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Scooters “snow Leopard” many believe the discovery to market motorcycles. They appeared on it in 2009, and surely has won the hearts of domestic users. Beautiful and reliable, they rightly have earned a reputation for quality equipment at a reasonable price, for many Russians it is important.

General information

Scooter “snow Leopard” positioned as a small-sized motor vehicles with a stylish design, beautiful colouring and spares availability. Scooter IRBIS 50Today, any specialized store offers a large enough list of two-wheeled means of transport. But scooter “snow Leopard”, a photo of which that immediately catches the eye, drawing the attention of even the most demanding customer.

This equipment is made in China well-known brand Irbis Motors. Interestingly, in its creation attended by the Russian engineers, who are better informed about the quality of national roads and about the peculiarities of weather conditions. The production uses modern designs and high quality materials and modern solutions to create this two-wheeled motor vehicles, give excellent results.


No doubt, one of the main characteristics that distinguish scooters “snow Leopard” is their attractive design. Streamlined forms and bright colors, a large number of original features – all this makes this Chinese two-wheeled vehicles, and looks very beautiful, and remarkable in terms of finish. Scooter IRBIS Nirvana 150The Main advantage of each of the models of this brand – this enhanced maneuverability, which is especially important for driving in urban conditions. In addition, scooters “snow Leopard” distinguishes compactness. The driver will always be able to get them even in very dense traffic jams.


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Every vehicle the manufacturer is equipped with a hardy suspension and excellent braking system. Scooters “snow Leopard” is very simple and easy to manage. On them many people travel not only on city streets, but go to them, for example, fishing or to the cottage.


Scooter “snow Leopard” with standard suspension layout. In front of the creators of used telescopic fork and rear is applied in a circular design with two spring-hydraulic shock absorber. Wheel scooters have all models of the same size. In this disc brake in this motor installed in the front.Scooters IRBIS

In the basic equipment of all models of scooters Irbis includes alarm system with remote start, rear mirrors, dashboard with clock display and Parking footstep.


The Price at which sold scooters “snow Leopard” from the manufacturer, attracted by its accessibility: it is focused on the Russian buyer with average incomes. And because all benefits and features combined with the best price and play is ultimately a positive role in the selection. Today, many Russians for various purposes are buying scooters “snow Leopard”.

The Average price of this mid-size equipment from Chinese manufacturer, for example, Irbis FR, into dealer showrooms on the territory of our country begins with thirty-three thousand.

Versatile models

The Company constantly offers customers new modifications. A large assortment of these Chinese scooters allows any consumer to easily choose for themselves a suitable model.Scooter IRBISYoung people will appreciate the driving performance and dynamics of recent modifications, for example, scooter “IRBIS Nirvana" (150 CC). Lovers of trips within the city are ideal of the classic options. And off-road models - the real helpers to the countryside.

In the company's technology presents scooter “snow Leopard” with the volume of engines from fifty to one hundred seventy cubic centimeters.

The Most popular are the universal model. Scooters “snow Leopard”, feel confident within the city and outside the city, gaining in Russia the increasing popularity. One of them is the model Irbis FR, which looks simple, has classic contours on the body, as well as a massive round muffler with simple repeaters bends and flexible stand. The most stylish design elements that has this scooter “snow Leopard" (50 cm3) are his twelve inch discs and the original dashboard.

Irbis FR

In terms of size it can be attributed to a mid-size two-wheeled transport. From the lineup of options with engine displacement of fifty cubic centimetres it is most popular in our country. Its length is 1820, and the width – 680 at a height of 1150 mm. Dry weight this scooter is equal to eighty-seven pounds. Its fuel tank holds no more than five liters of petrol.Scooters IRBIS reviews

Inspire technical specifications of this scooter: Irbis FR is equipped with a four stroke single cylinder engine with a displacement volume of 50 cm3. Peak power of this dvuhkonusnyh 3.5 HP: it allows himto accelerate to 60 km per hour. The engine has a system of forced air-cooled, gasoline powered, electric start, egregiously with V-belt variator and automatic centrifugal clutch. Today, the domestic market offers consumers products that cater to any taste and purse, including scooters “snow Leopard”.


Some fans mid-size two-wheel vehicles it seems that Chinese production is low quality. First and foremost, this concerns the Assembly of the scooter of the brand “snow Leopard”. It is believed that the bolts – main problem of this motor vehicles.

However few people know that the Chinese scooters from the company Irbis come to our country in polurazobrannom form. And already on the ground – in the dealerships - they are collected to expose the implementation. Therefore, if the sellers are irresponsible perform the Assembly process, it is not excluded that in the process of operation some of the bolts do not Unscrew. In many reviews sound advice that before buying a scooter to adjust and test the shop tightened the fasteners, and additionally independently after acquiring to check on them.Scooter IRBIS photo

Scooters are imported under this trademark, has long earned the title of reliable and simple motorcycles manufactured by the best Chinese factories. It is a technique with a striking design and memorable appearance. Judging by the reviews, to those who drive scooters “snow Leopard” on the streets, always confined astonished and admiring glances of passers-by. According to many, it is ideal characteristics for almost all models allow this small technique to gain popularity among Russian buyers.

But the main feature of the scooter Irbis - the availability of almost all their details. Maintenance of permanent range of spare parts for all models imported to our country skutecnou technology means that consumers will not have any problems in this matter, as post-warranty repair.

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