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The Exhaustion of fossil fuels, environmental degradation and a number of other reasons, sooner or later will force manufacturers to develop models of electric vehicles, which will be available to the wider population. Yet we can only wait or personally to come up with environmentally friendly technology.motors for electric vehiclesIf you still prefer to look for solutions and not wait for them, you will need knowledge about which motors for electric car has already been invented, how they differ and which ones are most promising.

Traction engine

If you decide to put an ordinary electric motor under the hood of your car, then most likely, nothing will come of it. And all because you need the traction electric motor (TEM). From conventional electric motors it is more the capacity, the ability to deliver more torque, small dimensions and low weight.

For supply of traction motor of battery is used. They can be recharged from external sources ("socket"), from solar, alternator installed in the car, or in the recovery mode (self-filling charge).

Motors for electric vehicles often operate from a rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. TED usually operates in two modes – motor and generator. In the latter case, it replenishes spent reserves of electricity during the transition to the neutral rate.

Working Principle

Standard motor consists of two elements-the stator and rotor. The first component is fixed, it has several coils, and the second rotates and transmits force to the shaft. The stator coil periodically served alternating electric current that causes a magnetic field which starts to rotate the rotor.electric car priceThe more often coils “turning on and off”, the faster the rotating shaft. In motors for electric cars can install two types of rotor:


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  • Closed loop in which a magnetic field opposite to the field of the stator, whereby the rotation takes place and;
  • Phase – used to reduce the starting current and speed control of rotation of the shaft, is the most common.

In addition, depending on the speed of rotation of the magnetic field and the rotor motors can be asynchronous and synchronous. One or the other type must be selected from the available funds and objectives.

Synchronous motor

Synchronous motor – TED, in which the rotor speed coincides with the speed of rotation of the magnetic field. Such motors for electric vehicles should be used only in cases where there is a source of increased power – from 100 kW.spare parts for electric vehiclesOne variety of synchronous electric motor is a stepper motor. The stator winding of such an installation is divided into several sections. At some point, the current is applied to a particular section, a magnetic field that rotates the rotor at a certain angle. Then the current is fed into the next section and the process is repeated, the shaft begins to rotate.

Asynchronous motor

In an asynchronous motor the rotational speed of the magnetic field does not coincide with the rotational speed of the rotor. The advantage of these devices is maintainability-spare parts for electric vehicles equipped with these installations. Other benefits include:

  1. Simple construction.
  2. Easy maintenance and operation.
  3. Low cost.
  4. High reliability.

Depending on the presence of brush-collector unit motors can be brushed and brushless. Manifold-a device used to convert AC to DC. Brushes are used to transfer electricity to the rotor.electric car mercedesBrushless motors for electric vehicles are characterized by lower weight, compact dimensions and higher efficiency. They are less likely to overheat and consume less electricity. The only disadvantage of such engine – the high price of the electronic unit, which performs the functions of the collector. In addition, finding the parts for electric vehicles, equipped with brushless motor, more difficult.

Manufacturers of electric motors

Most home made electric vehicle constructed with the use of commutator motor. This is due to availability, low cost and simple maintenance.

An Eminent manufacturer of a range of these motors is a German company Perm-Motor. Its products are capable of regenerative braking in generator mode. It is widely used for equipment scooters, motor boats, cars, electrodynamic devices. If the Perm engine-the engine is installed in every electric vehicle, the price would be much lower. Now they are in the range of 5-7 thousand electricPopular manufacturer is the company Etek, which manufactures brushless and brush-type commutator motors. As a rule, three-phase motors that run on permanent magnets. The main advantages of the installations:

  • Control accuracy;
  • Ease of organization recovery;
  • High reliability due to simple design.

Ends a list of manufacturers of plant from the United States Advanced DC Motors, producing commutator motors. Some models have an exclusive feature – they have a second spindle that can be used to connect to the car-electric additional electrical equipment.

Which engine to choose

To purchase you did not disappoint, it is necessary to compare the characteristics of the acquired model with the requirements to the car. When the motor selection is primarily guided by its type:

  • Synchronous units have a complex structure and expensive, but have overload capacity, easier to manage, they are not afraid of power surges, used at high loads. They are mounted on electric car Mercedes.
  • Asynchronous models are low cost, simple device. They are easy to maintain and operate, but the emissions of a power much smaller than the synchronous setting.

Electric car price will be significantly lower, if the electric motor will be paired with the internal combustion engine. In the market of such combination units are more popular, as they cost about 4-4. 5 thousand.


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