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Many motorists are buying the car from the shop, faced with a mandatory routine maintenance. No, of course, to give them up, but in this case, lost the warranty on the vehicle. TS-1 and TS-2 – the recommendations of the manufacturer and not a publicity stunt dealers of a particular brand. After all, many drivers regard it as such-1. The list of works is much more expensive than other stations, but now it's not about that.1 list of works

General information and data

Routine maintenance is necessary for the timely Troubleshooting of electronic and mechanical systems of the vehicle with a view to their elimination. Also carried out maintenance of the fuel system that allows a few to reduce the fuel consumption during operation of the vehicle.

Maintenance of a new car, you need to eliminate hidden faults. Not everyone will be able to notice workmanship of the engine or braking system. If you leave it unattended, it is possible to get into an accident. Therefore, to maintain the vehicle in good technical condition is necessary. The technical condition of the car – this is the highest level of safety, comfort and efficiency, which can ensure the vehicle. So if you want all systems were operating normally as long as possible, it is better not to miss THE dealer.

I-1: list of activities and something else

The Car is by design a fairly complex device. A large number of components and assemblies, friction surfaces – all this will eventually wear out. In the case of some structural deviations such a marriage can only be determined by a professional inspection from a dealer with the help of modern equipment. You can say that any trip by car, even briefly, lead to deterioration of his condition. So the machine need time to service and change released or defective parts and components from the system.washing the car


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List of works-1 looks as follows:

  • Carrying out mounting works (tightening threaded fasteners auto);
  • Perform the lubrication works;
  • Control;
  • Diagnosis;
  • Cleaning and adjustment.

Each of the above paragraphs in this article, we will discuss in more detail. I would like to note that to-1 – this is extremely important. After this period checked and eliminated the random failures that lead to reduced engine life, decrease of comfort or increased fuel consumption. Also in the mandatory checks the operation of the catalytic Converter or particulate filter which is responsible for neutralization of harmful chemical compounds released into the environment with the exhaust gases.

Tips for daily service

As practice shows, the majority of motorists do not comply with recommendations for inspection and maintenance of the vehicle before each trip. However, it is strongly recommended to check the following systems:

  • The efficiency of electrical appliances center console;
  • Brake fluid level;
  • Oil level in the engine;
  • Carry out vehicle body;
  • To adjust mirrors;
  • Inspect the steering.

To actually perform the work from the above list is quite simple. At the time it will take just a few minutes. Nevertheless, performing daily maintenance (EO) is desirable, because it can save a driver's life. For example, the next time THAT you find that missing brake fluid. This suggests that the system is leaking and somewhere there's a leak. If you do not give it proper attention, then at the next traffic light you can not stop in time. This also applies to the mirrors, the position of which may randomly stray. And during the drive to comply with regulation are simply dangerous, because the driver is distracted from the road that can lead to accidents.check air pressure in tires

Regular car wash

In fact, this is a private matter of the driver. However, there are certain recommendations for the care of the car. After all, to breathe the dust, which got into the cabin while driving, not very useful. Therefore, the manufacturer strongly recommends regular care for the interior of your car. This is not only to the aesthetic component, but also to maintain plastic and upholstery clean. After all, if long time not to clean the salon, then over time dust and dirt eats into the fabric and require dry cleaning salon, and this is a procedure is not cheap.

It is Also advisable to regularly wash and the car body. After all, do a quality check on heavily soiled bodywork is almost impossible. In addition, plaque or dirt that remain in the paint coating the vehicle eats into the paint and can damage it. Heavy contamination it is advisable to remove with the help of "Karcher" at the car wash. Self the wrong car wash can cause scratches on the paintwork of the car.

About the frequency of maintenance

Usually, the regularity of those or other works is determined by the plantby the manufacturer. Data entered in the service book where it says – when to perform certain work. But it's worth noting that the frequency is determined by several factors. First, the time interval. For example, the alternator belt should be changed every 2 years (24 months). Secondly, time and mileage. Oil change performed every year (12 months) or 15,000 kilometers depending whichever comes first. Thirdly, mileage. A vivid example – replacement of the belt or timing chain, which is performed every 100-150 thousand km.the order of execution of work 1

So, as you know, even if you hardly drive the car, it will have to serve. For example, you put a new alternator belt and for two years drove only a few thousand kilometers. In fact, the belt is brand new, but since this product is changing not from mileage, but from the expiration date, it must be replaced. Over time, the rubber cracks and becomes less elastic, which often leads to breakage. But the timing belt, despite the fact that he, too, made of rubber, is changed after a certain mileage. Therefore, one such strap may be in the car 5 or 10 years, and he will be nothing.

