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Minsk automobile plant – it is one of the honored and oldest manufacturers of transport for timber transportation in the territory of the former Soviet Union. The cars are reliable and high patency rates. In addition, the developers have released several versions, each of which can perform complex work or a specific task. Still on the road there are trucks MAZ first releases, not to mention the latest models.

trucks MAZ


In the assortment of the Belarusian plant, developed many modifications for the transportation of wood. Among them:

  1. MAZ tractor with extended frame (short), is designed to transport short of a forest, characterized by high permeability, capable of carrying the load at any distance.
  2. Trucks and Konik rotary type, interact with trailed dissolution. Transport has good maneuverability and is great for local moves.
  3. Semi-Trailer to couple the truck tractor to transport Les of any length.
  4. Trailers for travel in the trains.
  5. Manipulators, equipped with a bucket, working with pipes and timber, logs.

The New models are equipped with telescopic boom, which consists in a triple position, and can achieve flight by about seven meters.

MAZ-509: the device

On the basis of the 500-series was built MAZ-509 – the truck, which differed from its predecessor in a number of settings. Its production started in the late sixties of the last century, several interpretations. At that time, the truck was considered to be one of the most advanced cars in its class.

The Power unit of this model was almost identical to “five” Mazu. In his role of an engine YAMZ-236, which is equipped with six cylinders, arranged in V-shape and a water cooling system. Transmission installed on log trucks MAZ new release, was significantly different from previous models. The car received four-wheel drive, five-speed gearbox, standard pavement design.


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truck with manipulator

For transportation of wood with this tractor used a two-axle trailer-dissolution (GKB-9383 and TMZ-803М), which was equipped with special zataskivaya mechanism. This allowed us to put the trailer and ship it to the tractor, with the layout design was a truck with four axles and two drive axles. This trasformandosi allowed to move in the most confined of spaces.

Technical parameters

Below are the specifications that has the MAZ - 509 tractor series:

  • Width/height/length – 2,6/2,9/6/77 meters;
  • Wheel base (m) – 3,95;
  • Curb weight (MT) – 8,8;
  • Ground clearance – 30 inches;
  • Motor power-200 horse power with volume of 11.15 liters;
  • Top speed (km/h) – 65, with an average fuel consumption of 48 liters per hundred kilometers;
  • Maximum lifting capacity (tons) – 21.

MAZ Trucks in this series were divided into three main modifications (509П, 509А, 509), the main difference between them consisted in the transmission node, the exterior and some of the technical details.

MAZ truck

New models

In the early 90s, the Belarusian developers let a series of more modern truck MAZ-6317, which was produced in two interpretations (short & trailer-pass). This approach allowed the unification of components and assemblies to work with different types of forests.

Technical parameters of this model:

  • Propulsion type-diesel;
  • Formula drive – 6*6:
  • Motor power – 420 horsepower;
  • Transmission-a mechanic with nine stages;
  • Speed limit indicator – 80 miles an hour;
  • Capacity (t) – 1,34/of 2.91 (depending on modification);
  • Length/width/height (m) – 1,03/2,55/4,0 or 7,82/2,5/3,52.

Following the model MAZ-6303 – the timber that is available until now. This timber is additionally equipped with a hydraulic crane and props. Its technical indicators:

  • Motor – diesel;
  • Drive – 6*4;
  • Power rating – 400 horsepower;
  • Capacity – 15.8 tons;
  • CPR – 9 steps, mechanics;
  • The speed limit – 90 kilometers per hour;
  • Dimensions (m) – 6,6/2,5/3,7 (length/width/height).

This machine is widely used thanks to the availability of service centers and availability of parts almost throughout the former Soviet Union.

 MAZ timber price

The Truck with manipulator: description

The MAZ Truck with a hydraulic manipulator is representative of the machinery used in logging and transportation of wood. Performance and efficiency are provided by CMU (crane-manipulator universal) with the ability to capture assortment. The characteristics of the trucks are not inferior to domestic and foreign counterparts.

The Trucks MAZ series 6312А9 used to transport goods, planks and other wooden pieces and products. The truck is equipped with diesel power unit YAMZ-65010 with turboduo. The power of the engine is four hundred “horsepower”, it has the standard «Euro-3”. Wheel formula car 4*6 that provides high throughput for difficult ground. With a maximum capacity of 2.32 tons top speed is 85 kilometers per hour. Weight of car fully loaded – almost three and a half tons.


The Truck with the manipulator, is made based on the MAZ-6303, received a number of improvements and enhancements. Among them we can highlight the following aspects:

  • Upgrading the chassis;
  • Reinforced sub-frame;
  • Mounted two pairs of bunks in order to retain and securely fix the range;
  • You have a couple of winches;
  • Between the cab and the platform is equipped with a special protective plate;
  • The ability to install several types of hydraulic manipulators (SF-62 and SF-85СТ).

New trucks MAZ prove that their use helps to convey the different forest categories in extreme conditions. This is achieved through terrain truck, its superior technical parameters and compliance with all safety requirements.

MAZ 509 logging truck

Reviews and rates

Reviews of owners and professionals confirm the reliability and efficiency of the use of specialized MAZ trucks for timber transportation. No wonder these machines for several decades demand in the territories of the former socialist countries and abroad. Additionally it is worth noting the variety of modifications of timber that makes it possible to optimally select an appliance to perform an operation.

MAZ truck, which price on the secondary market starts from one million two hundred thousand roubles (series 6303 with manipulator), is one of the leading places in popularity in this class. The final price depends on condition of the car, its modifications and the waste of resource. A new model of the truck from the Belarusian manufacturers will be much more expensive, but still cheaper than similar foreign equipment.

MAZ 6303 the truck

Pros and cons

The advantages of timber from the Minsk automobile plant are the following:

  • Excellent indicator of the patency of all modifications for timber transportation;
  • The possibility of choosing the best option among the variety of models;
  • High quality combined with an adequate price;
  • Standardization of spare parts and assemblies;
  • Large assortment of used, but fully functional auto;
  • Continuous improvement of production and introduction of modern technologies;
  • The availability of spare parts in excess and extended service throughout the country.

The drawbacks include the fact that level of comfort and optional equipment, yet commensurate with the foreign analogues. However, the affordable price combined with reliability and ease of maintenance almost compensate for this aspect.

new trailers MAZ


In the post-Soviet space is difficult to find a vehicle for transportation of a forest is better than a short MAZ. The work can be found the first modification that was created decades ago, and they show excellent results. New models that are commercially available, are much more economical, performance and functionality.


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