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Toyota Mark II is a legendary and favorite all world automotive community the car. The model has more than 30 years of production and an era that created the cult of the Japanese car.

History "Marka"

The First generation model appeared in 1968. From the first to the fifth model of "Brand" was particularly popular in the country. Starting from the seventh generation of Toyota Mark II received version of the Tourer V with a powerful turbocharged engine, began exporting to other countries. Since then, the car gradually started to become popular around the world.

The Ninth generation of today is the latest car released under the name "mark-2". 110 body changed the car compared to previous versions. The car was produced between 2000 and 2004. After this ninth generation was replaced by the Mark X. "Toyota mark-2" 110 body type was the last car of the series and the closing of an era in the Japanese automotive industry. Over the 4 year mark once survived the restyling.


"mark-2" has always been a practical car, as they say, every day. Roomy sedan suitable for family trips, for work and even for long distance travel. At the same time, remaining alone with the driver, the car showed what it is capable on the pavement. Therefore, even the stock version with no modifications popular to this day.

mark 2 110 body

The appearance of the car "Toyota-mark-2" 110 body type

Ninth generation looks to match its time. In the early 2000's, when all the car companies tried to surprise the audience with something new, Toyota departed from the usual sharp and direct forms of the body "mark-2". 110 the body was more rounded, it does not lose the charm and uniqueness. The car was still a long luxury sedan.


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"mark 2" was created to compete with the Executive class European companies such as BMW or Mercedes. Hence, markedly and borrowing some forms, but overall the car looks very unlike the colleagues. She was above the previous generation of 6 inches. In the standard version of the sedan looks modest and is unlikely to stand out from the crowd. Modification Tourer car equipped with additional body kit, which gives sportiness. This version became especially popular. The shape of the front and rear optics have not changed, but the changes were very light. You can find "mark-2" led light, with darkened headlamps and so on.

In 2002, changes have been made to the side mirrors, door handles and tailgate and grille. On the back there are chrome items, so popular in those years. Chrome line on the boot, above the radiator grille and matching fog lights gave the car an even better statement. Also the model range replenished with elegant universal "mark-2" 110.

Tuning sedan and wagon popular to this day. Yourselfers and fans of Japanese culture from around the world are refining the model externally and technically. Field of activity is wide: from "Brand" to create show cars in the style stance, build drift cars, which win places in competitions and so on.

toyota mark ii

Interior of car

Since the car was produced only for the domestic market, it has the only RHD version. But for fans of the Japanese is not an obstacle - just look at the number of Japanese classics on the Russian roads.

For the First time while in the salon, it is difficult to give a hint of sportiness of the car. The interior fully embraces you with comfort and functionality. It even becomes strange: how such a business sedan has become a platform for drift cramp and other racing projects? Fans of the Japanese are usually thrown out of the cabin without the need of turning it into a racing shell. And it is in vain, because "mark-2" (110 body) boasts an impressive functionality.

The Package offers the RV owner cruise control, climate control, electrical drives, heating and Parktronic. Not bad for the beginning of 2000-ies. The more that the car was not the most expensive in its class. The only problem is his "intimacy". At that time the Japanese were reluctant to share their masterpieces with the world automotive community.

The interior can be different from the usual plastic to leather with wood inserts. In the latter case the instrument panel looks luxurious. Equipment RV offers a great multimedia display on the center console. Convenience and functionality is seen throughout. For driver and passengers there are a lot of buttons and functions to customize seats, mirrors and other things.

Toyota mark 2 110 body


Rear passengers will feel like VIP. Two comfortable seats offer all amenities for a pleasant trip. Functional rear seats are not much less than for the front. The expensive models offer additional monitors in the headrests of the front seats. Besides, a fifth passenger in the car is not considered deprived, as is customary in luxurious business class. The third passenger in the back could be a pretty big man, it will embarrass others. "Mark-2" is one of the most spacious sedans. So it remains to the present day. The same can be said about the trunk.

mark 2 features

"Toyota mark-2": features

Now In its ninth generation, the manufacturers have completely abandoned the use of diesel engines. The developers changed the system of submission of fuel under high pressure. Always in 4 year the car was produced in 6 different configurations. Two two-liter engine 1JZ-FSE with a capacity of 160 horses each. One of the variants equipped with permanent all-wheel drive. The following 3 picking offer engine with volume of 2.5 liters. Front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions were given 200 horsepower. The turbocharged engine squeezed as many as 250.

mark 2 110 tuning

The Most powerful version - 3 liters and 220 horsepower. The maximum speed of this car is 210 km/h, with a automatic gearbox and "eats" as much as 15 liters per 100 km For comparison, the weaker version is fit into 10 liters. Economical "mark-2" can not be called.

The cost of the Mark II 110 body type

The Purchase of this car even at the time it was quite challenging, because the Russian market is officially delivered, "mark-2" 110. The price of used cars today vary greatly. In poor condition the machine can be purchased for 150-200 thousand roubles. But usually the owners of these rare and legendary Japanese take care of their vehicles, so the cost to the normal "mark-2" (110 body) starts from 400 thousand.

You can Also find more expensive options, up to 1 million rubles and more. All depends on the amount of money invested in the car by the previous owner. But even now the purchase of "Brand" - is a profitable investment. If you choose the option in good packaging and in reasonable condition, the car will last a very long time to the new owner. After all, the old Japanese made to last and ready to cover more than 20-25 years with minimal investment in repairs.

mark 2 110 price

Summing up

Mark II - loved machine. For some, it is associated with drifting or street racing, for others with comfort and business class. The beauty of this model is that it is universal. Toyota at the time, created a legend, whose authority is still unwavering. Popular is not only the ninth generation, but the previous three. Find the first "Mark" is, of course, extremely difficult, but for real lovers of Japanese cars ninth generation is a landmark, because it ended the era of the second "Mark". Follower Mark X is already not find the people's love and fame, though, and is the same quality car.


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