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“Mercedes G-wagon" produced for 36 years and therefore is considered to be a German veteran. But no one in the head does not come to consign it to oblivion, because the demand for it is stable. And he was conceived as the carrier of soldiers. He survived accusations of primitiveness, and now it is called classic design.

From the origins to the present

The Official date of his birth - February 10, 1979. Then he was launched, then it was first presented to the General public. But the car's history began long before this day, in 1972. Two companies - Germany's Daimler-Benz and the Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch - agreed on joint production of 10 thousand SUVs per year. The car was designed as an army, so the body had simplified form, flat slab, and the open model was a folding windshield. Modern "G" tuning which is a distinctive feature, a little like a grandparent. The well-known grille with round headlights only appeared in 1976.g tuning

The First major order for 20 thousand cars, the manufacturer has received from the Iranian army, and in 1978 was ready with car Gelendewagen, which means "car for rough terrain". But the new Iranian government cancelled the order. The situation managed to be corrected thanks to the border guards of Germany, armies of Norway and Argentina. But the pavilions of the plant, which had to fulfill Iran's order, began to work. The first products have received positive reviews from journalists.

Technical features and upgrade

The task before the objective was daunting: the car should be trouble-free and hardy in any geographical conditions, while remaining comfortable and safe. Although to satisfy the demands was very difficult, the designers have managed. Since then to the present day appearance and equipment, tuning "Mercedes Gelendvagen" is changing with enviable regularity.

In Russia, as in many other countries, the admiration and the German car industry, and the durability of Mercedes cars and its virtually unchanging appearance. In fact, the car periodically subjected to modernization. Only since his first appearance in our country, "Gelendvagen", a photo that we presented in the article, called “cube”, and "refrigerator" and he really has a rectangular shape. But, according to the owners, they are attracted by this external image as close to the SUV.


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tuning gelendvagen

For more than 35 years of the life of the car has undergone minor changes the body. The most serious innovations — a hard roof after the folding soft top and an elongated base. Changes had to be made in connection with the transition of vehicles from the category of police or military in civilian clothes. Modernized periodically, and optics. In 1981, the model, whose headlights were protected by a grille.

the interior of the car owners called the king, especially when it comes to expensive equipment. They have a high quality finish. If the salon has a plastic, that is his best. Drivers think it convenient that the steering wheel is lifted when the door is opened and the ignition is turned off — this makes it easier to fit driver. Good feedback received and factory music system, outstanding clean, musical sound.

Disadvantages of car

Perhaps only on the evidence of "G" can say in a negative way. Although it is made qualitatively, as expected, but at speeds over 100 km/h body shape and low aerodynamic qualities nullify all the efforts of the German automaker. However, even in the basic package included the car seat covers high grade, air bags, air conditioning, ABS, full electric package.

Advantages of the brand "G" tuning and other “chips”

The Main advantage of "Gelendvagen" hiding under the hood. The engine of this car refers to the volume from 2.7 to 5.5 HP Power output motor will seriously affect fuel consumption: the motor is a 5 liter “eating” 22 liter of gasoline in the city and 15 liters on the suburban road. Apparently, in accordance with the number “horse” the accelerator pedal is tighter, so it was hard to lose control of the car and the General traffic at "G" is soft and smooth, without any jerks. But if you do, he can do a dramatic leap forward, literally becoming a projectile. The sound of all types of engines are relatively quiet, causing only pleasant associations and intentions of this car to purchase.gelendvagen photoHave gained the experience of management of this machine, note the following nuances: is the most comfortable speed of 100-110 km/h. a Further increase in speed will cause the appearance of noise arising from the air flow. Of course, the movement with greater speed perhaps, but we have to enter the turns very carefully. Fans of the "G" note pretty stiff suspension, bumps and holes cause jerking of the car, but the bumps on the body are not transmitted. Praise is the braking system of the vehicle. With the weight of almost 2.5 tons, he stops for a moment and smoothly with appropriate pressing the brake pedal.

as for his off-road qualities, it is unlikely that the owner will want to use it in the field, if we are talking about the new model. Although «gelika» does not scare nor mud, nor snow, nor lack of pavement. The potential he has, but is he still not. "G" tuning which can be varied – car for lovers of power and extravagantly.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize once again the reliability and status of the Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen. This is a car that always attracts attention. Slightly confused, maybe the value of his services. Only the replacement tire will cost $ 300. But the cost is not affordable. "G" tuning which requires a considerable investment, will cost about 14 million rubles!


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