Winter studded tires – how to choose?


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We All know that a summer tyre perfectly drains water when hitting puddles, and on the turns gives a good grip car with the road. However, snow and ice cover the use of this rubber is equivalent to unfastened the seat belt, as the slightest rotation and braking of such a machine begins to "drive" across the road. And no matter what the driving experience of the motorist – the car will still slide on the highway. winter studded tiresTherefore, with the onset of cold weather, many motorists are considering purchasing this kind of tires, winter studded tires. Today's article will be relevant on the eve of winter, when is the first snowfall and icy conditions.

Why winter studded tires?

This type of tires has a lot of advantages over so-called “sticky”. Their secret is high-quality the traction on ice and uncleared snow, which firmly rolled the car. Winter studded tires in contrast to the "sticky" has a smaller braking distance, which has a positive effect on safety. If you often travel on uncleared snowy roads, or engaged in interregional transport, spikes are perfect for your car. The only thing you need to consider – when snow melts immediately “change” of its iron friend, otherwise all the spikes fully povyletali from the wheels.

winter tires studded priceWhat should be protector?

The tread pattern plays a role in the movement of the vehicle, especially if it is winter studded tires. The price of tires depends on the depth of this element. Here you can cheat, suggesting defective tire size tread, similar to that of summer options. When choosing always remember that the drawing near the winter rubber needs to be deeper. This is done in order to increase traction on snow-covered road.


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Driven around Like this detail?

I'm Sure every motorist has heard that studded winter tires (15 or 19 inch-does not matter), as well as summer and year-round should be run-in. However, not everyone knows how to get it done. After purchase and installation the tire must pass several kilometers in special circumstances. For this you need to accelerate to 60-70 kilometers per hour and drive without stops and sharp turns the distance of one kilometre, while the spikes will not be lapped. studded winter tires 15The First time should carefully monitor the pressure in the chamber. If the values are less than or greater than those indicated by the manufacturer, the spikes will just fall apart on the road. By the way, winter studded tires should be inflated only in specialized tire. To monitor the pressure it is necessary not less than once a month.

You should Also stick to a special driving. The first 300 kilometers should not contain sharp starts and braking. For the future, too, is to remember that sudden movements can severely shorten the lifespan of spikes.

Given these rules, your wheels will be the most durable and safe!

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