will write off. But the US has already started to build ships of the next generation. Presumably it will be the carriers of the “Gerald Ford" of combat power which will be somewhat increased, as well as the quantity of aviation technology.the most powerful aircraft carriers the world

The Most powerful and large RF carrier

The Commander of the Soviet Union fleet Admiral Kuznetsov was really an outstanding personality. In his memory was built heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser of the same name. Its length is 305 meters and 10 centimeters. You should pay your attention to the fact that unlike Western carriers, the development of Soviet shipbuilders are very different. Why should only the weapons of the cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov". Dozens of large-caliber anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank installations, torpedo weapons and much more. In fact, there exists a heavy defensive offensive weapon. All this, together with the aircraft, persons on Board, makes the vehicle deadly and effective in combat operations. At the same time on Board the ship can be 40 units of aircraft. About 30 aircraft (fixed wing) and 10 helicopters.modern aircraft carriers of the world

Modified "Admiral Kuznetsov" or "Liaoning"

This ship was the first aircraft carrier, which has put China on his arms. Originally, “Liaoning" was built in the Nikolaev shipyard in the Ukraine to operate in the Soviet Union. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union aircraft carrier went to Ukraine, which after several years of operation, never properly completed the ship, sold it for only $ 20 million to China. The Chinese brought the cruiser to mind and put him in his arms. If you list all of the most powerful aircraft carriers of the world, "Liaoning" will be one of the first places. This is due to the fact that it was designed following the example of the cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" with some modifications. That is why, on Board the ship is not only large ammunition, which is enough for several hours of intense battle, but also a large number of aircraft. In China"Liaoning" is used for training pilots.largest aircraft carriers in the world

“Merlin” of India

Currently in service with the Indian Navy aircraft carrier 2. One of them has the name “Vikramaditya”, its length is about 283-284 meters. The original name of the ship "Baku” or “Modified Kiev». It was built in the Soviet Union but since its collapse, Russia has accepted the decision about cancellation of the vessel that was due to the high cost of maintaining the working status of equipment. In 2004 the aircraft carrier was sold for $ 2.5 billion India. The ship was equipped with Russian fighters and weapons. If you call all the modern aircraft carriers of the world, “Vikramaditya” is one of them. In 2013 the ship was put into service. The aircraft carrier of such class can carry on Board approximately 36 aircraft, mainly fighter aircraft of Russian production.

USS ‘Sao Paulo”

The aircraft carrier of the type “Clemenceau” was adopted in France for 39 years. Only had two such ships. One in 2000 was written off, and the second – sold to Brazil in just over $ 12 million. From the date of purchase Brazilian engineers with the support of French colleagues began to modernize the ship. Is affected not only weapons, which was almost completely renovated, but the flight deck, which managed to expand. In the end, changed the motors, various sensors, etc. But it is difficult to talk about the fact that "Sao Paulo" everything was good. For example, in 2005 and 2012 there was a fire, which killed several sailors. the ‘Sao Paulo” can carry on Board 39 pieces of equipment. The offensive potential is implemented ‘Skyhawk" American light attack aircraft. The length of the ship – 264 meters 80 centimeters.

best aircraft carriers of the world

«Charles de Gaulle”

At present, of the French Navy are armed with several carriers. One of them «Charles de Gaulle”. In fact, this ship is the only nuclear aircraft carrier, which is in service with the U.S. Navy. The construction of the ship cost the state about $ 4 billion. Launched the carrier in 2000, although it was planned to do this a few before, but because of the crisis the construction was halted. Since the nuclear reactor, the ship can sail without refueling for approximately 20 years and to carry on Board about 40 of aerial equipment. It was repeatedly said that in 93-m to year on the Board «Charles de Gaulle” infiltrated spies MI6, which, though managed to explore the ship, but failed to get it because they were caught. Currently, many aircraft carriers of world countries take part in combat operations, and «Charles de Gaulle” in them.aircraft carriers of the world


As you can see, the Navy of each country needs aircraft carriers. Of course, today the mastery of the sea belongs to the United States, since their ships there anymore, they have modern equipment. However, there is potential in Russia and some other countries, such as Japan, UK. Currently there are a large number of promising projects. For example, this year Japan plans to launch aircraft carrier of its own production "Izumo". However, since Japan has no permit for the construction of aircraft carriers, he stated as the helicopter. In the same year on the water should go and the Indian ‘Vikrant”, and in 2020 - "Queen Elizabeth" (UK). That's all there is to tell about what they are best carriers of the world, and what is notable about each of these giants.

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