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In the winter time, all motorists there is a very acute problem – you need to choose and buy winter tyres. Some tires already, but usually they are already worn out, as there are several seasons. Winter conditions are particularly difficult, so the choice of tires the drivers are especially careful.

Often high-quality products are made known tire manufacturers with a good reputation. Therefore, motorists often choose models from such companies. This article will examine the tires Continental ContiWinterContact TS 860, reviews which state that these tires are really quiet. What else think about these tires drivers? More on that below.continental contiwintercontact ts 860 reviews

Overview Continental ContiWinterContact TS 860

WinterContact TS Model 860 is designed for winter use. Tires made without spikes, but have excellent grip on snow-covered road or on wet asphalt. The manufacturer recommends the installation of these tires on passenger cars of average size.

The Tires have a perfect grip and shortest braking distances, even on ice. They also have increased wear resistance, and during movement do not create additional noise, thereby contribute to obtaining maximum comfort.

Non-studded tires Continental ContiWinterContact TS 860 is designed specifically for countries with cold winters. They are an updated model of the tire TS 850. However, at the moment both of these models are produced and are commercially available. Despite the fact that the model TS 850 has an excellent properties and characteristics, awarded 47 awards, the updated version still was better, which is not strange.


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From the manufacturer for this model in large plans, it is sure that the tires will be much better than the previous version not only in research but in real world conditions. In the course of many tests, tyres TS 860 showed that this rubber in winter stopping distances, compared to the previous version, was shorter by 5 percent on wet pavement and ice, it decreased by 4 percent.

Besides all these advantages, the tires also contribute to fuel economy. This significantly reduces the maintenance costs of the car.studless tires

Thanks to specially designed tread pattern that significantly improves traction and improves braking performance in all conditions. If you brake sharply, then the risk of leaving the car in a skid is greatly reduced. The flotation tires on the ice and snow cover also increased.


Compared with other models of tires Continental ContiWinterContact TS 860 have a number of features, namely:

  • Tread blocks on the side of the surface to provide improved gripping properties of the tires when driving on snow.
  • Special groove ensures a more enhanced braking on any surface, even on the icy road.
  • Non-studded tires Continental ContiWinterContact TS 860't be too hard in sub-zero temperatures. It provides a special structure of the tyres, which are now added an increased amount of silica, and various resins.

The Chili Cool

In the manufacture of tire technology was used to Cool Chili. It ensures short braking distance on any surface.winter rubber

This technology involves a fundamental change in the composition of the tires. It is now part of silicon dioxide and other elements. They provide excellent traction with wet road surface, as well as the shortest braking distance in an emergency stop. Also includes polymers, which retain the properties of rubber in sub-zero temperatures. Thus, coupling properties are retained when a collision on a wet road and at a negative temperature.

Technology Liquid Layer Drainage

This technology helps to reduce braking distances on various surfaces.

When developing the tyres, particular attention was paid to the drainage system. She quickly removes moisture from the surface of the rubber in the winter, so when driving on wet coating stopping distance is still short. Falls to the surface of the tires first, moisture is discharged through the horizontal grooves, and then completely discarded. Because of this, we managed to reduce the braking distance to a minimum in comparison with the previous version of the continental contiwintercontact ts 860

Technology Curve Snow+

The manufacturing Technology of the tires Continental ContiWinterContact TS 860, according to motorists, provides more confident cornering in any conditions. Also, significantly improves the gripping properties. In contact with the surface of the tires in the snow is hammered not only in the Central groove, but is distributed to the rest, whose number is huge. Because of this, the grip is not impaired, and cornering more confidently.


In Addition to the main version, there are tires and lots TS860 S. the S means that the tire manufactured according to the technology of the SSR to improve Continental ContiWinterContact TS 860. It enables you to operate the bus evenif they were punctured. However, it can be done for long.

WinterContact TS 860S – is a tyre designed for winter period and produced without thorns. Most often they are installed on sports cars from famous manufacturers. A feature of these tyres is that in the event of a puncture the car can still move, but the speed should not exceed 80 kilometers per hour, and all a valid path in this case is not more than 80 km away.

Model TS860S and Continental ContiWinterContact TS 860 feedback gathered quite a lot. One can understand that they are very different from each other. If in the first case the tread pattern is symmetrical, in the latter asymmetric. continental contiwintercontact ts 860 specifications

The rubber is also different. mean that tires made according to the technology SSR. Models with index S are composed of silicon dioxide, which guarantees:

  • Good grip on any surface, including snow and ice. Also while driving the tires do not create additional noise.
  • The shortest braking distance in case of need for emergency stopping.
  • Tires contribute quite a rapid response from the wheels to the steering.

What is the difference from other models?

The Tires have more pronounced side part with the presence of multiple lamellae. Because of this, the design of the tires became more rigid. Due to the additional stiffness of the tire during movement, they do not deform, allowing more confident taking various turns. This is especially important for sports cars.

Excellent grip when passing snow cover is assured by the fact that the snow falls only in the Central longitudinal rib, but to the rest of the groove.

Even if the car is driven on a wet road, its stopping distance will be minimal, and the risk of falling into the drift decreases significantly.

The properties of the tire are retained even in sub-zero temperatures, and the grip is excellent on any surface, despite the absence of spikes.continental contiwintercontact ts 860 review

However, unlike other tires of this manufacturer, model Continental ContiWinterContact TS 860 reviews has both positive and negative.


When developing tires Continental TS860 the manufacturer has applied the latest technology, spending a lot of time. And it wasn't done in vain, because the tires are very popular because they has proved its reliability and loved by motorists. In the reviews often write that the tires are already a few seasons and still in good condition.

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