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The Engine VAZ-21179, whose characteristics are already known and will be shown in this article was the unusual novelty of "AVTOVAZ". To replace the old "shestnadcatiletnim" 1.6-liter came with the 1.8-liter engine with variable valve timing and many other innovations. In addition, the engine will be on the conveyor by selective Assembly, which have never been applied. Power unit – an impressive 122 horsepower, and the appearance is strongly reminiscent of the modern VAZ engines. However, it should be noted that the engine is brand new: the development of engineers engaged in the domestic automobile plant.

“Garage tuning”

If any modern domestic car owner to talk about the power that develops the new engine VAZ-21179, he probably will smile, - like, and modern ‘shestnadcatiletnim” “accelerate” to 122 by the block bore, pouring a new firmware and install forged pistons. But you should know that this is the "garage tuning" an impressive behind the factory development. And all because to put on the conveyor motor, which will be serially installed in modern cars, while increasing the impact and resource - consuming process and costly.

VAZ 21179

One may say that the old 1.6-litre ‘radnik” will lead to higher with proper tuning. But it is not necessary to forget that after a long and hard work of engineers, motorists will receive the engine VAZ-21179 features which allow you to talk about much more potential.


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Development History

The history of the unit, which will be top in the line of "AVTOVAZ" in the near future, experienced many events, UPS and downs. But the main development phase started in 2006, when the motor took thoroughly. Then in plans of the main design Bureau was the release of a brand new class of cars VAZ-2116 (project “Silhouette” or “class of AVTOVAZ”).

engine VAZ 21179

And, in fact, a the VAZ-21179 was supposed to be top in the line and installed (in addition to the models of the “Silhouette”) even on SUVs. However, the development of covered, as the management did not approve the C-class, but new strength came back to her in 2008. Even then, it was decided to collect the new unit is based on the old 1.6-liter as the creation of an entirely new engine would cost a pretty penny. The result of research and thinking was the signing of the contract with the concern of Ricardo, based in the UK and working in the systems variable camshaft timing.

First test

Full year 2009 was the design and revision of drawings, and in August was assembled the first prototypes of the VAZ-21179. The engines were handed over to the British to the test, and few months later they confirmed all the parameters of the project, after that AVTOVAZ began the fine-tuning of the unit. Despite the success of the test and desire a quick run of the motor in series, the project was several times suspended and re-ran. The reason was the change of the Board of the automobile and in some financial difficulties. However, all of a sudden, in February 2016, the engine of VAZ-21179 went on the conveyor and released.

Technical basis

The design of the engine has occurred so that the unit could easily be put into production on the existing capacities of the plant. Of course, we had to make a choice in favor of a motor that it became the basis for the new. The choice fell on VAZ-21127 1.6-liter (also used index 21129).

the new engine VAZ 21179

As mentioned above, the new Mercedes-21179 has an output of 122 HP (in contrast to the 106 HP in the base engine). Torque stayed the same at around 170 Nm, while 21127-th developed 148 Nm. It should be noted that an impressive 127 Nm at the new unit is achieved at just 1000 rpm, allowing you to enjoy a good dynamics during acceleration. Such indicators old engines could not reach even at maximum speed, consequently, already here you can see the effectiveness of improvements.

What to choose: efficiency, power or cost?

A difficult Question and to answer it, the engineers of "AVTOVAZ" had to string up the brains. The first and easiest solution was to increase the stroke of the piston and, as a consequence, the volume of the engine VAZ-21179. 200 «cubes» - a small increase, but it was enough to add the extra “horse”. But in this case the question rested against the greater resistance of the gas channels air consumption, so there had to intervene Ricardo. They helped the engineers in dynamics to calculate and develop a unique system that changes the timing. To be precise, at a certain point the engine running «swallows» is the amount of air that he needed, fuel is also injected in the required amount.

the engine VAZ 21179

In addition, combining vertical and horizontal vortices in the cylinders, Ricardo engineers were able to achieve optimally rapid and efficient combustion of the mixture. The detonation? No problem, too! The engine VAZ-21179 got the optimal shape of the combustion chamber, a different arrangement of candles and completely redesigned the cooling jacket to the cylinder head. Titanic and the incredible work!


If you look superficially, we can see almost full similarity of a new unit with the old one, and indeed it is. But the difference is, and it is just enormous. The first difference – a new oil channel between the first two cylinders, duplicate the one that is located between cylinders number two and three.

engine VAZ 21179 characteristics

It is Worth noting the presence of a special V-shaped channels for cooling the ground jumper cylinder, which allowed to avoid the wear rings in the early stages. Was added and a three-level classification of beds of radical bearings, crankshaft and bearings. At this stage, there is an interesting point of selective Assembly, when the tracking device reads the information about the dimensional classes of the cylinder block and crankshaft, then signals the assembler on the necessity of installation of a liner. Contemplate also the possibility of placing VAZ-21179 four-wheel drive vehicles.

Crankshaft and cylinder head gasket

Improvements have not bypassed and the crankshaft, which has received increased knee size 84 mm and connecting rod journals reduced in diameter, thereby reducing friction losses. Was excluded passages that were previously blocked by the plugs, since they represented a potential danger as places where chips.

VAZ 21179 price

Cylinder head Gasket-metal, it is possible to achieve the smallest deformation of the cylinder walls during Assembly of the unit. The problem of any “soft” the strip was the presence of high fringing cylinders, creating a “knee” through which it is possible to bend the wall of the cylinder when tightening the bolts. As a result – the rings go on the curved wall of the cylinder, increasing oil consumption, the rate of formation of blow-by gas and toxicity. The use of solid spacers allowed us to avoid significant distortions of the cylinder walls and thus many negative effects in one way or another.

Cylinder head

An equally important part of the engine VAZ-21179, whose characteristics simply do not allow to believe in the domestic origin of the unit (and it is!), the cylinder head has also undergone improvements, although in essence adopted many characteristics from the base. The main “chip” - add additional oil supply in the cylinder head between the first two cylinders (previously, it was one, it was located between the 3rd and 4th cylinders).

Not bypassed and the cooling of the head, creating a brand new "water jacket" for more efficient operation of the system. And, of course, changes were made to the gas channels that were simply designed from scratch, taking into account all the requirements of the economy.

engine VAZ 21179 features

More and the most long-awaited option was a system of varying valve timing, which allowed us to achieve incredible results in the dynamics of the engine. In addition, through this system we managed to reduce fuel consumption and increase driving comfort. After all, almost any rate of motion of the VVT system will allow time to drift, giving the required complex Assembly.

Environmental requirements

It is Difficult to believe that domestic production can meet modern environmental standards, because Russian laws relating to the environment, softer than in the EU countries and America. But with the start of production of the engine VAZ-21179, the price of which virtually no impact on the total cost of the vehicle ecological class "Euro-5". And a small batch of Lada 4x4, recently delivered to the countries of Western Europe meet environmental standards "Euro-6"! It is not excluded, ...

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