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Probably each of us saw, and perhaps was behind the wheel of such a car as a “Peugeot 408”. This instance appeared on the European market 7 years ago. Since 2010 the machine was produced not only at home in France, but also in China and in Brazil. The car became so popular that it was soon deployed serial production of cars in Kaluga. But is it good French «Peugeot 408”? Owner reviews, photos and car review-later in our article.


The French have always been a spectacular design. This applies not only «Peugeot», but also “arts”. These machines are easy to recognize in a gray stream. Peugeot 408 diesel owner reviews

Is Not an exception and “Peugeot 408”. Owner reviews they say that the car has a nice appearance, recognizable from afar. This car belongs to the D segment. The machine is not very compact, however, the body dimensions allow you to manoeuvre through narrow streets. As for specific numbers, the length of the car is 4.7 meters, width-1,81, height-1.5 meters. The appearance of the car will not leave anyone indifferent. Front clearly visible «wasp» wedge-shaped headlights and bumper, decorated with chrome moldings. On the hood is clearly visible emblem of a lion. Indeed, the design of the car has a very aggressive – a kind of predator, the master of urban roads. Very interesting design of the side mirrors. The side sight of the massive wheel arches. From the front fenders has a long lateral line of the body, down to the taillights. By the way, the rear of the car looks worse. Particularly impressive the car looks in white color. With just a glance, to understand how well thought out the design of the machine.Peugeot 408 owners reviewsWhat you say about appearance “French” owner reviews? «Peugeot 408” is one of the few cars whose appearance would be recognizable in any terrain, in any weather. The machine looks very elegant.


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Let's move to the interior of a European sedan. The first thing that catches the eye – the architecture of the instrument panel. Same design and color scheme was used by the Japanese in their ‘Mitsubishi Linezero”. Peugeot 408 owners reviews photoAnd how she ended up inside the French sedan remains a mystery. As for interior space, it is enough “head”, say reviews owners. «Peugeot 408” due to the long wheelbase, can fit even tall passengers. They will not feel cramped at both the front and rear. Besides, motorists note the large width of the cabin. As for the interior design, it is more boring than the exterior. The Central console is decorated with a modest receiver, at the top there are three circular vent ducts. Over them gently placed onboard computer. However, red backlight display is a bit annoying – say reviews owners. «Peugeot 408” has a fairly roomy glove box and Cup holders. Internal space is organized with ergonomics. As for the seats in the base trim levels are available in fabric only options. The skin - only option.owner reviews Peugeot 408 is no good lateral support – say ‘Peugeot 408” owner reviews. Bad and hard chairs will relax you on long journeys. Although they are equipped with a wide range of adjustments. But this only applies to the front seats. The rear seats, unfortunately, are not regulated. Inside a lot of chrome. He is on the doorknobs, lever, automatic transmission, air ducts and other salon items. Another strange decision – a highly inclined line of glazing. Because of this, we see a small partition (some kind of “window”) on the front side Windows. The texture of the interior is made in dark gray tones. Choose a special shade, the buyer is not possible. Peugeot 408 owners a badThe Trunk has a small opening – large loads are to cling to the body. Because of this “Peugeot 408” owner reviews bad. But the trunk volume is large enough (560 litres) and that's a plus. Another advantage-you can fold the rear seats.

What's under the hood?

The owners «Peugeot 408” noted the availability of a wide range of powertrains. In the Russian market there are four powerplant. The standard specification includes diesel 110 HP engine with a working volume of 1.6 liters. Owner reviews say this motor is no different good dynamics, especially when fully loaded.


The Next in the series goes diesel unit 116 forces. What is “Peugeot 408” diesel owner reviews? The bad side of this unit – it is noise. Like all diesel, it vibrates. Otherwise, the motor is unpretentious in service. The service interval is 30 thousand kilometers. Drivers say this engine has a good resource. The timing belt early is not broken.

For those who want speakers

In continuation of the line engines, it is worth noting one, the 120-strong unit. This is already a petrol engine. It is equipped with both mechanical and automatic transmission. The latter is available in several variations. Buyer available four - and six-speed "automatic". But for those who want to get from the car up the speakers, there is provided a 150-HP turbocharged petrol unit. Peugeot 408 owners disadvantagesThe top speed 408-go with this motor is 207 kilometers per hour. Acceleration to a hundred takes 9.5 seconds. As for fuel consumption, the “greedy” in the entire range - «Peugeot 408" 150 HP Reviews owners say that the engine consumes up to 12 liters of petrol in the urban cycle. Although, on the highway, this figure decreases to 8 quarts. This is not surprising. First, there is a turbine and the second a six-speed automatic transmission.

“Peugeot 408” - reviews of the owners, the disadvantages

What car has the cons? First, it is necessary to note the ground clearance. Due to the long overhangs, the car does not like pits and other irregularities. Nature should be driving with the utmost care, so as not to cling to the bottom. Many are unable to customize “yourself” seats. Although the range of adjustments is sufficient. As for noise, it is solid «4». After 130 kilometers per hour it becomes very noisy. Sometimes there are “cricket”. With time – disappear somewhere. The dynamics, 110 forces is clearly not enough. For normal riding it is recommended to buy the version with a 120-horsepower engine, at least. Winter petrol engines warm up very quickly what not to say about “Peugeot 408" diesel. Owner reviews say that the stove they have is weak. Peugeot 408 diesel owner reviews badHowever, it's innate “growing pains” any of the diesel units, along with vibration and a characteristic rumble. As for the Assembly, many criticized Kaluga instances. The gaps on the hood and the trunk lid is uneven – you have to put washers to align. Sticks out the tank hatch. Those who took pure French build, do not have claims to the gaps. Another disadvantage-stiff suspension and low ground clearance (though as such it is difficult to call – about 17 centimeters). And all because of those overhangs that do not allow the car normally to overcome obstacles.


In connection with the increase in the exchange rate, after 2014 the price of this car began to rise. At the moment (2017) basic equipment available at a price of one million rubles. For the version with a diesel engine will have to pay 140 thousand. In terms of equipment it is necessary to say that the car is worthy of attention. Already in the basic package included:

  • Electric power steering.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Mounting System child safety seats.
  • Ventilation System.
  • Immobiliser
  • Central locking with flick key.
  • On-Board computer with service indicator.
  • Mirrors with repeaters of turns.
  • Steering column adjustment for height and reach.
  • Two front window regulator electric drive.
  • Two airbags for driver and front passenger.
  • Security Systems, including the aid system, emergency brake assist and dynamic stability.
  • High Quality audio system.

Remarkably, already “database” are disc, ventilated brake “circle”. This is a big plus. As for the top version of “Peugeot 408”, it is only available with a turbocharged powertrain and automatic transmission. You can purchase it for 1 million 243 thousand rubles. The ABS and ESP already included in the basic package. As an option you can buy 17 inch design wheels (+20 thousand) and multimedia system with navigation. For the color "white mother of pearl...

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