GAZ-32213 - the pride of domestic car industry


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The history of the development and creation of the model involves many stages. Since the Soviet Union's Gorky automobile plant has been the absolute leader in the production of medium-duty trucks. Its products are actively used in all sectors of the economy. Medium-duty "Lawns" was essential in every transport enterprise. At the end of the 80 years often appeared in small private cooperatives involved in trading activities. For any shop needed a truck or a truck.

It was at this time the question was raised about creating a small van, as not everyone is able to contain a huge and voracious GAZ-53. Gorky design Bureau started creating the brand new series of low-tonnage machines, which then the people will have the nickname "Gazelle". Originally it was planned the creation of airborne “Gazélec”, but in 1996, the year of the Gorky plant began mass production of the minibus GAZ-32213. He had the same characteristics and the same capacity (1500 pounds). And it suddenly gained popularity.

GAZ 32213

GAZ-32213 - features

Descended From the conveyor minibuses in different variations of bodies. It was both cargo and passenger vans. There was 2 versions of the body height of the passenger compartment and also three options by the number of passengers.

GAS-32213: specifications and dimensions

The difference between minivans and technical characteristics – the machine is supplied with three variants of engines (all diesel and they are working on AI-92). Also, "GAZelle" is supplied with the following units: UMZ-4215 and ZMZ models 4025 and 4026. They work coupled with manual transmission of 5 speeds. When the length of the body 5.5 meters wheelbase is 2.9 meters. The van has a tank capacity of 70 liters. The average fuel consumption Gorky miracle  is not more than 12 liters per 100 kilometers.


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GAZ 32213 specifications


It is Worth noting that the car was primarily created as a van for corporate transportation. But because of its low cost and simplicity of maintenance of the new GAS-32213 actively used by private firms engaged in route transportations. Soon was developed a larger variant of ‘gazelles’, with a large number of passenger seats that are optimally suited for fixed-route transportation (model 2705).

GAZ 32213 characteristics

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of ‘gazelles" it should be noted its maneuverability and ease of control (despite the lack of power steering). Thanks to the elongated bonnet, have free access to the engine. The cockpit has excellent visibility and adjustable height steering wheel. Very reliable brake system. The disadvantages include poor build quality, frequent overheating of the motor in the summer, low quality of plastic cladding elements (they simply melt when the air temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius). In the cabin there is proper ventilation. The clutch disc needs to be changed almost every season (every 10 thousand kilometers).

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