The dangerous crossing of the engine


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Most car owners love speed. But not all cars are able to satisfy such a desire. Usually for one reason only – lack of power. Forcing the engine – a good way to eliminate it. Then the iron horse is able to turn into a thoroughbred horse, which will show the most enviable results. In addition, significantly increase the comfort and driving pleasure will be increased several times.boost engine

Forcing the engine can be done in two ways: “flash brain” and “surgery”. The first is called chip tuning. Here just change the settings of the engine control unit. The fact that the manufacturer selects “middle”, which allows you to develop secondary characteristics at all rpm ranges and engine loads. The crossing engine allows you to shift the maximum performance closer to high revs. Thus, if previously, for example, maximum torque is developed at 3000 rpm, then after flashing it will be developed, for example, about 5000. This is done in order to increase the dynamics of acceleration and maximum speed.

But it should be remembered that such a forcing of the motor will lead to a serious loss of power “bottoms”, though, if such activities are carried out, it is likely that at low speed operation is not planned.boost engine VAZ

The Second method involves boring the cylinders under greater volume reduction of the combustion chamber, the installation of lightweight items, and improvement of reservoirs, power system and lubricating. Consider all of it separately.

Forcing the engine VAZ should could start with this, because they all have very small displacement. The increase can be obtain by installing a crankshaft with a big knee that will result in the loss of resourceful. The increase in diameter of the piston also cannot be infinite, because the block is cast iron. In addition, the honing of the walls can be carried out only at a certain thickness, after removing this layer the use of cylinders will be impossible.boost engine VAZ 2101



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The Installation of lightweight items has a positive effect on acceleration of the engine, because their rotation and moving takes less energy. In addition, the installation of lighter parts of the valve mechanism reduces the speed of its response to the phase timing, which is useful when ventilation and power system. To last can be attributed to the refinement of collectors, since it is gases in the internal combustion engine does all the work. Also the engine is installed another air filter for greater performance.

But, like all improvements, there are disadvantages. For example, forcing the engine VAZ 2101 leads to serious reduction of its service life. This is logical, because most of the energy that is transferred to the wheels, more wears out the piston, which is the heart of the car. Besides, it is worth thinking about the clutch, because it is not designed for high performance of the engine, and with the right boost they can nearly double.

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