FACT-1: the order of execution

The First maintenance of the vehicle indicated in the service book. Usually THAT 1 occurs with the onset 15 thousand mileage. Although depending on the brand of car data may vary slightly. Usually dealers do not adhere to a specific order of execution, but simply perform inspection, adjustment, lubrication and maintenance of the following vehicle components:

  • Tightening of the fastening parts of the chassis, bearing housings, etc.;
  • Chain adjustment of the mechanism timing;
  • Cleaning of filter fuel, replaced filter;
  • Speed adjustment H. H.;
  • Adjusting timing inspection of the tensioners at the rumble or backlash;
  • Check the air pressure in the tires and a wheel alignment;
  • Check alternator and air conditioning;
  • Check wiper blades for wear;
  • Clean collector starter;
  • A comprehensive inspection of the braking system;
  • Replacement of brake fluid.
  • Validation of sensors and electronic systems of the vehicle;
  • Replacement of antifreeze, oil and filter (air, oil).check fixing the generator


Now let's look at some of the most interesting points in more detail. Take as an example the adjustment work, as they look the most interesting. Usually the dealers they almost do not carry out, although in price the price tag put on the maximum. For example, checking of fastening of the generator. Usually the need to perform such procedure only occurs with repair of the unit. After all, the manufacturer is carefully secured and regulated. Another thing that you may need an alignment, because you just run in your engine and chassis, which is not under load.

But such work as adjusting a carb car or injection system is often not required, but unscrupulous dealerships still perform. Although the factory the items listed, so be sure to carry out inspection, preferably in your presence. Then you'll be able to view the status of a node. If defective parts, components or assemblies is present, the driver will notice almost from the first kilometers of vehicle operation. If the air conditioner does not work or works badly – it can be seen immediately. If running with sound, then all too clear. But a lot of work is done to pull the money from the driver, which is why many drivers refuse from maintenance and repair your own vehicle or budget one HUNDRED.

How much is the first?

On the question to give a definite answer is very difficult. There are several factors that affect the pricing of TS-1. First, the condition of the vehicle after the same 15 000 kilometers. All drivers are different and some understand that when running the engine to give too high speed is impossible, while others are not. This leads to the fact that one in THEN pay 10 000, and the other – 30 000, and then resent. Secondly, a lot depends on the dealer. There are more diligent professionals and there are less. If you know a bit about the design and structure of the car, then IT is better to be present and to breathe the reviewer in the head. It is not known how much it would cost adjustment the clutch, if you're not around.adjusting the carburetor of the car

So as you can imagine, pricing is dictated by the dealers, and this is quite difficult to do. Another matter that often dealers a factory defect issue for misuse. Accordingly, the item have to buy the driver. To prove anything is difficult, but with proper effort it is possible. -1 for "Hyundai Getz" in the average cost of 10 000 rubles. But to maintain auto premium will not be cheaper than 30-40 thousand or more.

Some details

You Must understand that there are different types and frequency of maintenance. For example, there are still to-2, which does not differ from the first. In the second maintenance scope of works a few more.Adjusting and lubricating the work is performed with the removal of certain components and assemblies. To check the correctness of the work systems use special equipment. For example, check the muffler and the catalytic Converter, and lambdas is done with an oscilloscope, which shows the correct operation of the sensors.

Based on this, we can say that-2 will cost about as much than the first. However, if it does not pass, then again, you lose warranty on the vehicle. So do not forget about the implementation of TS-1 and TS-2, which are necessary not so much for security, although that is also important, but in order to stay in warranty. In practice, until there is a guarantee on the car, it breaks down often. The fun starts after the deadline. Perhaps this is due to the quality of our roads or fuel. But always worry about the repairs fall on the shoulders of the driver.

There is also a seasonal service (FROM). Especially this kind of technical works relevant to the residents of Northern part of Russia. However, for the Central part WITH is mandatory. Here it makes sense to talk about the expediency of performance of these works. According to statistics, a large number of accidents falls on the beginning of the winter season, when many drivers have not yet changed tires. Usually the work is done twice a year: in late autumn and mid spring.adjusting the clutch

To Summarize

Here we have reviewed the list of works TS-1 and many other interesting points. In addition to TS-1 and TS-2, do not forget about the seasonal and daily maintenance. Every driver needs before travelling, check the fluid levels in the lubrication system, cooling and brake. It is clear that the brakes play a huge role, but also the cooling system or the engine lubrication fully responsible for the proper operation of the power unit. If you do not follow THE vehicle, and it's your fault there is some serious failure, you can restore this car will be at your own expense.

In General maintenance 1 once a year or every 15 thousand km to complete must. Unfortunately, in Russia was formed not the best opinion about dealer service. Disgruntled employees often wind the price tags, which leads to large financial expenses. In Europe the price of routine maintenance is slightly lower. This despite the fact that there are only needed adjusting and lubricating. Also there more often taken to make cars under warranty, although it is required in European countries less than in Russia.

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