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Toyota Aristo is the Japanese sedan, also known as Lexus GS. This car was produced only for the domestic market and not exported abroad. At the time, the car became iconic for the entire automotive community of Japan and is popular to this day. A lot of sedan owners are tuning and restavratsia "Aristo".

First generation

The Car was produced by Toyota from 1991. The sedan has been designed on the platform of the Toyota Crown. The first generation was produced until 1997.

toyota aristo

Externally, the car looks plain and ordinary. In the early history of the model it is unlikely that many automakers could boast of even this design. Appearance "Aristo" was created a separate Studio. The front end looks straightforward: rectangular headlights, grille, mimic the shape of the optics. Feed auto not distracting from the overall style.

In the concept of the Toyota Aristo is a discreet business sedan with a sporty character. So the creators first worked on the aerodynamic qualities of the car. But we cannot say that the sedan looks bad. Just from this appearance, hardly anyone will expect a fast and powerful car.


Inside the car matches the exterior - everything is restrained and nothing more. The front panel is made of high quality plastic. The center console has a built-in radio and a variety of controls. The instrument panel is easy to read and gleams in direct sunlight, which is a definite plus in the Treasury of the merits of the sedan. At the line the car is a full four-seater. In the back seat has the armrest, instead of which, if desired, can accommodate a fifth passenger. About the comfort of the front passenger and driver creators have also taken care - continuation of the centre console to the armrest will make the trip enjoyable for all. On the front door made controls the mirrors and Windows.


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repair toyota aristo

Specifications Toyota Aristo

But not one the comfort and luxury of this nice sedan. Consider the range of engines "Aristo". The car is equipped with three variants of engines: 3-liter and 230 horsepower, 3 liter and 280 horses, 4 liters and 260 horsepower. All three versions are equipped exclusively with an automatic transmission. Three 4-liter engine complemented by permanent all-wheel drive. With the release of the latest modification of cars received the title of king of the road in Japan and Executive Gran Turismo.

Second generation "Toyota Aristo": photo and description

At the end of 1996, the company Toyota and its subsidiary Lexus unveiled the second generation of this car. Production of the sedan continued until 2005, after which the model was entirely under the wing and Lexus called GS produced in the third generation to this day. Toyota Aristo JZS147 (so called sedan in the second generation) has changed beyond recognition. The second version was able to repeat the success of the first and lasted on the Assembly line for 8 years, until finally outdated and did not need replacing.

toyota aristo jzs147

The Front end was created from scratch. Dual optics with two headlights on each side resembles the optics of "Mercedes" of those times. The profile of the car remained similar to the previous generation. Feed follows the same principle as before - forked optics, part of which is located on the trunk lid. Even at first glance it becomes clear that the car has become much more. It is possible to increase the interior space.

Inside car

The Salon "Aristo" has also undergone great changes. The Central console of the car has got a multimedia display. The interior trim has grown to include wooden and leather elements. Overall, the panel began to look more prestigious. Comfort also did not lag behind in appearance. The front seats have a multitude of individual settings. Rear passengers received the Central armrest, as in the first generation sedan. A huge number of glove compartments, pockets and holders creates additional comfort for all inside during the trip.

Specifications of the second generation Toyota Aristo

The Choice of engines to the second generation cut from three options to two. Now the sedan was equipped with 3-liter 230-HP and 3-liter engine with 280 horsepower. Both units petrol. Also the car is equipped with only a automatic transmission.

Toyota Aristo photo


Both generations have been extremely successful from a commercial point of view and from the point of view of popularity in the automotive community. The first generation lasted in production for over 6 years and the second about 8, which is a record for the duration of the burst release model. First and foremost, car enthusiasts are attracted to low price, good equipment, even to the present day, a powerful engine and performance, and relatively inexpensive repair. Toyota Aristo entered the history of the automotive industry and is in demand till now.

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