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If you take the General definition, the technological equipment is the complex of mechanisms involved in the creation of final goods and services. technological equipment

In Other words, almost everything that surrounds us is possible for him to carry. Network, servers, and so on - part of IT-equipment, CT scanners, ultrasound machines - part medical. In practice, when it comes to equipment, I mean everything that is somehow related to food and trade industry, as these are areas where it has found the widest application. Consider this area in more detail.

First of bread and then circuses

The Technological equipment is the center of any process of creating food. Let's move from the General to the particular, and for this study the main types according to region primenenie:

  • Teplovoe;
  • Mehanicheskoe;
  • Naturalnoe;
  • Kholodilnoe.


From the name itself it is clear what function performs this type of equipment for the production of food. production of technological equipment

To be treated as conventional ovens, ranges, boilers, steam kettle, fryers, and specific to the average layman the steam tables (designed to maintain the desired temperature of the final product), maironovski, rotary ovens and Combi ovens.


If to simplify, it considers everything that does work, while not heating and not cooling the product. operation of technological equipmentIn Other words, mixers, Kneaders, machinery for cutting and grinding, dishwashers, scales, and so on.


Neutral technological equipment is furniture made of certified stainless steel, without which can not do any production nor in the kitchen food. Despite the fact that by design these things are the most simple, they must meet the same requirements as more complex positions. Integrity is spelled out in the certificate neutral equipment shall be inviolable. For example, if an unauthorized end user creates in the tub of the washing hole for mixer, violating the primary technology, there may be cause for a penalty during validation.


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installation of technological equipment


Again from the title. The production equipment includes all installation for cooling and storage of food. These include refrigeration units and freezers, cabinets and chests with similar functionality, shock-freeze chambers that can, depending on the model to bring in a short time the end product from +70OWith -18OWith Or -40OC.

production equipment

Because of the complexity of installation and scale of the devices, many manufacturers, when they sell their products to the end face, the agreement prescribed mandatory the presence of their representative at the time, will occur when the installation of process equipment, otherwise they do not carry warranty, which again will be stated in the official document that binds the deal.

Consider the type of industry at all times brought considerable profit. In this regard, the process of creating food is complicated and has evolved along with the way mankind is accumulating knowledge and skills. Of course, an important role was played in this society that focused primarily on consumption. Man after a hard day's work wants to visit a store and buy at least a loaf of bread, without complicating your life with pastries. Technological equipment aimed at reducing the distance between buyer and product. It is not necessary to grind the flour, raise the leaven, knead and bake bread - all made up to you, just buy the finished product.

How to sell?

Urbanization has left no chance to the small shops that do business on the notebook. Of course, such organizations still exist, but their number has decreased significantly, giving way to sophisticated automated systems that record the act of sale. In other words, the trading of technical equipment is a set of mechanisms that allow for the reception, distribution, accounting, storage and exhibition of goods, minimizing the human factor. Position trading and food processing equipment are similar, but have some differences. Let's try to understand this region on the example of a supermarket.

Example of daily life

The Main difference is in the scale and functions of the first and second category.main process equipment

Products in the supermarket are stored on racks for the display of goods, which are characterized by ease of use for customers.

The Items that need cooling down, again located so as to optimize the process of acquisition. A vivid example - open refrigerators, bonnets and slides. In production they would be inappropriate, since they always something would fall, because all the open space. But self-service is the ideal option.

Scales in the sales areaare of a consumer nature in the first place. They have not the capacity in the production. But the operation of technological equipment in this incarnation is facilitated to the maximum. A customer came, weighed, and departed.

Trade and technological equipment is submitted to such specific device, as fiscal register (or registers in case of offline work). Without it from the point of view of Russian legislation, the activities of the organization impossible as it through cash receipt records accomplished the act of sale. The package includes fiscal Registrar ackles - a special tape that is a function of the storage device. Electronic cash register includes all transactions committed at the box office for the year and provided to the tax office.

In Addition, a kind of trade-technological equipment - it is also the position for the production of "fast food." All the way to the food industry include machines for making cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, etc, because they are purchased by end customers for direct benefit.


Needless to say that the main technological equipment is bound to grow and become more complex? It will not become obsolete as a phenomenon, and will be increasingly improved. People need food and technologies are undeniable, after all, a step back to the symbiosis between hunting and gathering impossible. In other words, the intended specific reverse progression is the easier people will get end products of production, regardless of their composition and structure, the more complicated technological equipment, on which they are made.

Worth it?

Because of the importance of the final product, which is the basis of human life, the production of technological equipment is subjected to severe quality control at all stages of creation. The business owners that only start activities in the field of retail or the food industry needs to understand that the saying "miser pays twice" refers to him in the first place. If you save on equipment, then there is a considerable risk of breakage of initially poor quality hardware, and this will drive a spoke in the wheel of production. Whether episodic surge of greed in the loss of further benefits?

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